True bromance: 9 romantic films dudes will love too

Here’s a secret… guys are romantic too. Kind of.

Valentines is upon us, and we have the right to get emotional just the same. The following is a list of titles you can watch while maintaining street-cred. If in doubt, you can do something manly at the same time. Like lift weights or drink beer or both.

  1. Fun With Dick and Jane

Dick and Jane are married, and they go broke. They lose just about everything and find themselves with no car, water, or electricity. Despite this, they don’t turn on each other. She never once calls him a deadbeat and blames him for everything. Together they conquer all obstacles and work as a team. (Yep, written by men)



  1. The Wedding Singer

This movie is sappier than most chick-flicks. But it’s all cleverly disguised as a Sandler film, so it somehow manages to slip through the cracks. It’s borderline ok to admit you liked it.

(Remember, weights and beer)


  1. Natural Born Killers

“Let’s take hostages!” says Mickey to Mallory. What would be more romantic, then a road trip down Route 666 with your loved one and a trunk full of ammo. Like Dick and Jane, Mickey and Mallory refuse to let anything get in their way. Not even prison can keep them apart, for they are destined to be together. Oliver Stone at his most romantic, or most psychotic, take your pick.



  1. True Romance

Could it be that Quentin Tarantino is a romantic sap? After all, he has two entries on this list. This story has it all. A comic-book loving, closet-psychopath nerd falls in love with a prostitute who tastes like peach(!). What naturally follows is violence, followed by bloodshed, accompanied by shooting. Lots of shooting. A romantic movie rarely hits all the right notes like this one. For trivia-buffs, who played the pep talk-Elvis?


  1. The Terminator

Sure, it’s sci-fi and action. But deep down, what enables all the action to take place, is a love story. And an impossible one at that. Best not to bring this angle up in a conversation about Terminator, cause… you know.


  1. The 40-Year Old Virgin

This movie works on many levels, but largely below the belt. An oddity amongst romantic comedies, since instead of the usual 90, this one runs for 127 minutes and never gets boring. There’s plenty of sex, swearing, and pot smoking to keep a dude happy.


  1. The Bridesmaids

Although the DVD comes in a pink case, this is not what you’d think. You’ll be happily surprised, whether you’re vaginally challenged or not. It took Hollywood a long time to make a chick-flick with balls, but it was well worth the wait.

  1. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

A Bond-film romantic, you say? Well yes, it’s the one where Bond gets married. And since Bond has had his fair share of romance in the past, it’s ok to see him finally settle down (spoiler: It won’t last). Also, this movie is criminally overlooked in the Bond-canon. Why is this? Give George a chance.


  1. Any Bond film

Yep, they’re all very romantic. Bond averages around 2 romances per movie, which is living the dream. Kill bad guys, romance, kill more bad guys. The most romantic Bond-film of all time being A View To a Kill, where Bond manages, not two or three, but FOUR consecutive romantic affairs. (The least romantic: Quantum of Solace, where Bond doesn’t nail the lead female character at all?)


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