Doctor shreds Nigel Farage for calling medical association a “disgrace” for Brexit warning

Nigel Farage has once again let his mouth get the better of him and once again been utterly destroyed by someone who knows what they’re talking about.

This time the subject was the NHS. Responding to the news that the British Medical Association have warned that a no-deal Brexit will be “catastrophe” for NHS and increase risk, Farage ranted on Twitter about “project fear” and then called the BMA an “absolute disgrace”.

But Doctor Rachel Clarke was not taking that lying down. In an astonishing Twitter thread, she systematically shredded Farage’s claims, using a series of devastating facts and data. It really does have to be read to be believed and enjoyed.

Despite nearly 20 000 retweets and over 3 impressions in 48 hours, surprise, surprise Farage is still yet to respond or offer to invite the good doctor onto his show to discuss Brexit.

We wonder why?

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  1. Fantastic takedown of Farage. But also beautiful homage to the difficult and distressing work you do. He has no concept of this in his privileged and blind world. Thank you.

  2. Ouch… That had to hurt Mr Farage (well it would if you were human… I’m not entirely convinced). Well and truly owned on that one though eh… and so far you’ve not summoned up the courage to reply. Kinda says it all.

  3. Why does anyone listen to this pond scum anyway? He’s a nobody who is still drawing money as an MEP while undermining it.

  4. Well I think the NHS is Totally,. Totally brilliant,the envy ofthe world deserves every compliment heaped on it. Thank you all xx

        • Well said I am full of praise for our hard working NHS staff. Wish I could say the same about those in politics, they must be the most useless self serving individuals ever I now feel totally disenfranchised by all their shenanigans.

  5. Wonderful. Good on Dr Rachel Clarke! Racist bigot Farriarse who takes an MEP salary for doing nothing needs to be exposed for what he is.

  6. It’s amazing how a small minded , pig of a man , that speaks nothing but lies , and never turns up for work ( apart from on lbc, where he can peddle more lies) has so many people still that believe him !!

    • His contract with LBC is coming to an end. His friend Steve Bannon is behind his return. He probably needs money and hopes he’s going to get a knighthood. The problem being he can’t spout his rubbish as he’s been found out. Tommy Robinson and his mob will probably be along side him.

  7. Thank you Dr. Rachel Clarke for putting that evil lying person Nigel Farage in his place. You are a human being doing a fantastic job he is not. I normally look for the good in people but in his case I honestly can’t find any. The most annoying thing is that he has enough money to go to private health care and pull the ladder up. Please don’t lose faith and carry on with the wonderful work you do for the NHS. As a Scot living in Scotland I do hope and pray that our English cousins come to their senses and kick Brexit out the door.

  8. So why are other EU countries facing the same problems with shortages…they all racist too? Maybe a mass influx of unskilled labor has swelled your populations without bringing in an equal amount of needed skills like doctors, and rather than going to any EU country doctors would rather go to the US where they can get paid AND not live in fear of grooming gangs or acid attacks?

  9. Well Done ,well said Dr Clarke
    As an Irish Citizen Mr Farage and Co have also potentially wrecked all Peace deals on This Island and we could be looking at a hard Border between Nth and Sth.
    I would Think that the British People were sold a Bus Load of Lies,equally your younger Generations now find themselves looking at the prospect of having no Travel Freedom in Europe
    The Old Saying you can’t unscramble scrambled Eggs is very Apt with the Brexit Campaigners ,England is a Powerful Nation again,Thanks to The Help ans Resources Supplied by Eutope After the War.
    Please for so Many Peoples Sakes especially the elderly and Sick would somebody please be as Brave As Rachel Clarke.

    • Yes give us dignity of dying….please as we the older generation are your so called down fall of a very selfish generation(you)
      Go and show this to your gran, if you dare.

  10. Totally agree with Dr.Clarke We were sold a LIE can’t believe how gullable people were ‘pig in a poke ‘ comes to mind

  11. I owe my life, in great part, to two immigrants, Howard Florey, an Australian, and Ernst Chain, a German Jew. They led the team that developed Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin into a life saving drug treatment. I am not alone in owing this debt.

  12. We were a sinking ship, before Brexit.
    Overloaded by mass immigration, wanting hand outs….Take those out of the country, and nurses (foreign) would not be required.
    A daughter who has left, the n.h.s.after 23 yrs
    of specialising in diabetes and growth hormone in children, that was 10 yrs ago..She wanted no part of it. Doctors who thought they were god’s, and still do….the older generation who wish to die with dignity….and do not want to take valuable hospital beds.

    • We are NOT “overloaded by mass immigration, wanting hand outs”, please check your facts.
      EU migrants to the UK are net contributors to GDP – they contribute more per capita in taxes than UK citizens.
      The effect of the departure of EU health care staff, as Dr Clarke has detailed, is to continue and increase the struggle of the NHS to deliver safe health care.

  13. Further, our country’s dependence on immigrant skilled labour is really just theft. The UK government refuses to raise taxes to pay for enough local people to be trained as e.g. Nurses, Doctors etc. So we entice trained people from overseas to come here and serve us. Thus the UK profits from the money they, or more often their country has spent on their education.

  14. The understanding of brexit is so complex that truly how many people can genuinely make a wise decision? People are making decisions which appeal to their emotions. Many don’t enjoy socializing with different cultures and really getting to know the people and having fun with them. There is a lack of respect. Even people who describe themselves as religious are often intolerant not accepting LGBT and believing we don’t share the same God. I hope the young people lead the way for this country. My only hope.

  15. I suppose Tony Blair & the Present Government aren’t to blame then, looking at all your comments on here directed to one man who had nothing to do with getting the NHS into the state it is today. Farage didn’t impose any of the cuts, the Governments did. If we leave the EU then maybe we will have more money to spend on the NHS instead of paying it to Europe.

  16. Oh dear Robert! You seem to be the one person who still believes things written on the side of buses! The nhs relies on the expertise and abilities bought to it by staff who have come to this country. It is just a basic fact. Farage nothing more than a tin-pot fascist, appealing to the very basest human instincts. An opportunist, exploiting the wreckage of 10 years of austerity – offering hatred as a quick fix to the desperate. It’s an easy destructive trick, that’s been tried many times before, and it never ends well.

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