The 10 funniest 10 second videos on YouTube

Mark Twain once famously wrote, “Life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly, kiss SLOWLY. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably. And never regret ANYTHING that makes you smile.” Well, we’ve taken the great man’s wise words to heart and found the 10 funniest 10 second videos on YouTube to help you laugh uncontrollably in 100 seconds or less.

Now you know exactly what penguin laughter sounds like.

Never, ever hold a rooster on national television.


The sun always shines on TV. Or at least it does in Hati and that’s makes the weather man very, very happy.

Just in case you needed reminding why we all hate our siblings.

I’ll knock your lights out taken to a literal extreme by Kevin.

Out of the mouth of babes come the sweetest truths.

Yet more reasons to admire the famed British reserve.

Whoever would have guessed you could fit so many fucks into 10 seconds.

We hope you found our funniest 10 second videos as much of a laugh as we did. If the answer is a belly-jiggling, rip-roaring yes, then be sure to check out these classic YouTube videos guaranteed to put a smile on your face too.

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  1. So did not expect those words to come out of the little boys mouth. Had to play it again to make sure. But liked the penguins best. Any idea where its from?

  2. English dude is funny, man. Trying to play it sooo cool and then getting all riled. Like to by the puncher a beer 🙂

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