Episode 19: When Midsummer is Finland’s best and worst celebration

Midsummer Madness floating stage concept, Töölönlahti, Helsinki

Very Finnish Problems creator Joel Willans interviews the minds behind Midsummer Madness, a free Helsinki open-air Midsummer event for 2020. Jeroen Sebrechts and Claire Delhom discuss their personal journeys to Finland from Belgium and France respectively, and explain why Midsummer Madness is a licensed Moomin event, despite featuring zero trolls or Hattifatteners. Co-host Laura Suihkonen shares a very bleak movie recommendation.


Contact: veryfinnishproblems@inktank.fi

Produced by Thomas Nybergh / Ink Tank Media



Midsummer Madness Open Air Festival (Jun 19-20 2020)

The Finnish Sauna Association’s Primer on sauna culture

Laura’s recommendation: The Joker (2019)

Jeroen’s recommendation: go check out Hungarian movies

Joel’s recommendation: The Guardian Weekly’s journalism

Claire’s recommendation: The Moomins: The World of Moominvalley by Philip Ardagh and Frank Cottrell Boyce


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About the show

What’s so weird and wonderful about Finland? British born Joel Willans, creator of Very Finnish Problems, discusses, with a variety of fascinating guests, what he’s learnt after 15 years living in his much-loved, adopted country.

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Title photo: Midsummer Madness Festival press kit

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