Creator of record-breaking Revoke Article 50 petition gets death threats

At time of writing the Revoke Article 50 petition has smashed through the 4 million mark — with 4,167,129 signatures —making it the fastest growing Parliamentary petition in history, according to the official Petitions Committee.  Started in late February, today it also became the most popular petition ever submitted to the parliamentary website.

Somewhat ironically, the previous record — with 4,150,260 signatures — was held by Leave voter Oliver Healey, who fearing a narrow Remain victory set up the petition before the 2016 referendum calling for a second referendum “if the remain or leave vote is less than 60% based a turnout less than 75%”.

Three times as many signatures as all the pro-Brexit petitions combined

Now, Revoke Article 50 has taken the title, having crashed the website numerous time since the petition leapt in popularity on Wednesday. Analysis by software firm Tableau of the 16,000 petitions running on the government website showed the revoke Article 50 petition had more than three times as many signatures as all the pro-Brexit petitions combined.

However, it’s incredible popularity has come at a cost for creator Margaret Anne Georgiadou, who has become a hero in the Remain Facebook community The Very Brexit Problems Club of which she’s a member. It was here, this morning, she revealed that she’s been subject to a torrent of online abuse from Leavers and three telephoned death threats. She’s now taking action to combat these crimes and the community has rallied to her defence with offers of practical help and support.


Georgiadou brave stance and her petition have proven two things beyond doubt. That not only is there a huge swell of support for ending the idiocy of Brexit, but that some Leavers fear true people power so much that there’s no level they won’t stoop to thwart democracy. Thankfully, on the streets of London today, with hundreds of thousands set to march, they’ll see it takes more than idiotic threats to stop the Remain movement fighting to save the country.

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  1. Lets be clear; This is not as legitimate as the referendum and can no way be considered to be.
    We’re only doing this because we lost and some of us can’t accept the result.
    If you think that this BREXIT process can be stopped, then you’re basically saying that Voting and election promises don’t matter. Might be a dangerous sentiment and a risky precedent to set.

  2. As we know, the brexit campaign was founded on lies and ignorance.

    now that the truth is out, and we know the real implications of brexit, we should vote on the deal – either the deal as is, or stay.


  3. Putin, Banks, The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Express, the Telegraph and Farage are not happy about this and today’s march are they?

  4. It is an issue that people take terribly personally and have very strong views/emotions about. Total polarisation of the (dis)united kingdom. The leave vote made me feel physically sick and I have never fully lost the feeling of shock and depression. So it is not only leavers that feel strongly about it. But there is no excuse for threats and violent language/worse.

  5. There are some wankers in this country,. Knuckle dragging neanderthals want to play big boy? Bring it on you melts!

  6. Sadly, a atypical response from the thugs with nothing to offer 🙁

    @Richard Player – You do know Leave only ‘won’ by lies and illegal practice, don’t you. Banks was fined for it, and if the result was anything but ADVISORY, would have been overturned. look it up

  7. It is a true fallacy to think that the march or the petition is a threat to democracy. A prime minister ignoring the fact that the referendum was only advisory, and proven to be attained by criminal means and the intervention of a foreign power, and ignoring the millions of people and MPs repeated rejections of her deal, that is what true undemocratic behaviour looks like.
    I am truly tired to hear this. It’s not about being ‘sore’ about having lost the first referendum, it is about understanding what Brexit means, which clearly no one could at the time of the first referendum, and now wanting the chance to put it right.

  8. My problem was that abstainers at the Referendumsre being taken as Leavers. The number of actual Leave votes was NEVER a mandate to leave … but it suited the Conservative Party, didn’t it??

  9. To all the Brexiteers commenting on here in aggressive fashion… You do realise you’ll still get a vote if we have a referendum, don’t you? Democracy is seeing if the people still want this now we know it’s not sweeties for all.

  10. Please finish with this nightmare thar destroys all my believes as an European citizen. We need to defend the European project that makes us stronger together in front of other meganations as China or Russia or even the USA.

  11. So, some people seem to be quite hostile to the idea that there should be another referendum. They talk in terms of democracy (well, sort of), but the truth is that their hostility is nothing more than admission that they just about won the first (rigged) one, and now that the truth is out about what Brexit means they will lose if there is a re-run. Yes, I voted to Remain in the first referendum — so maybe I’m as biased as I accuse Leavers of being. Well, no problem: if we have another referendum and Leave wins then I’ll accept it. But if we don’t have another referendum, I will never accept that Leave is what the country wants. Leavers would no doubt be happy to have a second referendum if they thought they would win it, but they know they won’t.

  12. Why are Brexiteers so angry? There was an advisory referendum with which Parliament are now democratically trying to respond to. I hate to say it, but every Brexit supporting comment is usually spiteful, vindictive and hateful.

    No Brexit toting voter I have come into contact with has given a sober account of how they would like to see the UK being taken forward. Or articulated any grip on the reality of the massive task ahead or how we heal the divide. They just don’t seem to give a shit for anything beyond their own front door.

    This is worrying as I am now holding my head with the dread anticipation of the vindictive shit that will fall out of the 52% when Brexit delivers the reality of hard graft and struggle.

    Come on Brexiteers, listen to the debate and respond with calm intellectual strength. Add to the voices of positive change and contribute to the toil required to fix the UK and provide for our families.

    If leaving is good for all, let’s discuss the arguments openly. If the UK needs to stay within the EU then we stay in. That’s democracy. Not just getting off your arse and scratching an X on a ballot paper.

  13. It is very telling that pretty much all of the border-line extremist behaviour throughout this entire debacle has been very firmly on the leave side. A murder multiple threats to people and screaming “nazi” in the face of someone you disagree with (simultaneously completely missing the irony of that behaviour) all conspire to eradicate all faith in a significant chunk of the population.
    In truth, it is a small minority of roughly a third of the people in the country eligible to vote, but it is still telling that this beahviour all comes from one side.

  14. Brexit was sold on lies, and fear. Let’s take back control and end this Brexit now! STAY IN THE ‘EU’!!!

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