12 fantastic facts why Fun Bowling and Bar in Helsinki doesn’t suck

Bowling Balls. Photo by Joonas Tikkanen.

We all cling desperately to warmer weather and scattered sunshine, but once those notions are gone for good with the encroaching winter months, it’s beneficial to have sanctuary spots in Helsinki where you can grasp onto your remaining sanity.

Fun Bowling and Bar is one of those spots, and here’s why…




1. The lanes are awesomely fresh

Photo: Michele Lawrence


2. The music doesn’t suck — it’s Rock n’ Roll all the way


3. You might get a very unexpected hug from a confused, elderly man


4. The people / regulars are really phenomenal too


Photo: Fun Bowling and Bar

5. There’s a bar, the backdrop for any good bowling alley banter


6. On cold, sunless days there’s nothing better than throwing heavy balls and drinking fun liquids in a cave-like setting = almost a winter rage-room?


Photo: Michele Lawrence




7. Did I mention there’s a bar? It’s in the name after all


Photo: Fun Bowling and Bar


8. The staff make you feel at home by NOT reminiscing on the times you’ve had TOO much fun while drinking cave liquids


9. You just may get a turkey when it’s not even Thanksgiving, aka. 3 strikes in a row


Photo: Michele Lawrence


10. Leave your attitude at the door, this is not a place for pretentiousness


11. Kids rock this joint and will put your bowling confidence to shame




Photo: Fun Bowling and Bar


12. If you’re missing home no matter where you’re from, the bowling alley is the perfect sanctuary spot


Photo: Michele Lawrence


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Title image by Joonas Tikkanen

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