Rake news: How social media trolled Trump about raking Finnish forests

This weekend Donald Trump visited wildfire-devastated California and did what he does best, talked nonsense. Answering a question regarding forest fire prevention, he quoted a conversation he had with the Finnish president Sauli Niinisto, and said that California should do more ‘raking like Finland.’ Nobody rakes forests in Finland. Interviewed today, Niinisto said he spoke briefly with Trump about forest management on Nov. 11, when they both were in Paris for Armistice Day events. Niinisto said their conversation focused on the California wildfires and the surveillance system Finland uses to monitor forests for fires. He remembered telling Trump “We take care of our forests,” but couldn’t recall raking coming up. Needless to say, Finns on social media had a field day with Trump’s “rake news.




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  1. I’m very impressed with the Donald. He might have been talking BS, but he actually correctly identified a country with lots of forests. He must have had help.

  2. How about Finland provide their knowledge and expertise on raking. I might be so talk occurred when they both were drunk in Sauna ???

  3. I would like to read this but i am going to sleep…i am so tired from all day raking…since i moved to Finland i did nothing else?

  4. Nothing funnier than losers that don’t have two nickels to rub together laughing at a billionaire that defeated two political dynasties!

    • ??? those losers live a hundred times better than you… And your billionaire isn’t even a billionaire! ??
      No better way to demonstrate you’re a trumpanzee than going on the internet, finding something that challenges your thought-starved opinions and writing absolutely gobbledygook in response.

      • I’m a US citizen ……………..I totally agree and very embarrassed to admit, the president of the United States Of America is a blithering idiot.

        • I too am a USA citizen and back you 100%. He’s the worst we’ve ever had. Can’t we get rid of him? I can’t believe the
          amount of people that back him. I too am embarrassed by his behavior.

          • I’m born n bred USA. I too cannot believe we have been hijacked by such stupidity as what has invaded our white house. I cannot believe we are so dumbed down as a people…but the time was right for Trump. GOP voters wanted to have a fit and I’m ashamed now I was a GOP voter but I selected a write in candidate unwilling to vote for one with so much baggage or one always an egomaniac, lying scum bag. One was as bad as other choice of the two main parties. Trump found his timing. He needs run out of the respectable oval office for good!

        • I’m a finnish citizen, and Trump is exactly what the US needed. You clueless bastards are just too self-absorbed to realize it.

      • Right, your cretin fake “billionaire” who defeated no one without his friend Putin (who absolutely nobody is laughing at), whose pathological lying once again has him tripping over his idiot tongue needs you to defend him. Nobody is jealous of him. They are deeply embarrassed by him as anyone with two brain cells to run together shoot be.
        But, keep telling us about the “losers” who pick on him, you know, the ones with universal high quality healthcare, high quality education, generous benefits and higher average incomes than the in US and assuredly you. Yup, they’re losing alright. I bet they wish they had a kleptocracy like you to keep them poor and ignorant.
        Also, do you know the meaning of “dynasty”? You have set a really low criteria for what constitutes one.
        #rakenews #makeamericarakeagain

    • What political dynasties did Trump defeat, and how do you figure the people in Finland are more poor than anyone in the US? Sure, they have a slightly higher tax rate; but, they reap the benefits of having a higher tax rate, while we’re the losers who don’t have proper healthcare or education. You’re an embarrassment.

    • That so-called billionaire only became president because of a foreign power manipulating a gullible population. And this so-called president lies every time he opens his mouth. Definitely ‘not my president’.

  5. As a finn who owns a rake, i see this fluffy. I never use rake in the forest, there’s much more interesting tools like: Lada Niva, chainsaw, axe, napalm, rifle. Rake is for your yard. Leaves do fall but nature takes care of them. Uh oh. I used rake as “angle setting tool” to tv antenna today. Didn’t work well but one forest fire skipped for that

  6. As always, when Britain seems to be winning the contest between itself and the USA who can fuck themselves up the most, the USA draw their Trump card…

  7. I did some rather rough maths…
    the total leaf count our model produced for the oak tree was 227,721leaves. The most reliable sources we found noted 200,000 to half a million leaves for a mature oak, but again these numbers are still speculative and at most a highly educated estimate.
    We use the low estimate of 200,000 which gives us 900,000,000 (nine hundred million) leaves per person.
    As a guesstimate the average oak leaf is around 2.5g dry to 5g wet, so if we take 4g as a mean that gives us 3,600,000,000g or 3600 tonnes per person, or there abouts.

    • That was the most disgraceful thing. The entire community was destroyed, people are being forced to live in tents in a Walmart, many people perished in flames, and pompous dolt Trump couldn’t even bother to familiarize himself with the name of the place meant to be a focal point of the trip.

  8. As much as I want to laugh at Trump I can’t click on a laughing emoji because of the terrible tragedy that is the Caifornia fires. ? But… what planet is he on??

  9. Dear Trump, all the Finns think that you are an idiot. Do some research before you talk out of your a.. and perhaps try to exercise some common sense. Also Finland is snowed in 4-5 months of the year and it rains in the summer just like in California.

    • Sorry, only idiotic green/red leaning self-absorbed arsewipes who live in the center of a city of equal ignoramuses like yourself believe he is a complete idiot. You have not done enough research to even understand the basics of forestry care and terminology, which raking is a part of.

      Mene takaisin kouluun, tuo elämäm koulu ei tuntunut opettavan sinua yhtään.

  10. I am a Finnish American. I want everyone in Finland to know, I did not vote for Trump! I am like you, and believe he is an idiot. I don’t understand how people here are not more intelligent. I think it has to do with being pro-life. Those who don’t like abortion, voted for him and will stand by him, no matter what comes out of his mouth.

  11. The word (to) rake when used as a verb is to clear away low forest debris. The forestry department notified land/ homeowners to clear their property of this fire hazard. This request was largely ignored which contributed in large part to the in suing firestorm. Sadness . . .

  12. Let Trump be Trump, at least he’s our s.o.b. What will the world be like if his ilk would just be another boring and corny human being. Better to joke around and have fun while he is still around. When he’s gone, boy, the world will just be another dragging movie, hahahaaaa!

  13. This is great comedic material. Imagine SNL folks will, once they recover from hysterical laughter, have a field day. Raking that field.

    • I consider myself a liberal, and english being the third language i learned, i still knew exactly what raking meant in forestry terms.

      Ignore the loudmouthed idiots, especially the self-absorbed clueless twats who mouth off on twatter without a second thought, and don’t go off with your partisanship. There are intelligent, and really absolutely idiotic people on both sides of the left/right divide, but the closer you get to the extremes, the more idiotic it all becomes.

  14. The idiots who “trolled” (you don’t know what that means, evidently) Trump do not understand what raking means, because they just watched the news and read the poor, subtitled translation.
    Raking is a common term in forestry referring to the care and cleanup of the underbrush, a term so common one of the oldest expressions in finnish language: “pois alta risut ja männynkävyt!” refers to it directly.

    Any of these fools could’ve actually checked what the term means on say, google for instance, but apparently it’s far better fun to make themselves look stupid on twatter.

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