Bill Nye on why creationism sucks

Evolution is the fundamental idea in all of life science, in all of biology. According to Bill Nye, aka “the science guy,” if grownups want to “deny evolution and live in your world that’s completely inconsistent with everything we observe in the universe, that’s fine, but don’t make your kids do it because we need them.”

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  1. I just lost ALL respect for the man I once enjoyed listening to talk about science, but he made the the question personal and got mad that people disagree with him
    lol wtf
    …and Mr. Bill Nye should remember how many erroneous concepts science has said is truth and skip the bitchy little eye rolling smug attitude

    • ” how many erroneous concepts science has said is truth ” Science puts out hypotheses. Those are good estimates of what might be true. Then it tests and retests and checks against data and observations over and over. If something stands the test of time and agrees with the math, observations, tests, and data, then it grows up to be a theory–pretty much a fact. But here’s where the magic comes in. If the theory no longer fits rigorously done tests, then Science (scientists) changes its mind. That’s the beauty. An individual scientist is a human being and can get his or her ego wrapped up in a favorite hypothesis. But that never stops Science from marching on. Evolution matches all the tests, observations, math, and data. Nothing has come along to knock it out. So it’s pretty well accepted as fact. Here is what’s important: nothing else fits the facts like evolution.

      • Except, of course; there has never been found an animal that ‘evolved’ into another animal. There is news now about ” evolution in action” More elephants are being born without tusks. The article later explains that they have always been tuskless elephants, but now that poachers are killing more for their tusks, the ones without are getting the chance to mate and pass on their own genes; – including the gene for tusks that is ‘shut off’. That is called natural selection. They are still elephants; so no evolution.

  2. This made me so angry! ugh. He has no right to say people who don’t believe in evolution are crazy, clearly that’s what he’s implying.

    • You are, only the biggest of idiots and imbeciles question what is accepted as fact by all of science and when presented with literally tons of proof.

    • would you say I was crazy for not believing in the sun rise? or why the tides go in and out? or in gravity?

      Ignorance is not a valid defense of stupidity.

  3. The problem is, we frame the “argument” in terms of belief vs. non-belief. We don’t do this for other scientific facts and theories such as gravitation, the Gas Laws, Germ Theory, etc. For these concepts, you either know them or you don’t. Those that frame it in terms of a “controversy” do future generations a disservice because they don’t understand or are willfully ignorant and blatantly in denial of data, facts and evidence gathering and the process of scientific inquiry and the scientific method. What Bill Nye is arguing for is, much more than the proper understanging and teaching of evolutionary theory and the facts and evidence behind it, but the proper training of rational and empirical inquiry and proper employment of the scientific method.

  4. Darwin, himself, said his theory would be disproved if transitional forms were not found in the fossil record, and none have been found in spite of furious and constant searching for 154 years since he lived. Countless millions of finds in the fossil record without a single example of a transitional form. Many examples of extinct species and current species. No examples that lend support to Darwin’s theory. Slight changes within a species do indicate adaptation, but no evidence of one species “evolving” into a different species. None. Science is supposed to draw conclusions from observations in nature and through experimentation. There have been none of either in regard to support of the notion that higher species have evolved from lower species. Evolution is unsupported by either observation or experimentation. Darwin had no idea at his time that the simplest single cell organisms are in fact as complex and sophisticated in their design as larger organisms. One cell organisms have components that are irreducibly complex in such a sequence that all of the parts had to occur precisely at the same time for any of the organism to function properly and live to replicate itself. It could not, logically, evolved from a less complex version of itself. And there are many other evidences that do not lend support for evolution theory. There are a few brave scientists who have the courage to deny the validity of evolution theory, but they are drowned out by the atheist bully’s who occupy the loudspeakers of the media. And the atheist Bill Nye is the one of the chief bullys.

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