This amazing Instagram photographer will teach you about Helsinki’s walls


Anyone who’s into Helsinki should take note of this Instagram profile, Helsinkifacades. The account has one goal: documenting the facades of Helsinki, in glorious detail.

The idea isn’t new: the Ihaveathingforwalls Instagram is a must-see for any friends of architecture, but this hyper-localized account documents Helsinki, one wall at a time.

We warmly recommend reading the captions too. The unnamed photographer gives well-researched detail about the origin of the buildings, including architects and years built. The same photographer has a general repository of more Helsinki goodness in a separate account: @somewhereinhelsinki_.

The best southern Helsinki has to offer

It’s building like these that make districts like Ullanlinna great for walks in any weather.


Arabianranta Orange

Because everything nice in Helsinki isn’t necessarily old.


Kruununhaka Hansa town

This one, quite close to the Ink Tank headquarters, borrows heavily from old trading routes in northern Europe.


Style collision

Also close to the Ink Tank headquarters, this one lets styles collide.. in style.


Downtown detail

Here’s a facade with a level of detail you might want to pay some attention to the next time you’re in downtown Helsinki.


Massive Modernist Hospital

Modernism divides opinions among architectural buffs, but one thing is for certain: modern industrial building techniques allow for some fine lines and precision.


Austere Kallio hoods

For more utilitarian looks, the larger Kallio region is a gold mine, like this house in Alppila.


Green bay windows in Töölö

There is a distinct Töölö vibe here.


Glass facades

We don’t want to be hating on modern architecture because the real culprit is usually city planning. This particular glass facade fits in with its surroundings near the central railway station.


Blue student housing

This one is from the recent, still in construction neighborhood of Jätkäsaari.


Red brick heaven

There’s something simple and down to earth about these relatively simple red brick walls in Helsinki.

Know of any more Helsinki Instragram goodness? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Great idea!! One of the things I love most about Helsinki is the colours. It’s so bright particularly in summertime. This shows that perfectly

  2. Actually Helsinki is the only part of Finland that I do not actually count as being part of Finland. I still think Helsinki is nothing but a Russian outpost, ever since it was made the capital there just because it was closer to Russia. There was absolutely nothing there at that time and it is purely a Russian creation. In my opinion anyway.

  3. Wow!! Fascinated by these photos in Helsinki….we recently saw many of these buildings! Wonderful! I will come back to this site over and over! Kiitos!

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