14 fantastic Finnish facts you probably don’t know

Thanks to its geography, its people, its language and its culture, Finland can claim to be one of Europe’s most weirdly wonderful countries. To give a taster of its uniqueness, here are 14 fantastic Finnish facts which help showcase some of the traits that make this Nordic country so very special.


















And, if you’ve got this far, congrats! Here’s a bonus video showing how Finland ruled the world in 2016.

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  1. One of my favorite Finland Facts is the one about Finland having more metal bands per capita than any other country in the world. Rock on!

  2. I only knew about the alcohol cruise thing, cause its also going on in Helsinki-Tallinn ships, but i learned 13 new things about Finland today! And the most weirdest fact for me was that the Burger King has sauna in it 😀 Its kind of weird to go eat a burger naked in a sauna with other strangers who are eating a burger as well

    • Went to that sauna for Sauna Day this year. It was actually a really nice sauna. We didn’t eat in the sauna, but in the area just outside of the sauna room.

  3. Instead of a Burger King with an in-store sauna, it should be a White Castle. Their burgers are steam cooked anyhow, why not cook the burgers *IN* the sauna! ?

  4. The number of metal bands tells you something about the national character and the state of mind of the people. Wussy wankers who believe in nonsense ancient myths, speak like bears (seldom, only in summertme and while horny ) and go grazy when in drunk.

      • Ha ha when I was in the Marines we had a gunny half Finnish half sweed he couldn’t get along with anyone I told him of course you can’t you can’t even get along with yourself

        • This was the best comment I’ve read for a while and I must say very true, that damn Finnish and Swedish rivalry. So thank you for making my day!

  5. Yeah….swedes are always jealous when Finland is showcased….always trying to put down the Finns……qorry about yourself…..not others…..learn to be humble and try to attain the Sisu of the Finns!

  6. 2017 German Passport excels over Finnish (and the others).
    And yes, those ferries to Sweden are there not for the booze, they truly are extensions of E-roads. Cheaper booze is bought from the ferries between Finland and Estonia.

  7. The extreme northwestern part of Finland is part of the Scandinavian peninsula. For instance because of that, and because Finland was part of the Kalmar Union and the Swedish Empire in the past, Finland is defined as a Scandinavian country by many “experts”.

  8. Not all are correct – there are several cruise ships between Finland and Sweden. The purpouse is not only the cheap booze, but also leisure, or just transportation. And the slot machine/gaming company doesn’t give all its earnings to charity, but a great deal.

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