Artist transforms racist graffiti into a celebration of diversity

There’s no excuse for racism of any kind. It’s a disgusting human trait that’s utterly indefensible.

Yet since Brexit and Trump, there’s been an unprecedented rise in racist incidents. A considerable number of these have been based on people’s command of the English language. Considering we live in a multilingual world and that English-speakers are some of the most inept people on the planet when it comes to languages, this is not only stupid but hypocritical.

Nonetheless, stupidy and hypocrisy being commons traits amongst racists, it comes as no surprise to discover another genius goosestepper in Walthamstow, north London, has been vandalising the area by detail what predominant language should be spoken. Happily a local resident and artist, Chris Walker took action and beautifully reworked vandalism to reflect the beautifully diverse nature of his neighbourhood. See his work below

Speaking to indy100, about his small protest Chris said:

“I saw it via a tweet from Stella Creasy. My first response was ‘how vile’.

Whoever was responsible clearly has no idea where they are living, I was born in Walthamstow and have lived here on and off for 40 years, it has always been a vastly multicultural community and that’s what makes it so great.

I saw they’d left me quite a bit of space around their ‘artwork’ so I thought I’d fill in the blanks.I seem to have captured some spirit! Some people thought it was real though, so I’ve had a few grumbles from those who didn’t realise it was a photoshop job.

I can’t please everyone, so I had a lot of requests for all the languages I’ve missed out!

Also, apologies for the misspelling of ‘Punjabi’, but you can blame the Waltham Forest website for that as it was a cut and paste from that site.”

If you’d like to thank Chris for his work, be sure to follow him on Twitter.

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  1. I love the UK because of its mix of tradition and history with diversity and multiculturality. Thinking that Britain is better off alone is not understanding what Britain is

    • But Britain won’t be ‘alone’, it will forge partnerships with countries of its choice, like most other countries do now. The rest of the world works fine outside of the EU also 😉

  2. I’ll never understand this “speak *local language*” nonsense: as long as they’re not talking to you, why do you care?

  3. The thing is English is a totally bastard language. It’s Celtic, Viking, Anglo-Saxon, Norman, etc. You’d have to be a total tw*t to imagine our language somehow defines our race.

  4. I love the diversity of this country.
    Emphasis on THIS not OUR…

    All those who call it ours – I wish they were the ones out keeping it clean if they feel such ownership….

  5. A language is like a border: it can make people feel isolated or even excluded. I think it can trigger a sense of resentment in people who feel that they’re the natural inheritors of the English language. So I’m careful to speak English in public places. I keep my native language to myself unless I am with my children. I follow this rule out of respect for the native speakers.

  6. In the 1960s, in San Francisco California, usa, there was a movement for the recognition of many languages, representing the many peoples who have always lived here. Professor Hayakawa, at SF State College got on a soap box and said NO, that the election ballots should only have english, and courses at the college should be taught only in English. THE NEXT DAY there was a revolt and it’s still in effect, for each of us to speak their native language in public in our sleep, in stores, in classes, in the state legislature! Still going strong!
    Now, at present, we have a far bigger problem, governmentally, and we’re working on it, rakes in hand! Last election was a starting point.

  7. Funny how all the individual letters are identical (look at the Ns in particular) but I suppise using photoshop is easier than leaving the house.

  8. I have moved from rural Worcestershire to the Black Country…. There are 50 different languages spoken here…. I can’t even understand the white British working class Yam Yams and they can’t understand yokel me… The English spoken here is closer to Old English which I guess is Northern European and is good example of our relationship with the rest of the world. We use words and phrases from all over the world and all cultures. The rants about language are pathetic, the problem here (Walsall) is not enough language teaching due to cut backs. Most of the immigrant communities want to speak English, I work in these areas and they are keen to learn.

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