Asimov on the celebration of dumb

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  1. Yeah, I hear yah. I rail against anti-intellectualism every day on my own site. The problem is now that we have entered a new romance era, and who knows when we’ll see enlightenment become popular again? Shame we don’t have any new Asimovs for this generation.

    • I’m sorry to be so blunt about this but if you are commenting on a topic such as anti-intellectualism in our society, perhaps you should present yourself as someone knowledgeable on the topic as well as a person who is capable of intelligently putting their point/opinion out there. Grammar and spelling are two things that when used incorrectly show nothing but a persons own ignorance and lack of effort to understand the basics of the language of the country they reside in.

  2. Cordelia? That’s “Grammar and spelling are two things that, when used incorrectly, show…” and “person’s,” not “persons.” You’re welcome!

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