In pics: 20 000 Finns take to the streets to protest against racism and fascism


In the last year, when it comes to immigration, Finland has made international headlines for all the wrong reasons – from idiotic, right-wing vigilantes prancing around the streets to racist greetings made to families fleeing the horrors of the Syrian civil war. Happily, that all changed this weekend when more than 20,000 people marched in Helsinki to protest against racism and violence. Prompted by the death of a man attacked during a neo-Nazi Finland’s Resistance Movement rally earlier this month, the march organised by Peli Poikki (Stop this game!) received huge worldwide coverage.

“Enough is enough. We have a right-wing government, including the racist Perus party, doing nothing about the fascists. How many more people do they have to kill before the government stamps them out? That is why I am here,” said a demonstrator, Jari Laine.

One man joining Laine and the 20,000 strong demonstration was Miemo Penttinen, a photographer and the Co-founder of the mobile learning app company Funzi. His photos below give a fantastic insight into a march, which looks set to change the political discourse in a country where the far-right has been given free reign for far too long.















While this massive march was taking place, the far-right, hiding in a side street, put on their own counter march. This was the result of their call to action.


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  1. The contrast between these amazing photos and the last one really is striking. It gives me heart and faith in human nature. Thank you!!

  2. Shit happens very often. All of this because one junkie died and 20 000 more showed up… I read that shit from and came to watch what the hell is wrong with north… Hope that Putin will lead you greedy bastards…

    • “All of this because one junkie died and 20 000 more showed up…” You might want to read a story before commenting. 20 000 + showed up to tell fascists and racists to fuck off. They made a difference. You on the otherhand did nothing, but make idiotic comments on a web page. Very slow hand clap.

  3. All who read this are not finnish people. We use our real names identity and share our world view. If that is racism to you, you must be self breed. We are people of the world, we are alliance of over power. We are not lefties not rights, we are pirates. No religion, no race, no money and no nations, but people we are.

    • So Bill Daniels is your real name is it? That’s a very English sounding name Billy boy. So what part of the English speaking world you making your incoherent rant from?

  4. 5 500 000 Finns did NOT take to the streets to protest against racism and fascism…
    P.S. I didn’t bother to read what triggered this ‘protest’ 🙂 This was just one of million similar…

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