The hypocrisy of Theresa May ruling out a pre-Brexit election is spectacular

Last week, Theresa May ruled out an autumn election in the UK, stating that it was not going to be “in the national interest” to hold one before Brexit. With EU leaders reportedly unimpressed with Britain’s Chequers plan, there has been speculation that an early election might be on the cards if Parliament votes down any potential Brexit deal, or if no agreement can be found.

But let’s just stop for a minute and examine the recent history of the phrase “national interest” and it’s association with the Conservative party, shall we?

A short history of the “national interest”

Going back to 2016, the Conservatives called a referendum on EU membership in order to settle a long-running internal feud within their party. This was done under the pretext of national interest, but was, in reality, a vehicle for David Cameron to silence his disgruntled and increasingly influential backbenchers.

Next, after the surprise referendum result, Theresa May repeatedly ruled out a snap general election. And then she changed her mind, once she saw her own gushing poll numbers. The justification for both of these contradictory positions was, of course, what the Conservative party had defined as the national interest.

A billion pound bung

Then, following on from the 2017 election in which the Tories lost their majority in Parliament, a deal was struck with the controversial Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland. The deal was supposedly made to give Britain a functioning government at a time of political crisis, aka the national interest argument again. But let’s call it what it was – a desperate attempt by a failing government to cling to power by buying the votes they needed to survive.

So, the next time you hear the phrase “national interest” being uttered by a Conservative, be afraid. It never ends well.

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  1. She is confusing her own interests with national interest. Saying ‘it’s my deal or no deal’ is in the national interest? Backing for her deal is the only way she can keep her job. Selfish woman.

  2. This country has been Londoncentric for yonks; the Northern Powerhouse just smoke and mirrors (i.e. a blatant lie from George Osborne, but no surprise there) which will make Brexit very difficult for most of the country. Here in Wales, the Principality is too Cardiffcentric, which means the rest of Wales misses out and financial relief (much needed in the South Wales Valleys, which witnessed the destruction of the coal and steel industries – by the tories – so IDS was able to tell those of us looking for work to get on a bus and seek work in Cardiff) The Welsh Assembly (run by Labour) has done nothing to ameliorate the situation.

  3. Actually you’ll be fucked in the blue area too, as most of the motorways will have been turned into lorry parks, so no-one will be going anywhere.

  4. She can’t win a vote in Parliament even if the EU were to agree to her Chequers plan. She will either have to resign or be unseated by a right wing coup.
    Bojo or JRM will become leader and will try to push through a Canada plus plan, that the DUP won’t wear. So there is bound to be a general election before any Brexit deal is finalised with the EU.
    At that point it’s all to play for again.
    Brexit is not a done deal and probably never will be.

  5. Brexit means Brexshit. Our membership ad it stands now is better than any deal that might or more accurately might not materialise. Cancel the while sorry show!

  6. IMHO — Most of the British people have changed their mind about this Brexit thing because: 1.) they were lied to about the consequences 2.) Their is nobody in politics who has any leadership qualities capable of moving peoples conviction that they know anything and will do nothing. The UK could once have led Europe into a golden age of democracy and wealth creation but instead prefered give all power to the rich so they can BS us with how hard they will work for us . And Labour, are still in a post war mentality of “them and us” fighting over the table scraps of better conditions for dying industries.

  7. That’s a bit harsh on Cameron, he’s only equal stupidest Tory Prime Minister with May, she had a majority in parliament and decided to have an election so she could end up with a minority and then gave away £1bn on a bum deal and got nothing back in return and then expected her own MP’s to rally round and support her cause. Who wrote this book? It’s not credible fiction.

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