Twitter’s #BrexitFilms hashtag just savaged Brexit in the best possible way

When it comes to cutting-edge political satire you can always rely on Twitter. Yesterday, this was beautifully demonstrated, once again, thanks to the hashtag #BrexitFilms. Within hours of it gaining popularity Twitter was flooded with reworked movies titles reflecting the slow motion car crash currently engulfing the UK. If there’s one thing Brits excel at, even in a crisis, it’s laughing at their predicament. To see for yourself enjoy these fantastic Brexit films.

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  1. Prejudice and prejudice
    Lie another day
    Article 50 shades of May
    No sense and sensibility
    Broke-back Britain
    Honey, I shrunk the economy
    Nissan impossible
    Snakes on a bus
    He’s just not that into EU

  2. Lock, stock and no f@£#ing idea (sorry).
    Empire of the dumb.
    The island of Dr. May.
    The Expendables – a story of 16,141,241 people.
    Brexit to the head.
    A fist full of worthless money.
    Robin Farage, Prince of thieves.
    Two mules for Sister May.
    The Maytrix.

  3. Miss May’s Cabinet For Peculiar Children, The Brexit Club, A Farage Country, A Fistful Of Dollars (For A Lorry Load of Pounds), The Great Muppet Caper.

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