No sunburn: 12 upsides of terrible Finnish summer weather

Eastern Pasila, Helsinki in grey June weather, 2014

Here in Finland, summer is highly anticipated as a time for restoring sanity after months and months of bleak, terrible fall, winter and no spring to speak of. However, the weather of June, July and August just doesn’t always add up to what one would expect of a great summer.

Luckily, there are upsides to everything. In theory, at least. Let’s explore some of the, well, arguably sunny side of bad Finnish summers.


Jeremy Clarkson getting water pured on him in a car
1. There’s no need to compensate for the poor availability of “unnecessary” air conditioning.



Salatut elämät character on a vespa

2. You have a perfect excuse to travel abroad.


finnish hobbyhorsing

3. You can invest time and effort in esoteric indoor sports. 


4. Fewer tourists will be jamming up the bike lanes.



5. Deck chairs are dangerous anyway.


6. With a cold early summer, there’ll by less of a mosquito problem.


Laura Palmer on video display, from the original Twin Peaks series

7. You might have more time to catch up on good movies and tv


This is the water. And this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes and dark within.

8. There’s a ton of good, relaxing podcasts and radio too




girl phone creepy

9. You can wrap yourself in a blanket and read creepypasta ghost stories.


Bird stealing Landstalker SUV in modifier GTA V

10. Fewer picnics will be ruined by thieving birds.


11. There’s less of a sinking feeling if you don’t have a proper vacation




Leaves falling

12. Best of all, you’ll hardly notice when summer’s all over.


Got more that will cheer us up? Let’s hear it in the comments section below.


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Title photo by Thomas Nybergh

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