I spent a day on pro Brexit Facebook pages. This is what I discovered

In the interests of balance, I’ve just spent a day reading through a bunch of pro-Brexit Facebook pages. I understand that everyone has the same right to an opinion, even if I don’t agree with them and honestly thought I may learn something which would give me a different point of view. Which it did.

My findings:

Apparently, I’m a remoaner
I’m also a snowflake
I believe in unicorns
I’m stupid and uneducated
I need to wake up


Out means out.
Brexit means Brexit.
Get on with it.
No deal is the best possible outcome.
All counter-arguments are Project Fear and therefore null and void.
How bad Mrs May is.
How good most other Tories are.
How dangerous Labour is.
Death is preferable to PM Corbyn.
Lots of pro-Johnson posts.
Lots of pro Trump posts.
Lots of pro-Farage posts.
Lots of pro-UKIP posts.
Lots and lots of Mogg for PM posts including petitions (because he’s just like us).
How great the empire was when we controlled most of the brown people and how better off they were for it.
How evil the EU is.
How the EU plots against us.
A few Tommy Robinson reposts.
Huge amount of anti-Muslim posts.

What all groups had in common

They all had an almost complete lack of positive facts from people who are experts in their respective subjects and trades. All groups had multiple reposts from the right-wing press, which are the only true facts.

This leads me to the conclusion that for the majority, this is nothing to do with Brexit and never was. This was about giving a voice to that which had mostly been driven underground. Trump offered the same in the US. Make no mistake about this, it was a mostly racist vote. This is why presenting facts to leavers makes no difference. You think you’re discussing Brexit with them, but they’re not. You are simply wasting your time. This also explains perfectly why Leavers are not angry about being lied to and basically getting scammed. It still gave exactly what they wanted. Same reason Trump can do no wrong, no matter what he does.

I believe that the future evolution of the human race rests in cooperation and peace with countries working together. Not xenophobia, division and an every-man-for-himself attitude. I thought we’d mostly moved on from this. I can’t think of a single example in history where division has improved a situation. Not one.

However, after a day on their pages, it seems that Brexit is simply an excuse to drive us in this direction, which makes me even more determined to fight it.

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  1. It’s interesting when they throw an insult at you and you respond with similar. They blame you for starting to abuse them !
    Madness personified.

  2. The new one is “Project Smear” in which poor innocent Boris has his career destroyed by everyone. Apparently actual quotes from Boris doesn’t counts as evidence of things Boris has said or written now.

    • Boris has said everything and it’s opposite. I saw interview from him saying he is pro- Europe and that we are better off without it. You can pick and choose any quote depending what you want to show. The man has no morals just his own ambitions. Please this stopped being funny ages ago!

  3. I’m disappointed there’s no WWII reference in that bingo card. That’s another one the Brextremists love to cling to.

    ‘My grandad didn’t need a passport to enter France in 1944.’

    ‘French rifle for sale. Dropped once, never used.’

    ‘We saved their arses twice. They’d all be speaking German if it wasn’t for us. We owe them nothing.’

    And other, hilarious side splitters.

    • t inevitably comes back to the war. It’s like that conflict was the only thing they ever paid attention to in history class.

      • Now how would you know what The US is actually taught about history in 2018 everything ya?. Is it exactly the same as it was in say 1945? 1880? How do you know 4 sure what they teach about history in the UK is true. Iran, do they tell a different history St. John VI? Dont be so quick to trust your goverment?

  4. I have encountered this stuff myself, in the real world. It does not, therefore, surprise me and I agree with the article.

    It is not about the reality of of actually leaving the EU for the enthusiastic leavers.

      • Every time you speak to somebody who is a Brexit here you just get platitudes and statements there is no facts whatsoever behind their opinion that like sheep being led by the pro Brexit press

  5. You’re correct, nothing that the likes of Boris, Farage or JRM does makes on iota of difference. They have won and are waiting for Brexit to be delivered.

  6. Actually it is worth arguing with them.
    A lot of them don’t realise that none of the immigration they hate has anything to do with the EU.
    They also widely believe that our missing €10bn is not only a problem for the EU budget (which it is, a bit) but they extrapolate this to thinking that it will cause the €15,000bn economy!
    With patience, you cam get these points across before getting kicked out of the group

  7. This isn’t surprising, however you have to remember that people who post most on Brexit groups are the most vocal ones with the strongest opinions (same with most political groups). A lot of people voted Brexit almost passively and without thinking that much about it, in some ways that’s worse but it’s not useful to lump all of them in as racists and xenophobes.

  8. Let me first say, I voted against Brexit.

    Sadly, the ‘Remain’ politicians were telling just as many ‘untruths’ as the Brexit idiots perpetuating the usual old crap: thus the ‘Remain’ politicians abandoned any moral ‘high ground’ that could have helped produce a sensible result. Any of you recall Hans Christian Andersens’ “The Emperor’s New Clothes”?

    Apathy resulted because many potential voters felt it had nowt to do with them. The arguments for and against did nothing to engage or motivate them. Many are now realising what they’ve lost. They’re kicking themselves now.

    Nobody on any side had a clue or a plan for Brexit becoming a reality. Don’t believe any of the bulls hit. That’s why they’re continuing to flounder and bluster and lie.

    I voted against disunity. I think the sovereignty argument is entirely hollow.
    I have ancestors who fought in both world wars and we lost more than seven in WW1 alone. Those who survived were wounded in body and mind. Several found themselves fighting again in ww2. The only real winners were politicians and arms manufacturers. Everybody else, no matter which side, lost.

    I have no confidence in any of our politicians to do anything other than bungle through and come up with deals that only benefit “the few” at the expense of “the many”.
    Corbyn, Johnson, Rees-Mogg, Bone, Raab and the rest? They are in it for themselves. I can’t name even one current politician that I’d trust to do the right thing.
    We’re in the shit and have nobody to blame but ourselves. Remember, we voted for those idiots.

  9. Hitler was in favour of extreme nationalism.
    Winston Churchill said he favoured “a sort of united states of Europe”, as the way of ending continuing hate across Europe.
    I favour Churchill and reject Hitler and am therefore totally in favour of the UK belonging to the EU.
    Some people seem to think the opposite – that Churchill was a fascist who would have favoured a separated nationalistic Europe, and antagonism beween Britain and other European Nations.

  10. I am constantly reminded of the Adam Curtis documentary on Churchill and Thatcher. Their invocation of right wing myths that were expedient, but slipped beyond their control leading to their downfall and wider damage to the country.
    This is what has happened and even if we somehow manage to stay in the EU, the country is split on the issue. We now have a large scale fascist bloc in this country and they aren’t going to go away anytime soon. Especially if they scent a hint of compromise on this complex issue.

  11. I am sure your findings are so. It’s astonishing how stick in platitudes most brexiters are….. I do hope we get out of the mess, we are regressing horribly otherwise!…….

  12. I followed some of these pro Brexit sites but all the racism (they really hate Diane Abbott and Sadiq Khan) plus the Islamophobic rants were depressing. Interestingly, many were very pro Russia and I’m convinced Russian trolls were posting and in some cases acting as admins of the pages. Huge outrage about Muslims supposedly wanting to ban Christmas but nothing about the Skripal poisonings. I left these groups eventually…..obviously I’m a snowflake.

    • They really are nauseating, and that’s what they say in public. It’s like hate week on those message boards. They whip one another up and just vent. I’ve watched them become steadily more overtly racist. From my months of seeing their stuff on my feed I think the Russian thing is probably correct. I also think that anybody expecting to pursue a rational narrative with them is wasting their time, it’s pure emotion that’s driving Brexit. It’s all about rage, disappointment, fear. And now it’s got going it’s going to be very difficult to stop.

  13. I can see where you’re going with this, but I don’t think you can generalise this much based on right-wing facebook activity. I have no idea whether what you’re reading up there truly reflects the views of 51% of the electorate or not. I don’t think you do either. I mean god help us if it does, but it may not. There are definitely a lot, lot, more emboldened racists about and these pages amplify and normalise their activity. But that’s not everyone. Hopefully

  14. You forgot to say… The EU…That…
    Produce nothing, it sells nothing,
    it make not one penny profit.
    It is a government without a country.
    It taxes us, it spends and enjoys the
    fruits of our labour.
    In the end it is worthless, a parasite
    bleeding its hosts dry of money,
    nationhood,pride and our independence..

    • It shows you don’t have a clue about the importance of the free market and law making and the representatives of every country that you cannot even be bothered to show up and vote for. Learn what it is all about then talk. Don’t just repeat the like of Farage , Boris and Mogg like a parrot! They will personally benefit from it but they don’t tell you that !

    • The EU produces loads. It has 28 member states all busily producing 24/7. If you want to argue “that’s not the EU producing it, that’s the UK etc” you could just as well argue the UK produces nothing, it’s all done by England, Wales etc.
      By negotiating our sales and purchases through the EU we have a much stronger trade relationship with the rest of the world than we do otherwise.

    • All you did was prove the author of the article correct. All you did was accuse with sweeping generalisations and platitudes. Thanks for demonstrably proving what we already know.

  15. Please stop this WREXIT, as an engineer my income
    and many of my colleagues and friends income comes from travelling to Europe to work, we will not have this option. In fact this also means anybody travelling to Europe will not have the right but will need to apply to enter these countries. we will need to get permit’s to do occasional work so that stops the young from having a few months travelling and working around the EU. WREXIT is going to kill the technical and the occasional work services we offer from our currently great Country

  16. I am a Remainer..

    However, while the article was interesting, as far as it went, and by and large I would agree – except for the “it was a mostly racist vote”; which strikes me as too easy (and cheap) a snipe……

    While undoubtedly racism was a big factor in some parts of the country (with, ironically, most of THAT racism begin totally unconnected to EU nationals or any UK policies affected by EU policy) from much what I have seen what is being broad-brush stroke-painted as racism in this article and elsewhere (including – stupidly – during the referendum campaign) has been perfectly reasonable concern and frustration (not without with good cause) over public services overstretched by bad planning, thoughtless placement and lack of funding this side of the channel re. migrant/population growth.. It is all too easy to paint that concern, ignored and pooh-poohed in many quarters, as racism.

    Yes – a lot of the online activity is from racist groups and loud-mouther bigots, but to extrapolate that onto the majority of ordinary voters is not only wrong, but unnecessarily sneering and divisive… Personally, given where we are now, I really don’t think it’s helpful for those of us against Brexit to come out with this sort of thing at this late date..

  17. Because there never was a plan B i. e., nobody expected Leave to win, it became a free for all, with everyone having their own idea of how it should look. Hindsight is a great teacher. I voted remain, accepted the vote and looked toward the ruling party to sort it out. So David Cameron immediately buzzed off, after saying he was in it for the long term. Boris Johnson, betrayer of every woman he has ever been involved with, admitted liar both in newspaper articles, and to his then party leader (Michael Howard) draws back from the election for PM . I was stunned when Article 50 was triggered without all the ducks being lined up. Mrs May appeals to the country for a strong mandate and ends up with fewer seats than before. To try to ensure a working majority the DUP are enticed with promises and money, when there is no magic money tree, and they are now refusing to deliver support, Northern Ireland border making headlines on a daily basis. Yet the apparent promise to allow Madrid to have a say in future trade deals made by Gibraltar seems to be being kept under the parapet. You could not make it up. I know people who voted for Brexit because they disagreed with the EU treatment of Greece. Definitely the opposite of xenophobic thought. The only good piece of news is that Paul Dacre is no longer editor of the Daily Mail.

  18. These pro-brexit groups are still spreading bile.. hundreds and thousands spreading false information, propaganda and blatant lies. They hammer down the real facts by hitting the laugh button whenever and share homemade memes, fake news , copied comments from other misunderstood members, conspiracy stories and forged treaties. The sad thing is many of them actually believe it all and when challenged with truths all you get is abuse, sworn at, and threats to find and hurt you.
    This particular group is an example..

  19. ^^^

    Middle class sheep going baaah baaah baaah all the way to the slaughterhouse. Play with my phone. Look at me while I take a selfie. I’m a vegan now. I’m just like everyone else in my private little club of snobs.

    The lot of you are insufferable snobs. No wonder the working class Brexiters are sick of it (I know I am) and are now turning round & doing what you’ve been doing for years, namely sticking fingers in ears & shouting fuck off at all your arguments. If you treat people like a “basket of deplorables” on your snobby way to losing the vote, then even worse, try to weasel out of the vote, you deserve what you’ve created.

    • And you’ve just proved the point. No facts just accusing all remainers of being middle class and vegan – not sure how any of that is related …. And all who voted to leave I presume by default working class, meat eaters, non selfie takers???? And the point re why it’s good to leave the EU is……?

    • yes, another with no arguments at all for why we should not be fighting against losing jobs, screwing the economy for decades, and putting the final nail in the coffin of the NHS,just silly assumptions. don’t have to be middle class to have a brain, or are you saying all of us working class are too stupid to think for ourselves? you’re the ones who don’t listen to anything at all! prat.

  20. You might also notice that many of them have no profile picture, often a fake name, only signed up within the last few years, and are only members of brexit-related groups.

    There are many suspicious accounts out there, quite a few seem to be from a couple of thousand miles East of UK.

  21. I disagree its about racism,lets look at why people voted, many have children of school leaving age and ready to start work.Then as they try and save for a home of their own or to rent they hit a brick wall, due to high prices or no homes to rent.
    We then get told we need over 1 million new homes to help relieve the crisis.that is a fair statement.
    There is then a massive influx of people from abroad.Where do these people live?.Then depending on where the people live, there is school places, doctors places, and a variety of other services to consider.
    People say we need more jobs, so make the people whom claim benefits fill these jobs, and while their working if they don’t like the work apply for other jobs.
    we are a weak nation allowing some people just to live off the state, i know some people cannot work due to illness?etc,and everyone deserves heat and food.but they need help to find work and help them feel proud.We are a great country and we all need to do our bit regardless of the outcome.

  22. Can’t seem to leave a reply, anyways I am a Brexit supporter I am not a thick racist nor do I hate Europe or think I won any world wars or the 1966 World Cup.
    I have a very simple problem with the EU it is a protectionist, undemocratic and wasteful entity.
    I truly believe in a Europe working together the EU is not that dream however, look at how Greece and Portugal have been treated, look at Italy’s financial situation.
    You think remain politicians are looking out for you but they only look out for one person themselves how can you trust lib-dems look at the promise of student loans broken.
    If you want to insist all Brexit supporters are homophobic, racist and stupid then I would suggest you are being as foolish and elitist as those you are heaping scorn upon.

  23. Working Class @ Peter Mac
    Your Boxes:
    Immigrants: Yes as a devoted campainer for Grass Roots Out, Vote Leave, Leave means Leave and even the Brexit Party for a time, Brexit WAS about immigration….not about GENUINE REFUGES escaping War, famine and other persecution as remoaners like you constantly try to make out and use the ‘race card’ but about totally uncontrolled WHITE economic immigration from Eastern Europe after 2004, exploiting the EU’s freedom of movement policy undercutting wages for their own benefit at the expense of the indigenous population , taking accomodation and breaking the Housing regulations and literally anything else they could obtain at the British populations expense. Apparently there is now 3000,000 Ukrainians now in Eastern Europe replacing those that have moved here….so no war, starvation or other persecution there then?

    Norway: Well thats up to Norway…we voted to LEAVE…Quite simply…it was you people who started shouting about a deal……..what part of LEAVE do you reamoners have difficulty understanding?

    £350 million…..not sure about the figure we will save, any statistician worth their salt will tell you it depends on how you base your figures and rest assured you will use what base is better for your reamoner point

    Our destiny: Dont see the relavence

    World War 3: Well it was you lot promised that if we dared vote to leave

    Project Fear: I think the previois heading takes care of that point…only to say that its a good job pinochio wasnt one of you remoaners
    Sour Grapes: This site is a pretty good example of that…nuff said
    Im not a racist but: Well tell all the Black and Asians (many Muslim) and Orientals who voted to Leave that one. If fact tell that to Martin Luther Kings relatives….he had a dream that people would be judged on the content of there character not the colour of thier skin…..thats what we did with EU migrants…who were white
    They dont speak English: Eastern Europeans dont usually….or their children, they have there own shops……obviously have no intention of mixing in with the Indigenous population and creating one of you PC (image presenting) peoples buzz words…’Harmony’
    Rest of your boxes are not relavent regarding Brexit…..what have Muslims got to do with Brexit? There is no Muslim country in Europe
    Straight Bananas:??????

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