Finnish made famous: magnificent mentions of Finland throughout Tinseltown

Promo pic for Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 just premiered in movie theaters across the globe and caused quite a stir. Not only are longtime fans of the original Blade Runner saying it’s a remarkable rendition of an untouchable classic, but there’s also Finnish spoken in the movie! Alongside Finnish actress Krista Kosonen, 2 other actresses have claimed their moment of Finnish fame while discussing who Blade Runner is onscreen.


Consequently, this Blade Runner rouse has sparked my pre-existing interest in the many other times I’ve heard Finnish (and Finland) referenced in movies and TV shows. So here’s a collection of the coolest…



1. What your favorite TV characters think about Finland



“Buddy of mine says they swear by this stuff in Finland.”
“Well, they’re a bunch of sex-crazed alcoholics, so they should know, right?”



Gilmore Girls

Rory: “Grandma. We were just talking about you. How are you? How’s Helsinki?”

Emily: “Cold. Unaccommodating. A population of walking dead.”



Dan (on Helsinki): “I’m sorry that I ever set foot in that fucking fish-eating, indie-film fucking hellhole.”



Walter: “As they say in Finland, there’s more than one way to roast a reindeer.”


How I Met Your Mother

Ted (on his best man speech): “So now I seem like a total train wreck to all my old high school friends. And a bunch of people in Finland. The auto-tune thing got kind of big over there.”
Ted’s speech that became famous: 


2. Five times Hollywood hacked the Finnish language


Charlie’s Angels





The Big Bang Theory


The Hudsucker Proxy






3. Other magnificent mentions of Finland




Conan – hates my homeland


Conan – drinks Lapin Kulta



Confessions of a Shopaholic






Spongebob Squarepants


SNL – Finnish talk show Kalle




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Edited by Michele Lawrence.

12 replies

  1. “As they say in Finland, there’s more than one way to roast a reindeer.”

    Bullshit. We don’t have any phrase of that kind.

  2. What should have excited them and not in a good way was when “Swordfish” had a Finnish hacker and the Finnish consul speaking German. What? They couldn’t find two Finnish speaking actors in all of LA?

  3. Lol; epic list!! Charlies Angel’s pronunciation is rubbish!! Love to know the story line the got them speaking Finnish

  4. There is this person in Assassin’s Creed games called Otso Berg. 🙂 modern day Templar working for Abstergo. We see him in some games like Rogue and he is mentioned in some of the books.

  5. Remember the movie Swordfish? There was a scene with the “Finnish” hacker Axl “Totally Not Linus” Torvalds being interrogated by another “Finn” and they spoke German with each other?

  6. In the new Solo movie Daenerys uses “teräs käsi” in a fight. Obviously, she pronounces the name completely wrong but it still remotely resembles Finnish.

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