If you want to see what true happiness looks like watch this Swedish sign language interpreter in action

Sign language isn't the sort of thing you normally associate with Eurovision. But when Sweden’s Melodifestivalen asked this dapper Swedish sign language interpreter to do sign language for Magnus Carlsson’s performance of “Möt Mig I Gamla Stan”, he clearly jumped at the chance. Now, it doesn't matter whether Sweden's song wins the Eurovision because their sign language dance man has already won our hearts. Here's hoping he gets deux points at the main event in Vienna later this year.

5 Seventies sci-fi TV shows we’d love to see remade today

The 1970s was such a turbulent, colourful decade that it’s sometimes forgotten that it also produced some the best loved TV programs of all time. The wealth of entertainment on offer was no different in the realm of science fiction, with tons of brilliant series gracing our screens. Such was the diversity that it’s tough to pick five, which we’d love to see make a comeback, but we set our phasers on retro and gave it our best shot, nonetheless.