Learn what baby rhinos sound like in this heartwrenching video

It’s fairly well known that the rhinoceroses is an endangered family of heavy-set, small brained mammals with herbivorous diets and bad eyesight. It’s also fairly common knowledge that the black market price for rhino horns rivals that of good old gold. Less well known is what baby rhinos sound like when they’re hungry. Thanks to the Internet, this knowledge is now yours for the taking. In this video, two young rhinos recently orphaned by poachers let their nutritional needs be known to their caretakers.

Endangered due to quackery

The endangerment of the rhinos is caused by their horns being attractive for ornamental purposes and use in “traditional medicine”. Rhino horns are exceptionally hard. Unlike other horns found in animals, rhino horns aren’t only covered with but built entirely of keratin, a protein we humans sport in our outermost skin layer, hairs and nails. It’s this special quality that’s contributed to several rhino subspecies appearing on the IUCN Red List of critically endangered animals. The easiest way to get them off this list is to kill the trade. So, if you’re ever offered rhino body parts, do the right thing and report the seller to the authorities.

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  1. Wouldn’t say it’s heart wrenching just plain weird. What is heart wrenching and fucking wrong is their mother was killed for some wacko bullshit medicine the doesn’t work

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