15 fantastically fun protest signs from the Unite for Europe march

Tens of thousands marched in London today to celebrate 60 years of the European Union and protest the titanic idiocy of Brexit. A triumphant display of British spirit, this sea of red, white, blue and yellow swept through the streets up to Parliament Square proving that Remainers refused be cowed by terrorism in their fight for their children and grandchildren’s future. Friend of Ink Tank and ardent Remain campaigner, Simon Field was there and shared some of his favourite protest signs. Here are 15 of the finest.







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    • Brexit…probably.the biggest act of collective stupidity in Britain since the Children’s Crusade of 1212.

  1. Like Theresa the Turncoat (reminds me of singing Nellie the Elephant as a child), and Brexit Wreck’s It is a good one, too. And what an amazing turn out! Quitters got a few dozen and we got hundred thousand. The fight is still on!

  2. At least remainers aren’t boring and have great originality. Now use that to find a way to stop it and to get May out please!

  3. What a great day! Proved beyond doubt we have demographics on our side. 75% under 25 voted remain. Every day more Remainers turn 18 and every day more Quitters go to the great LaLaLeaverland in the sky. Quitters can enjoy their neo-nationalist circle jerk for now. We’re playing the long game

    • Don’t believe all the propaganda about old people voting to leave. I am 80 in eight weeks and voted to stay. All my friends of a similar age also voted remain. We are not lemming leavers. We want a future in Europe for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and our great grandchildren!

  4. I dread the day we leave the civilised EU and very worried about our future. Brexiters won by telling big lies and using racism. Something must be done to stop this madness.

  5. I’m happy to say that the “Brexit this Way” Orange butt was an artwork of my blue-wigged friend Josephine. We walked together from Park Lane to Parliament Square and had a superb day! We Europeans were united again, it was better than any New Year’s Eve’s fireworks at almost the same spot!!!

  6. Wonderful plackards but too little to late I’m afraid. Oddly perhaps I know nobody who voted leave, nor do any of my friends. I’m sure the vote was rigged.

    • I campaigned for Remain during the referendum in Banbury. Believe me, there was plenty of support for Brexit (and there still is).

  7. I’m 74 and I voted remain as did the vast majority of my similar aged friends. Though I have to say some of them think we can return to the days of Empire, a joke. To think we would have a strong hand in any deal with the US is living in cloud cuckoo land. We’ve weakened Europe at exactly the time we should be strengthening it. All this is so foolish and a huge waste of resources. I can’t remember a time when we have had a more inept and incompetent set of politicians. It’s time to make voting compulsory and introduce proportional representation so that everyone feels their voice has a chance of being heard.

  8. My husband and myself are in our 60s we live in France I’m fed up with her going on and on about the people have spoken. Some of the people have spoken. She has only mentioned us Brits living in the EU about 2 to 3 times
    She has completely ignored us remainers, it is insulting.
    Thank you all who marched those of us who couldn’t make it walk beside you in spirit. Forever European ???????

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