13 reasons why the Daily Mail is the world’s worst “newspaper”


To get a grasp of the UK’s garbage media landscape, an outsider need look no further than The Daily Mail. Founded in 1886, to quote Wikipedia, it was Britain’s first daily newspaper “aimed at the newly literate lower-middle class market resulting from mass education, combining a low retail price with plenty of competitions, prizes and promotional gimmicks”.

Today, The Daily Mail is an outlet not only for your garden-variety conservative politics but a legitimizer of xenophobia, racism, sexism, not to mention and an abusive and dull-minded culture of celebrity worship/stalking. Most shockingly, its readership is largely from the educated socioeconomic layers of Britain.

You can quite literally buy a copy any day to see what a vile rag it is, but to save you your money we’ve picked out some fine headlines from The Daily Mail’s recent past. These titles sound like things a demented zombie version of Hyacinth Bucket would write if it were recruited to write for a publisher, specialised in slut-shaming humping puppies.

Enjoy these in the knowledge, that the current owner Lord Rothermere is a tax dodging billionaire, who great granddad got all hot and bothered about Hitler.

The good old intolerance of intolerance spin

AMANDA PLATELL: The real gay marriage bigots are its intolerant supporters


Nothing signals serious journalism like paying creeps with cameras to stalk pregnant women

Post Behind Bars: pregnant Victoria Beckham


So, a major UK newspapers echoed conspiracy nut Alex Jones over half a decade ago


The Daily Mail uncovers Labour Party's secret Multiculturalism plot


Holy shit snacks: people age


The Daily Mail mocking normal looking, aging celebrities Bruce Jenner, Jennifer Aniston, Ricky Martin, Britney Spears


Now imagine a drunk Mrs Bucket yelling something about “crashing some goddamned funerals”

Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner and grieving Scott Disic in the Daily Mail


The 1920s called to tell you that ambitious women are unattractive

Briefcase over Baby: unattractive women work according to fascist rag

Climate change? Well it rained yesterday so it’s just like, your opinion, man

Business School Professor talks about climate science

People born with wombs can’t get PREGNANT when they get old except with creepy sea monsters haha get it?!?!?!

63 year old pregnant in the mouth. From the Daily Mail.


Just wow. There’s so much intertextuality and context you need to interpret to enjoy this fresh piece of photojournalism.

Some sisters named Middleton playing with food, but hey that's news


Read: “This flood of stuff I’m too prudish to teach my children about means we need internet censorship NOW!”

The flood of Internet Porn, photo of some guy called Craig Chalmers with some golden dingus in his hands


“Ethnic diversity”, sick children and a pound sign in the same sentence. That’s some smooth, low-key racism for you.

Babies from 72 different nations straining the DHS, The Daily Mail at its best


Look at this pattern of compassionate promotion of healthy lifestyles and actionable advice to treat people who are overweight

Collection of The Daily Mail Fatshaming


I don’t want to look, but this 2009 story is probably about the dangers of befriending people who share The Daily Mail on social media

The Daily Mail: Facebook causing cancer


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  1. “Most shockingly, its readership is largely from the educated socioeconomic layers”

    Why shocking? Educated people need things to laugh at

  2. Ok, so the Daily Mail’s readers are highly educated on average? Could someone please fill me in on what kind of absurd, toxic school system produces clowntards like these people?

  3. Proud to say i have been band from the Daily Mail 3 times for insulting it readers commenting.Words i have used.Retards,idiots.Morons,Fuckwits,and those are just towards the Mods.Seriously though if a picture of a new born baby dead washed up on a beach gets thousands of agreeing green arrows with comments along the lines of “well the parents should have stayed in Iraq” “”no one asked them to set sail”With one even saying “well thats one less benefit scrounger coming here”.Makes you really think of the type of reader that rag attracts.

  4. the DM is the biggest pile of McDonalds there is but it reels them in every time! If we keep buying this tripe, it won’t be good!

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