Holy smokes! These behind-the-scenes photos from Batman: The Movie are epic


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice might promise to be the biggest Batman blockbuster ever but it’s certainly not the first. That honour goes to Batman: The Movie made all the way back in 1966. Costing around $1,400,000 to make and filmed in just 26 days, it changed Batman history forever, thanks to one demand by Fox. It had to feature all four major villains from the TV series. Prior to 1966, the Riddler had only appeared a handful of times within the comic books. While Catwoman had been missing from the comics for years as it was felt unacceptable to portray women with “over-exaggerated” features as criminals. Ending this prudish rule is yet one more thing we can thank the dynamic duo for. Here to celebrate that are a selection of awesome behind photos of that very first cinematic bat adventure.

Batman, 1960s (2)-2



Batman, 1960s (18)




Batman, 1960s (18)

Batman, 1960s (4)


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