25 most useful websites on the internet

most useful websites

There’s an estimated 1.7 billion websites on the internet today. While this number changes daily, as websites are launched or lost, there’s no denying that Web is massive. Yet not all website are created equal. Some websites are far more useful than others. To demonstrate this AskReddit recently tried to unearth the most useful websites on the internet. Here’s what they came up with.


Amazing visualisation for understanding what’s happening with the weather and why. Incredibly helpful for anyone who need to watch the weather.



Asks when you plan to wake up and tells you what time to sleep to minimise waking during a sleep cycle, which makes you feel groggy and unrested



Free icons and photos for everything. Drastically cuts the time for making icons and logos drastically.



Create dummy credit cards for when you need to put information in for free trials.



Let’s you check to see if photos are photoshoped.



Really effective for find that word you’re always looking for.



Allows you to pick and choose from a large selection of commonly used programs like Steam, winwar, and random other things you need/want while setting up a computer.



Great for removing the background of any image. You can even just Ctrl + V



A library of public domain classical sheet music. You can pretty much find any classical music over 100 years old.



A huge help if you want instructions on how to make literally anything. Everything is free to use and it has a good community of people putting up instructions, videos, and pictures of their projects.



It’s basically a text to speech site that lets you copy and paste passages into a text box and then the computer will read it back to you.



This site has a pretty cool collection of free ebooks without registering



Tracks the price history of something on amazon so you can see if a sale is actually a good deal.



It allows you to read the text on websites without seeing their ads



Sign up for a sites which requires that you provide an e-mail address to send validation e-mail to, but you don’t want to give up your real e-mail address to.



DeepL for translations instead of google translate. Although language options are still limited, the results are more natural and elegant.



Lets you share files privately, without size limit, with end-to-end encryption and without them being stored online



Allows you to search up a movie or TV show and tells me where it’s streaming.



Let’s you listen to radio around the world



Lets you check out the view from people’s windows from around the world



Tons of free-to-use images of damn near everything.



Let’s you “send emails to the future you”. It helps put into perspective how much has changed over the course of a year.


Boil The Frog

An awesome site where you put add two music artists you like and it creates a playlist connecting them



The internet’s best online image editor with Photoshop features.



Lets you play all kinds of soothing background noises, like rain, wind, birdsong, waves, and rolling thunder.


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