You won’t believe how trippy this digital artist makes old photos look


“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past,” US President Thomas Jefferson once said.

Well, now thanks to Luke Robson, a British 20 year old digital collage artist, we can get the best of both worlds. Luke has mixed the past with a trippy vision of the future by going crazy with old pics. A maestro at digital compositing and colour theory, he creates collage pieces, which though retro in style, are futuristic in subject matter. To find out how he works his magic, we hooked up with the man himself. Here’s what he had to say.

digitalartYour work is an amazingly trippy combination of retro photos and intense colours and scenes, what inspired you to create your collages?

I’ve always enjoyed old-fashioned vintage photography and love to see images of people or settings or even a situations that can no longer be seen today. For this reason I wanted to bring these old photographs back to life, add some colour to them and manipulate them into my own form of surrealism. I find it so much more interesting to create a scene that’s complete surrealistic and as far away from reality as I can imagine. Usually, I find inspiration from the original source images themselves.

retrosurrealart2 retrosurrealart



So, how do you actually go about creating them?

I’ll collect a bunch up, cut one up, throw it into photoshop and just experiment and play around by adding different colours and elements. It often feels as though the images form themselves.  I also find inspiration from other artists of course, my favourites being Julien Pacaud and MiraRuido. They both make fantastic surreal collage art, they never fail to amaze and inspire me.

We’re loving all your works, but if you had to choose your top three which ones would you go for and why?

It’s hard to narrow down three, but if I absolutely had to I would say that How On Earth, Buck Up and The Perfect Bond are my favourites. I think these three seem to be the most fun and visually captivating. Unlike many of my other collages these pieces seem to portray the best story and have the most depth to them (apposed to being pretty but meaningless images). How On Earth has really nice family vibes and I think is the most endearing. Buck Up again has similar themes but almost feels quite motivational as the three deers are waiting to conjure up enough courage to take a dive. As for The perfect Bond, I think this piece looks the most magical and really portrays strong themes of unity and joining hands with one another. It’s strange as I don’t usually mean to portray any strong messages in my pieces but sometimes they just tend to happen by themselves. It’s for that reason I think these three pieces are the most special to me.





surreal8 surreal8

surreal11 surreal10

Finally, if you could hang out with three artists alive or dead for a day, who would they be and where would you take them?

Hmm, first off I’d probably have to say Salvador Dali. Even though, he’s not a collage artists I love his sense of surrealism and I’d be very interested to learn what goes on his mind. Secondly, I’d probably see what Julien Pacaud was doing and invite him too, I love his surreal digital collage artwork so I’m sure we’d have a lot to talk. Lastly I’d have to invite the king of surrealism Mr Pablo Picasso. I spent a lot of time in school studying his work so it would be great to see him in the flesh. I’m not too sure where the four of us would go though. I think maybe a couple of beers or shots and just see where the night takes us!

Great to get an insight into Luke’s weirdly wonderful world. If you’re as loved up as us be sure to check out his online store and follow him on Instagram for more surrealist magic.  And if you’ve got any questions, let us know down below.

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  1. I’m not normally a fan of digital art or collages for that matter but those are all awesome. Love to know how long each one takes

  2. This is sooooo trippy. It reminds me of something you might see on a late 70s Led Zeppelin album cover. Bet you’re a stoner, right? 🙂

  3. These are awesome!! Really eye-catching. But I wonder, even though they very colourfully stylised if you can sell these images without getting the original photographers consent for copyright? Any ideas?

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