48 of the best signs from the People’s Vote march

An estimated 1 million people flooded the streets of central London this Saturday in favour of a final say on Brexit, making it one of the biggest protests in British history. Needless to say there were plenty of super signs on display. Here are 48 of the best

Italians create a Brexit pizza. Its ingredients are genius

While the deluded fanatics of the ERG witter on about the greatness of Brexit and bouffanted pub millionaires tour the country speaking nonsense, people in other countries have a clearer view. Take Italy, for example, where pizza has been used to express their bemusement.

True bromance: 9 romantic films dudes will love too

Here's a secret... guys are romantic too. Kind of.Valentines is upon us, and we have the right to get emotional just the same. The following is a list of titles you can watch while maintaining street-cred. If in doubt, you can do something manly at the same time. Like lift weights or drink beer or both.