These marvellous movies posters show why adding ‘ing’ to movie titles is surprisingly funny

Recently, the absurd hive mind that is the internet inspired another fun meme related to pop culture: Just adding the ‘ing’ suffix to movie posters. From Crichton theme parks gone wrong to horror classics, we think this meme will lighten up your week a bit… at least if you’re into dark humor.

To keep it classy we’ve used a handful of actual original redrawn posters we’ve found.

Jurassic Parking: against all odds, a T-Rex starts a valet service despite his inability to reach the steering wheel

This guy might have trouble finding a hands-free headset that fits him


Benjamin Buttoning: just three perplexing hours of an old guy with Parkinson's trying to do up his sweater

We feel pretty awful for this one


The Jungle Booking: Tonight the jungle is reserved, for you.

The ledger is probably printed on precious rainforest trees


The Thinging: one girls fight to become a mamber of her high school choir, despite a fierce lisp.

And I thought being picked last in gym class sucked


If you find more of these nice redrawn posters, feel free to share in the comments section below. Or, if you have an ‘ing’ movie idea, why not share that too.

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