Colleen Terrans 18 and Dawn Miller 21 riding on the bonnet of the leading car of the South Glamorgan campaign to Keep Britain in Europe.

14 incredible photos of Britain’s 1975 vote to stay in the EU

Back in 1975, Britons had their first chance to ditch membership of the European Economic Union in favour of an isolationist policy in an already international world. Happily, sane heads prevailed in this first-ever national referendum and 67% of people voted remain. Here is how they did it.

14 fantastic Finnish facts you probably don’t know

Thanks to its geography, its people, its language and its culture, Finland can claim to be one of Europe's most weirdly wonderful countries. To give a taster of its uniqueness, here are 14 fantastic Finnish facts which help showcase some of the traits that make this Nordic country so very special.

In pics: Fashionable Finns of the 1960s and 70s

Finland has been making a very fashionable name for itself in recent years. Big names like Marimekko and Ivana Helsinki remain industry pillars, and more and more up and coming fashion designers can be found in Finland every year. The more the merrier, but the fact remains that Finland has always been fashion forward -- just take a look at the fabulously fashionable photos below to see for yourself!