10 reasons why Finland’s the happiest country on earth

Much to the amazement of practically the entire country, in 2018 the UN declared Finland to be the happiest country on Earth. The 2018 World Happiness Report revealed that the top four places were taken by Nordic nations, with Finland followed by Norway, Denmark and Iceland. (To the Finnish public’s great satisfaction, Sweden only managed a lowly ninth.) The report, an annual publication from the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, stated that Nordic countries did marvellously when it came to income, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom, trust and generosity. However, there’s a lot more to Finnish happiness that those wonderful things. Let’s take a look at the real reasons why Finns are so happy.











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    • It’s just kind of an “inside joke” of Finns. Companies often give free buckets in their opening day or what ever celebration they might have and everyone flocks there just for the bucket. There isn’t really any real reason for it.

    • You need buckets in saunas (often you carry the water needed from lake nearby), then is the whole berry and mushroom picking, preserving cucumbers in fall- there just can’t be enough buckets if you live in the countryside or have cottage there 🙂

    • Free education, free healthcare and, most of all, free speech, free to be whoever you are, stable democratic institutions and rule of law guaranteeing true freedom. Europe is the real free world and the Nordic countries are the most advanced democracies of all, guaranteeing freedom. Don’t wait until you lose it so as to appreciate it!

    • And the people of the Netherlands ice skate to work in the winter and jump at the possibility of saving the town by holding your finger in a dike.
      I just keep waiting for my free baby reindeer to come in the mail. I’m sure that’s a thing.

  1. f you have been in norway you should consider this ranking is not the reality …happy is not the appropriate word to understand thge feeling of habitants…. secure is more in line…

    • Finland IS among the ten least corrupted countries in the world, sometimes in the top of the list.
      So, please, do not send fake information (from Russia) to these pages.

      • OFFICIALLY one of the least corrupted, since the “good brother contacts” are not corruption, they are… uhm, well, you are just helping out a friend and in exchange they are helping you out. But that’s not corruption, since we don’t have any of that!

        Example: our national dietary guidelines are decided by a group that is lead by a guy who receives money from Coca Cola… and he thinks sugar is not that bad, it’s just empty calories. We are all fine with that since we have no corruption in Finland. NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG.

        • I don’t know exactly what is the rock you live under, but nobody thinks any soda’s are healthy… I swear the trumpism is spreading…

  2. Great country,??? been on holiday at least a dozen times, north, south, summer and winter . Just like Scotland was before immigration from South,??,
    Best wishes from Culloden Moor, Inverness

      • Have you ever considered how ironic is it that immigrants like you spout off racist bullshit? No, thought not. Next time, get your facts right before embarrassing yourself in public.

    • Yes!! Im proud of my Finnish heritage!! Would love to visit Finland for my 60th birthday in May 2019. What an awesome trip that would be!!

  3. I moved here over 20 years ago. I love this country. Safe, secure, nature and happy are the words I would choose. Fantastic Finland?

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