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Go go snow! The incredible stories of the world’s coolest snowmobiles

Living in the 21st century, it’s easy to forget that until relatively recently populations in cold-weather areas were practically stranded by snowy winters. That all changed with the invention of engine-powered snowmobiles. While we’re all familiar with the modern version it turns out the snowmobile has a long and colourful history, spanning more than a […]

Pokemon NO: Finland’s 13 worst PokeStops

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few weeks, you’re probably aware that approximately 90% of the world’s population is completely obsessed with Pokemon GO. The new mobile game has gamers venturing outdoors to capture Pokemon and visit PokeStops in the real world. PokeStops, where players can find items such as potions […]

Midsummer madness: 12 retro juhannus photos that show how Finns partied in the past

Empty streets, silent cities, closed shops — wait, what kind of holiday is this Juhannus?! The utter deadness of Finnish cities at Juhannus, or Midsummer, often leaves unsuspecting foreigners baffled. Unlike the raucous celebrations of Vappu in Finnish city centers, Midsummer is all about escaping the hectic city lifestyle. Most Finns flock to the peace […]