6 signs you were born and raised in Finland

The Finnish people. We’re a sauna bathing, ice hole swimming, metal music loving and often very gloomy group.

Is there more to the mentality of a Finn? Really dissecting the customs and habits of the Finnish people, we discovered some interesting building stones to their mentality, ones you won’t read about in Monocle.









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  1. I hate that pronouncing is made so big and important thing at school. That’s the reason why Finnish people think they don’t speak English (I think). If they could speak rallyenglish, everybody speaks English quite good 😀 at least I do 😀

  2. Sounds the same like the life of an immigrant in United Kingdom 🙂 , especially points 1,2 and 5 🙂 Nice article. I am going to visit Finland soon and I find this website useful for this. Thanks

      • Nooo! That s not true!
        We Finns hate socializing with new people. But when it’s a really good day, we might look someone in the eyes and nod at them just to let them know we noticed them. And if it happens to be a great day for us, we might even crack a smile too. ?

    • Sometimes stores give you an offer to take a bucket and fill it with example apples as many as you can and you get them all with the price mentioned. Buckets are pretty important to us specially if you have a summerhouse and a sauna. There’s just so many uses for buckets in our lives so one extra bucket is amazing to have.

  3. My English is great, but yours is better – you will not hear this in Finland. There is no other nation that is at the same time humble but also envy´s a lot.

  4. We love to hate our coutry… We well know our achievements, we lose our shit when Finland is mentioned in the movie (yes, seeing Nokia counts, followed by laughter against people living in Nokia), we fanatically complain against misinformation about us, we need to beat the shit out of swedish people in everything, but still we have shittiest conditions to live, according to us… and our every single politician is a two headed snake with horns and slime and flaming eyes, or at least they immediately turn in to one when they are elected… Everythin is expensive, because of the taxes we hate, and we are proud of…

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