Yellow brick worm: the internet stunned by child’s minimalist Lego art

closeup of yellow lego bricks

Last weekend, Helsinki based writer and Ink Tank head honcho Joel Willans tweeted a picture of a 12-year-old’s ingenious minimalist masterpiece. The photo, which originates from Reddit, was shot in a mall in Massachusets. That is, according to the contributing redditor, itcamefromebeneath.



Other kids at the Lego stand created relatively intricate blocky abstractions of real-world objects. Riley took a different approach, putting a single yellow brick at display. In a feat of delightful least-effort imaginative success, the work is described as a worm. The internet went wild, and Joel’s tweet of the photo got a few clever replies among the 131k retweets and press coverage. Let’s have a look at some of the input.

1. First, Riley’s creation


2. The Fidget Spinner


3. The stolen classic masterpiece

4. Lego’s marketing was lazy minimalist before Riley made it cool


5. The half-baked weed joke



6. Accusations of plagiarism


What’s next? Well, for Joel, there’s always the next witty outburst on Twitter. For Riley, who knows. Let’s hope school doesn’t ruin any of that budding creativity.


Got more clever Lego art or reactions to Riley’s newfound career in the arts? Let us know int he comments section below.


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Title image by jakerome

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  1. Wtf! 135 000 plus retweets! That’s got to be Finland’s most popular ever tweet. Awesome 🙂 🙂 🙂

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