JK Rowling destroys Brexit cheerleader’s breathtakingly bad Brexit analogy

There are countless reasons to love JK Rowling. One is her peerless ability to destroy the increasingly fantastical Brexit fantasies peddled on Twitter.

Previously she stepped into the debate to shut down a Brexiteer who blamed Remainers for the failing EU negotiations. Now, she’s displayed that skill in fine style against Leaver luvvie and Conservative MEP, Daniel Hannan, by showcasing the glaring flaw in his shockingly bad and utterly unverifiable Brexit analogy.



Clearly unimpressed by Hannan’s ability to predict the future JK Rowling’s responded.

Rowling 1 Union Jack pom-pom boy 0

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  1. Meanwhile he can luxuriate in a 5 star hotel while the rest of us are out on the street with all our belongings in the gathering gloom with little Johnny wanting a wee, everyone getting hungry and nowhere to go.

  2. 1.Who but the rich can afford a new home these days?
    2.Not so much a home as a small tent in an empty field
    3. Why didn’t we do this year’s ago? Because we hadn’t been full brainwashed back then.
    4. Nicer home? With no electricity, gas or water, no building regs to keep us safe and not much food. We can choose the colour of our front door now (blue), but then we always could.

  3. We’re not moving home at all, we’re staying right on the street where we are….We’re just telling all neighbours were not gonna speak to them anymore.
    We just haven’t thought about what happens next.

  4. The whole thing is a mess it started as a mess and has not improved what nobody told the Bexiteer is that it is not possible totally separate the UK from Europe no matter how much negotiating you do

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