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The internet loved Finnish President Niinistö’s press conference with Trump. Here’s why.

Yesterday, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö met with Donald Trump. When it comes to meeting with the world’s most powerful leaders Niinistö has been on something of a roll this year, having already spent time with Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin. The Finnish press also got excited by the fact that the only other Finnish president to get an official invitation to the White House was the legendary Urho Kekkonen. However, what excited the internet more was the series of blunders Trump notched up at their press conference. Some even believed they were some of his greatest ever. Have a look to see for yourself.


1. Getting Sauli Niinistö’s surname spectacularly wrong.




2. Saying Finland’s buying loads of F-18 jets. (They’re not.)


3. Forgetting or not knowing Finland fought the Winter War.




4. Thinking all Finnish women look the same.


Remember you have to laugh sometimes at Mr. Trump’s antics. Otherwise, you’ll spend the next three and a bit years crying.

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