Why Finns save their old tights: 5 Finnish lifehacks you can try at home!

Skimping is a national sport in Finland. It comes in many forms, and one of the cutest has to be the Finnish hacks.

It all started back in 1974 when a Finnish magazine started publishing a monthly round-up of the best little innovations sent by its readers. In Finnish, it became a phenomenon called Niksipirkka.

These tricks focus on everyday products which you’ll invent a new use. The idea is to save money or time. Preferably both, but especially the first.

Here are five Finnish hacks you can try at home!

Finnish hacks cans and tights

#1 Bug stopper tights

Add Finnish flare to your terrace by using old tights as a bug stopper of drinks.
The tights nicely prevent all flying and crawling creatures from entering your glass, can or bottle.
Remember to wash the pantyhose, then cut into suitable pieces. Tie the other end with a knot if needed.

Finnish hacks toilet roll gift packaging

#2 A unique gift case toilet roll

Do you want to save the world and wrap your presents with a personal touch? Here’s how you do it: Make a small gift case out of a toilet roll just by turning the ends inwards and adding a ribbon.


Finnish hacks butter box

#3 Butter box lifesaver

Cut a hole to the lid of the butter box. Then slide a butter knife into its new home. No more dirty knives laying around in the fridge and buttering the shelves.

Finnish hanger can clip lifehack

#4 Closet aid can clip

Is your closet too small? Build it bigger with the help of can opening clips which link hangers nicely together!
Finnish hacks soap with rubber band

#5 Liquid Soap fix

If one pump of a liquid soap gives you too much soap, twirl a rubber band to the handle. Another penny saved and nature applauds!


Varpu Pöyry writes about life and travel in Finland on her blog, sharing her Finland bucket list. Like most Finns, she loves gentle-roasted Finnish coffee and not speaking in the elevator.

14 replies

    • It’s just paper, same paper as kitchen rolls are and it hasn’t gone anywhere near germs or are you perhaps wiping with the roll itself? -In that case you better not try to reuse it crafting purposes…

      Btw You can also cut them in 1 cm rings and made them into snowflake ornaments.

    • I’ve never seen this, my boyfriend too.
      Common thing is cutting old fabric to make thread for carpet weaving.
      I also remember collecting old pantyhose for similar purpose (to make crochet floor mats)

  1. To prevent bugs getting into my ‘balcony beer’ (They seem to like it as much as me!) I nicked a few beermats from the pub, and put ’em on top.

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