10 reasons why Finland’s the happiest country on earth

Much to the amazement of practically the entire country, in 2018 the UN declared Finland to be the happiest country on Earth. The 2018 World Happiness Report revealed that the top four places were taken by Nordic nations, with Finland followed by Norway, Denmark and Iceland. (To the Finnish public’s great satisfaction, Sweden only managed a lowly ninth.) The report, an annual publication from the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, stated that Nordic countries did marvellously when it came to income, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom, trust and generosity. However, there’s a lot more to Finnish happiness that those wonderful things. Let’s take a look at the real reasons why Finns are so happy.










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    • It’s just kind of an “inside joke” of Finns. Companies often give free buckets in their opening day or what ever celebration they might have and everyone flocks there just for the bucket. There isn’t really any real reason for it.

    • You need buckets in saunas (often you carry the water needed from lake nearby), then is the whole berry and mushroom picking, preserving cucumbers in fall- there just can’t be enough buckets if you live in the countryside or have cottage there 🙂

    • Free education, free healthcare and, most of all, free speech, free to be whoever you are, stable democratic institutions and rule of law guaranteeing true freedom. Europe is the real free world and the Nordic countries are the most advanced democracies of all, guaranteeing freedom. Don’t wait until you lose it so as to appreciate it!

      • Free healthcare? No. There is no free healthcare in Finland. I have paid for every visit at the GP. You literally get a bill for every visit. Nothing free about that. We also pay for any medication we may need. The education isn’t free either. We pay it in taxes.

        • I have been to surgery 4 times in Finland only paid for the stay at the hospital and 30€ for appointment with a specialist doctor. GP never paid a cent, and I go quite often.
          I study and KELA pays me.
          I don’t pay to study. I come on exchange and receive two grants. Things I could never do on my original country.
          In my opinion, the only thing a lot of Finns (and other people from privileged countries) is lack of perspective.
          And yes, taxes are high. But you see the work done with your taxes around you. Where I come from you pay the same and don’t see anything.
          If you are paying for the GP and you can’t afford it, I suggest you talk to KELA.

      • True, we southern european should learn from them and be ruled by a finnish representative. My humble opinion. Cheers 🙂

    • I do believe that you could stand to enlarge your English vocabulary, Henrik. What you are doing, is using tautology, which means repeating the same word over and over again. Also, the word you are using is not fit for civil conversation, so please find a few other ones.
      There is a Finnish saying about birds not dirtying their own nest. Finland is not sad. It is sad to those who will not / cannot make their lives happy. I feel sorry for you.

    • And the people of the Netherlands ice skate to work in the winter and jump at the possibility of saving the town by holding your finger in a dike.
      I just keep waiting for my free baby reindeer to come in the mail. I’m sure that’s a thing.

  1. f you have been in norway you should consider this ranking is not the reality …happy is not the appropriate word to understand thge feeling of habitants…. secure is more in line…

    • Finland IS among the ten least corrupted countries in the world, sometimes in the top of the list.
      So, please, do not send fake information (from Russia) to these pages.

      • OFFICIALLY one of the least corrupted, since the “good brother contacts” are not corruption, they are… uhm, well, you are just helping out a friend and in exchange they are helping you out. But that’s not corruption, since we don’t have any of that!

        Example: our national dietary guidelines are decided by a group that is lead by a guy who receives money from Coca Cola… and he thinks sugar is not that bad, it’s just empty calories. We are all fine with that since we have no corruption in Finland. NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG.

        • I don’t know exactly what is the rock you live under, but nobody thinks any soda’s are healthy… I swear the trumpism is spreading…

  2. Great country,??? been on holiday at least a dozen times, north, south, summer and winter . Just like Scotland was before immigration from South,??,
    Best wishes from Culloden Moor, Inverness

    • Thank you Ray! As a Finn I also thought that these two countries were very similar by their nature, and honesty as well! I loved living in Scotland!

      • Have you ever considered how ironic is it that immigrants like you spout off racist bullshit? No, thought not. Next time, get your facts right before embarrassing yourself in public.

  3. I moved here over 20 years ago. I love this country. Safe, secure, nature and happy are the words I would choose. Fantastic Finland?

  4. Actually, finss are not that Happy. Suicades are common, very common. People are poor, atleast 2/5 prosent of people are Living just or below poor Limit. Food charity are having so Many customers that IT takes hours of waiting in line If you are at The end of The line.

    Corruption??? Not The same kind as Many countries, but yes, we have corruption, a lot. Freedom of speech? Yes Many years ago.

    Justice? No.
    There are no justice, violence, killings, rape , child rape – they only get 1-4years of prison IF go to prison at all.

    Free education -yes , for now.

    Free Healt care- no. You always get care, and you always get treated, but if you have to Be in hospital, IT IS expensive.
    Medicine – expensive , Many older people leave theyr medication becouse they have to choose beetween rent, food and medicine.

    There ARE lot of things on Finland that are much better than other countries, there a lot good , but fins are not Happy. Studies that clame that Finland id The happiest country, are not looking at IT trough people. Statistics lie.

    • There’s Your (above) regular Finn. Always moaning about stuff. Mostly these are the Finn’s that never traveled and got no comparison to what else is out there.
      At the end of the day it’s all pretty swell.

  5. The social welfare in Finland is good but I noticed there is a high rate of suicide that makes me
    confused if you say that Finland is the happiest country on earth. Anyone can explain?

  6. I’m coming to Finnland for the first time with my sisters and daughter in August! We’ve been born and raised in Canada Finnish parents and are so proud of our Heritage! Funny to read all of these conflicting posts about Finnland… I’m looking forward to finding out for myself in August!

  7. So Happy… High suicide rates, very much violence, collective alcoholism, rapists and child molesters get little or usually no punishments, dark and cold more than half of the year, so much “no corruption”, that almost all the biggest police chiefs are now in the middle of a big legal proceedings, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer… Could continue the list, but am too depressed to do that. Because I an from Finland, and finnish are so Happy, that 1/3 of adults are on antidepressants or some other psychiatric drugs.

  8. Finland is fantastic, been visiting for the last 25 years. you are different in your outlook to us in Ireland, you don’t talk for the sake of talking but you are warm and friendly. yes like all countries you have problems and issues but overall it’s a great country with fantastic people, good education system and health system. Sauna’s, Lakes, nice food, good beer… love the place…. and the people….

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