16 Facebook pages every Remainer battling Brexit should follow

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By any standards, 2016 has a year of political turmoil and, thanks to Brexit, the UK now faces the greatest upheaval since 1945. However, there is a silver lining to the nasty nationalism unleashed by the likes of Nigel Farage and embraced by the Tory government. Thanks to their extremism, there’s been a political awakening of the millions who oppose it. One example of this is the huge number of Facebook pages that have been created to help coordinate action, educate, entertain and spread news and views to the ever growing legions of Remainers. To give you a better idea of the scale of this formidable online community, we’ve listed 16 Facebook pages ever Remainer should follow.


1. Keep Britain in EuropeKeep Britain in Europe profile

The page describes themselves: “This page was created soon after it was announced that the UK would have a referendum on continued membership of the EU. Its original purpose was to host constructive debate on the issues surrounding the referendum. The focus now is on where we go post-referendum.”



2. Scientists for EU

scientists-for-eu-profileHere’s the page’s own description: “UK science, technology, engineering and maths are vital for a rejuvenated UK economy that is not reliant on banks and housing booms for its success.

In an increasingly internationally networked world, the EU has helped drive UK science to be the most productive in the world. We hold a driving seat on the science programmes of the EU – and the EU produces more science output than the US or China.

In the referendum debate we campaigned for the UK’s membership of the EU. We brought a coalition of UK research, industry and education voices together in a bid to raise public and political awareness of just how vital the EU is for our “knowledge economy”. Now we continue the fight for UK science, pro-science immigration policy and sharing collaborations and standards of quality with the EU.”

3. Very Brexit Problems

very-brexit-problems-profile Probably the funniest Remainer page on Facebook, Very Brexit Problems combines razor sharp wit with some cutting political commentary.”Showcasing the everyday joys of living in Brexit Britain,” its Farage Joker resigning video went viral gaining over 2.5 millions and even featured in Germany’s Stern magazine. A must follow.

4. Campaign to Remain – keep Britain in Europecampaign-to-remain-keep-britain-in-europe-profile

This page descibes its a noble goal thus: “Our mission is to inform, entertain and motivate our fellow supporters of Britain in the EU.”

5. Anti Brexit Cartoons

Here’s their description: “This page features cartoons and humorous writing against Brexit. I think one of the best ways to make a point is through intelligent humour and satire!”



6. Healthier In The EUHealthier in the EU

Here it’s all about the professionals: “Healthier In was set up to represent the large number of health professionals that wanted to remain within the EU. Since the referendum result, we have shifted to working to protect the NHS during the Brexit negotiations.
The NHS benefits from foreign workers, from shared medical standards, from data sharing across borders and from the EU’s strong research programmes and networks. We need to fight to protect access to these if we’re to keep the NHS as the most efficient health service in the world.
Furthermore, the NHS has been woefully underfunded for many years. We need to demand that Brexit Britain puts money into our NHS – as was promised.”


7. Open Britain

The biggest of the pages listed with over half a million followers, Open Britain is the new page of the official Remain campaign, previously known as Britain Stronger In Europe. Open Britain aims “to ensure Britain is Open and inclusive, open for business, open to trade and investment, open to talent and open to Europe and the world. ” The page regularly shares news and videos showcasing why Britain must remain in the single market.


8. Trade Deal Watch

Trade Deal Watch

Here’s what these guys want to communicate: “Since the EU referendum, we’ve heard lots of talk about the trade deals we will have in the global market now that we are free to negotiate them ourselves.
However we’ve also heard that we have no skilled negotiators for making such deals, we’re at the back of the queue for major deals and there seems to be a certain desperation about agreeing deals quickly to prove that we can do it.

Given the concern on both sides of the Brexit debate about TTIP and CETA, it is important that we don’t let concern and desperation over a damaged economy bypass public scrutiny of the trade deals as they happen.

We will need these trade deals, especially if we leave the EU’s single market, but we cannot forego our rights, our quality or our safety just for a quick, politically motivated win.

Join us in ensuring our trade deals get Britain the best deal.”


9. Reasons 2 remain


Reasons 2 RemainIn their own words: “The Reasons2Remain Community supports Britain’s continued membership of the EU, despite the EU referendum result.

We respect the decision of the electorate to vote for Leave (even though the margin was wafer thin, and we consider that Vote Leave told many mistruths during the campaign).

However, we believe that there may be other opportunities in future to vote on whether Britain continues in the EU, or joins again. So, this Community continues to have a role.

We are also now able to see for real the impact of impending Brexit. We don’t need Treasury modelling anymore. Brexit is happening.”




10. European Movement UK

European Movement UKThis seems relevant to many of use: “The European Movement UK is a grass-roots, independent, pro-European organisation, working to give a voice to those who believe that Britain’s future lies side by side with our European partners.”

11. InFacts

InFactsAnother well-backed group: “InFacts is a journalistic enterprise making the fact-based case for strong relations between Britain and the EU. We also expose the false promises and inaccurate statements made about Britain and its relationship to the EU.

Our founding editors are Anne Applebaum, Bruce Clark, Hugo Dixon, Will Hutton, Anatole Kaletsky, Geert Linnebank, Sebastian Mallaby, Wolfgang Munchau, Natalie Nougayrède, Annalisa Piras, Michael Prest, Alan Rusbridger, Victor Sebestyen, Yojana Sharma, Alan Wheatley and David Yelland.”

12. The 48 And Beyond

The 48 And Beyond The 48% is an ever growing campaign group with a clear directive.

These guys are speaking up for the little guy that voted leave due to temporary insanity: “We demand that the voices of the 48% of people that voted to remain in the EU, plus those that now regret their decision to vote to leave, be heard.

That is why we must protest.

We need our MPs to fairly represent us when deciding when, if ever, to invoke Article 50.
That is why we must lobby them with emails, phone calls, letters, and meetings.
We need those given the responsibility of negotiating our future with the EU to guarantee the safeguarding of our human rights, and not to roll back their duty to provide social, environmental, and economic protection for the citizens of the UK.

That is why we must act.

We need to help ensure the safety of UK citizens.

That is why we must become more aware of our surroundings; report any instances of racism or xenophobia we come across, and support our immigrant communities.”


13. Vote Leave Watch

Vote Leave WatchThese guys are following the craziness like a group of Insane Clown Posse fans: “ote Leave Watch is a grassroots group dedicated to exposing the untruths told by Brexit campaigners in the EU referendum. We will hold Vote Leave and their allies to account, by focusing on the promises they made during the referendum campaign and measuring them against reality. We will do so in the interests of all voters, from the 48% who feel devastated by the result, to the 52% who will want to see the promises made to them fulfilled.

On 23rd June, the UK voted narrowly to leave the European Union. We totally accept that result, and we hope the government can negotiate the best possible deal for Britain with our European partners.

In the referendum, Leave campaigners made a series of pledges. They promised that leaving would not damage our economy or hit the living standards of working people. They promised that Brexit would create an extra £350 million a week to be spent on our NHS. And they promised that Britain could negotiate a deal with the EU would would retain full market access while allowing us to restrict EU immigration.

Vote Leave Watch will hold the Leave campaigners to account on these promises, and the many others they made.”

14. mEUw

mEUwNow this is serious business: “the EU isnt up to scratch but we can make it purrfect”

15. UKtoStay.EU

uktostayeu-profileThere’s no use giving up: “We will continue to inform, educate and empower people on the benefits of the EU in the wake of the #Brexit vote.”



16. Brexit vs Memes

Memes vs Brexit: Migration is BeautifulIf you’re the crafty type, share your output with these guys: “Cultural resistance to #BrexitFarce. Curated political art, satire, #BrexitBritain social realism, and #ImmigrantsWelcome solidarity. Submissions welcome.”

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  1. Brexit is doing the damage even if Britain stays in the EU the damage has been done it will take meny years to rebuild confidence don’t hold your breath I am afraid

  2. You’ve got Open Britain and Vote Leave Watch, both of which accept Brexit, so are not true Remainers. And you’ve missed Vote for Europe (Tactical Voting To Stay in the EU), one of the most crucial groups of all. Oops!

  3. I’d forget Reasons 2 Remain. The page owner is a control freak who feels threatened by dissent from the happy-clappy party line.

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