Welsh TV reporter shredding Nigel Farage is the best interview you’ll watch today

Nigel Farage took his dodgily-funded, manifesto-less Brexit “Party” to Wales this week. There he met BBC Cymru Wales’ political correspondent Arwyn Jones, who asked him one question about Brexit, which you’d expect would be easy to answer. However, it didn’t go well. In fact, Farage probably wishes he’d stayed in his 13000 pounds a month, Aaron Banks funded, Chelsea townhouse.

Needless to say, the world loved seeing journalists doing what good journalists do.

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  1. This is the thing Farage has in common with most other demagogues; he’s great at the set piece speech but take him off script and he’s lost. Sadly, his disciples don’t care 🙁
    Hopefully, enough fringe voters who may support him (notice it’s always “him” not the party? Interesting.) will see enough of how rubbish and empty he really is to not vote for him.

  2. So like Trump…..lies lies lies and lying he is a man of the people and they believe him. How many times has he tried to be elected to the U.K. parliament and failed? NO legitimacy. Our very own Trump.

  3. also saw a brilliantly incisive ‘on the stumps’ interview by Matt Frei on C4 this week, probing NF relentlessly on Banks’s (alleged) funding. I never saw Orbán’s great chum so reticent to answer questions that he scurried away from Frei!

  4. Shamelessly nicked from another thread:
    Someone called Nigel Farage says we need honesty and integrity in British politics – and he’s just the person to deliver it. But which Nigel Farage was it..?
    Was it the xenophobe who stood in front of a poster of Syrians escaping from war, in an attempt to frighten us about EU citizen’s freedom of movement..?
    Was it the lying toad who just a few hours after the referendum admitted 350 mil on the bus was a lie..?
    Was it the dishonest prick who tried to get German citizenship but was denied as he was caught-out lying on his application..?
    Was it the puffed-up, big-mouth who couldn’t even get elected in Kipper Central Thanet..?
    Was it the UK MEP responsible for EU fisheries, who only managed to attend 1 out of 42 meetings about fisheries, as he was too busy ‘entertaining’ his PA..?
    Was it the charlatan who charged 300 poor gullible saps fifty quid each for the pleasure of attending a march he was leading to London, which he almost immediately abandoned in a helicopter on day one..?
    Was it the unmitigated foghorn of ignorance who failed seven times to get himself elected as an MP – once losing to a bloke dressed as a dolphin..?
    Was it the lying shit who told you Turkey were about to join and 7 million Turks will be heading our way..?
    Was it the wazzock who stated that it’d be easy and we’d all be better off leaving, but who now claims he never said it’d be easy or we’d all be better off leaving..?
    Was it the lying toad who said he’d never been to the Russian embassy and then a photo appeared of him in the Russian embassy, gurning at the ambassador..?
    Was it the UK MEP with one of the very worst attendance records in the European Parliament, who had his salary docked in order to repay mis-spent public funds intended for staffing his office..?
    Was it the bellowing, over-talking shit-gibbon who stated on TV that he always supported a ‘No Deal, WTO Brexit’, when there’s numerous examples of widely available video evidence with him saying exactly the opposite before the Referendum..?
    Was it the blustering coward who heroically legged-it after his chauffeur-driven car had crashed into another vehicle containing a 13 month old boy and and his father, who said they both required medical treatment..?
    Was this the Farage who claims he’ll bring honesty and integrity back to British politics, or is there someone else with the same name..?

  5. I do find it strange that people I know who are decent and honest have lost their marbles and are going to vote for that man.

  6. The problem is that pro Farage supporters will see that and think he has a point “what only 12%?” Except it isn’t 12%, it’s 44%! That’s not good journalism to let a complete lie like that slide!

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