Chlorine Chicken: parody ad highlights Liam Fox’s food safety indifference

Brexit chlorine chicken: screenshot from Youtube

Thanks to the less than strong and stable negotiation position of International Trade Secretary Liam Fox (Conservative), the UK could face lower food standards post-Brexit.



As the UK prepares for stumbles towards an existence outside the EU regulation and partnerships, shoppers will have to prepare for GMO crops and hormone fed meat flooding the market. This appears to be fine with Liam Fox, who’s been very dismissive of the prospect of Englishmen eating chlorine-washed chicken.

In celebration of this, one youtuber shows off their video editing skills by making an advert for the lovely concept of chlorinated chicken.

The only upside of the forthcoming piss-poor trade agreements bringing lousy meat into the UK, is of course that more sane people may consider lowering their meat consumption. As a sidenote, that’s easier than ever thanks to meat-like products like Quorn, from a UK based company.

Cropped screenshot of Orwellian chicken farm, UKIP propaganda, 2016

Cropped screenshot of Orwellian chicken farm, UKIP propaganda, 2016

We find this particularly fitting with the current political landscape, which has hanged over Britain like a perpetual rainy autumn since David Cameron tossed himself and his entire nation in the dustbin of post-colonial history.



Namely, we remember that the nitwits at the UKIP comissioned a comically lousy cartoon featuring an EU regulated, dark and miserable chicken farm from which the birds free themselves by running towards the Utopian greenery outside.

Chicken conspiring to get out in the sunny non-EU, UKIP propaganda video 2016

These cheery chicken can’t wait to renegotiate everything that makes a modern economy run.

That is, despite a scary looking, big-nosed EU politruk behind the curtain trying to keep the chickens inside the farm. He fails despite all manners of musical and water-based special effects.

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3 replies

  1. It’s covered with chemicals to get rid of all the crap and ain’t very tasty (and I know, I have lived there for 13 years), but hey, it’s cheap!

  2. Isn’t the point less about food safety (apparently chlorinated chicken ends up as safe even though all sorts of nasties accumulated on it in getting to the chlorine bath) and more about the choice out farmers face. Either continue to farm up to eu standards, thereby keeping European markets open, or farm according to us methods, where a chlorine bath cures all ills, to produce cheaper food. What a choice for an export led industry like farming.

    • Not a choice for the farmers, though.
      If the US imports are allowed, the UK farmers will be wiped out. They simply cannot compete against the shear size & scale of economy of their US competitors.

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