See why the internet is going crazy for this video of Black Friday chaos in Finland

Finns are well-known for their calm manner and stoic nature. So much so, it takes a lot to get Finnish people riled up. Losing to Sweden (again) at ice hockey, beating the world at ice hockey or beating Sweden at anything being notable exceptions. However, maybe this will all change with the advent of Black Friday, the American materialist frenzy created by the land of uber-capitalism to get people to buy crap they don’t need.

When US stores open early, to flog stuff at super cheap prices, the stampede is often so intense that fights break out, people break bones and some even die for a bargain. To see for yourself, check out this beautiful compilation of Black Friday moments.



So, how does this compare with Black Fridays in Finland? Yesterday a YouTuber Toni captured the chaos at 7am at a Power electronics store. So far the video has been viewed nearly 350 thousand times.

Happily, no Finns were hurt, however, according to Toni, some people felt extremely uncomfortable when others in the queue attempted small talk.



Finnish queuing habits have always been a source of bemusement to foreigners, even those from countries such as myself who have a fine tradition of queueing themselves. But it’s not just queuing that we non-Finns struggle to comprehend.



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