These 5 definitions of Brexit went viral. It’s easy to see why.

If there’s any silver lining to the titanic idiocy of Brexit, it is its comedy value. Nearly a year and a half into the collective face-planting there’s been a wealth of memes, videos and cartoons. One genre that’s also erupted in popularity is definitions. These take Brexit or a Brexit “hero” and define their attributes in a fun new way. The 5 below have all gone viral, for obvious reasons.








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  1. i take it you”re alright jack. about time the government done its job and cut the amount of east europeans comming here as the “ignorant” british people gave them the mandate to.

  2. Not since Henny Penny, Cocky Locky, Duck Lucky, Turkey Lurkey and Goosey Loosey listened to Foxy Loxy has anyone paid so much attention to someone so disinterested in their well-being.

  3. Make sure you don’t delete your blog. Historians will be referring to it as an example of the over-confident claptrap that was being pedalled in the early 21st Century. How can you be so certain – no one knows exactly how things will play out? All I can say is the Brits voted for self-determination, and that has never been something to scoff at. When the rest of Europe wakes up to the undemocratic nature of the European project, and realises that the wave of regulations is strangling innovation and the rest of the world, especially Asia, is leaving you behind, you might be a bit more respectful about our choice. And if 3 million immigrants had suddenly hit your health and social services, and therefore your pay packet. you might be a bit more circumspect on freedom of movement.

    • Considering a lot of those are nurses and doctors, they are propping the NHS up, not burdening it. It really isn’t that hard…

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