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Dancing bears and mirror lakes: Valtteri Mulkahainen’s spectactular photos of Finnish nature

  A few years ago, Mr. Valtteri Mulkahainen of Sotkamo hit the news in Finland and globally, as his pictures of “dancing” bear cubs in the Suomussalmi forests captured the imagination of nature friendly people everywhere. We wanted to feature Valtteri in our series on Finnish photography, so we’ve caught up with him in a […]

The impossible contrast: Young photographer drops summer-like scenes into freezing Finnish winter

At the time of writing, it’s rather cold, around -20°C, here in Helsinki. To make this a bit less insufferable, let’s enjoy some summery pictures. Almost. Sixteen-year-old, award-winning photographer Markus Watkins has just published a very timely set of summer activities set in freezing cold Asikkala. We asked some questions about his set, which he […]

Arctic #nofilter: 15 Instagram snapshots that show why Lapland’s the crown jewel of the North

Free pro tip: too much Instagram at bedtime will mess with your sleep. On the other hand, if you open Instagram first thing after your alarm rings in the morning, your phone’s screen will help you wake up. Put simply, Instagram can be a fantastic infusion of beauty into your day when you need it […]

Photos of bombed, WWII Helsinki mashed up with prosperous modernity

During WWII, Finland was twice involved in military confrontation with the Soviet union. For the capital, Helsinki, the most intense air raids and bombings occurred in February 1944, a campaign which is usually referred to as The Great Raids Against Helsinki. These amazing photographs, created by the Finnish Defence Forces Combat Camera unit, mash up haunting […]

12 ways Finnish Christmas loneliness can eat you alive

Christmas, at least in Finland, is supposed to be a lot of things: family festivities to contrast almost constant darkness. Gifts, rituals, traditions, journeys to home towns. Everyone isn’t able to go with that flow. Not everyone wants it either. However, Finnish society shuts down around Christmas, whether you have people to be with or […]

Vintage Mercedes rides: Finnish man hacks taxi regulation, grows non-licensed, legal “Vintage Taxi” company

  One Finnish man got inspired by an interesting loophole in the very strict regulation of the Finnish taxi market. Succeeding where Uber is in legal trouble, Tero Takamaa from Jyväskylä decided to start driving cars with a museum status. But real story here is that he manages to do so without a Taxi permit.

The internet photoshopped Donald Trump onto the Queen and it’s scarily convincing

Known rapist and US President elect Donald Trump behaves like a caricature of a monarch from Game of Thrones. So, naturally, someone saw it fitting to deal with this ordeal placed upon us in the form of the “leader of the free world” by giving Mr. Trump the full royal treatment. The “royal treatment” is […]