World Wide Wow! 14 still working 1990s websites that show how far we’ve come

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The Internet has come a long way since it began to become a staple in households around the world in the mid-90s, and we’ve got the proof. We’ve rounded up 14 amazingly awful 1990s websites that are not only still around, but still functioning. So grab a can of Surge, cozy up, and get ready to head back in time to the most visually appealing decade in history — Not!

But first, you’ll need to get into the right mindset. We recommend clicking play on the video below.

1. Welcome to Netscape

Cyberspace can be a confusing place. Thankfully, Netscape is here to help you understand how to use “hyperlinks” to find your way around.

2. The official Space Jam website

The website for Space Jam, the classic film starring Michael Jordan, has remained untouched in all its glory since 1996. Head to Jam Central to download the movie trailer, print out characters to color in, or simply sit back and admire the neon colors and elegant frames.

Space Jam


3. I Am Jackie Chan

Martial Arts fan? Check out Random House’s site dedicated to Jackie Chan’s 1998 autobiography. Test your Jackie IQ, read about Jackie’s top 10 stunts, or take a look at Jackie’s filmography up until 1978’s Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow — if you want to know his complete filmography, you’ll need to buy the book.

4. Zombo

You can do anything at zombo com. Anything at all.



5. The Lost World’s InGen site

This promo website for Jurassic Park’s 1997 sequel The Lost World was designed to be the Intranet for InGen, the bioengineering company that resurrected the dinosaurs. Be sure to read the employee handbook before you proceed.

6. Ask Dr. Internet

You also probably have quite a few questions about how the Internet works, such as what “Netiquette” or “flaming” might be. Dr. Internet will fill you in, and then you’ll be ready to start exploring cyberspace with confidence.

7. Heaven’s Gate

The religious group Heaven’s Gate was all over the news in 1997 when 39 members were found after having committed suicide in the belief that their souls would be sent to an alien spacecraft supposedly following the Hale–Bopp Comet. And they had a website, which is still usable today.

Heaven's Gate

8. CNN’s O.J. Simpson page

Looking to stay informed about the O.J. Simpson case? Get the latest news at CNN’s O.J. page, last updated in 1995.

9. I Find It

Relive the pre-Google days with this handy search engine.

10. You’ve Got Mail

The website for #1 romance film in history is still up and running. You can even peruse the characters’ emails to each other.

You've got mail


11. TechRepublic’s list of sites for y2k countdown

Published on December 31, 1999, this article gives a list of websites for those waiting for disaster of Y2K at home or work. Sadly, most of the listed sites are now defunct, but it’s still an interesting glimpse into the past.

12. Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches

Read Patrick R. Michaud’s seminal study on Pop-Tarts as incendiary devices, first published in 1994. Please do not try this at home.

13. The Original Friends site

The original site for the TV show Friends began in 1994, when there was no official site for fans to use. It has been updated fairly recently, and still hosts an informative FAQ for all of you Friends fans out there.

14. Newsweek’s “Why the Web Won’t Be Nirvana”

This article written by Clifford Stoll, written in 1995, ponders the future of cyberspace. Did he nail it?

Don’t you just miss the flashing banners and fancy scrolling frames of the 1990s? Let us know what you think of these websites from the 90s below.

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  1. Really Jackie Chan! It’s not like he stopped making movies in the 1990s. Maybe he’s just too busy being badass 🙂

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