7 Finnish sayings that tell you all you need to know about sauna

No one knows sauna like the Finns — after all, they invented it. Sauna has been a big part of Finnish life and culture for centuries, and although Finns no longer give birth in it or bathe in it regularly, it’s just as important today as it was then: in a country of about 5 million people, there are 3 million saunas!

Naturally, sauna has found its way into language as well. Finnish has tons of proverbs and sayings that show just how important sauna is. Scroll down to see a few of our favorites.




Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. You forgot the finest:
    “On the benches in sauna there will be born thoughts and feelings that never can be born in any other places in the world” Freely translated after F E Sillanpää, the Finnish Nobel Price winner in litterature.

  2. My grandma WAS born in SAUNA in Finland , January 29th , 1909 . It WAS the cleanest please those day’s ???!

    • Jep! And considering hospital(s’) (the modern “standard” for cleanliness, right?!) bacteria these days,…. it STILL is.

  3. There’s always room behind the sauna.

    Threat that bad people meet their destiny somewhere behind the sauna and never come back.

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