Tiny Trumps: The new meme that’s taking Trump from big shot to tiny tot

No one has a bigger opinion of Donald Trump than Donald Trump. The Internet is on a mission to change that. How? Using the magic of Photoshop, of course.

The premise is simple: take a photo of Trump and shrink him down to the size of a small toddler. The result is a series of masterpieces that perfectly sum up how a huge portion of the world views the new President: childish, petulant, and small.



The meme kicked off when redditor theLAZYmd posted a photoshopped image of a teeny tiny Trump surrounded by his towering Secret Service (pictured above). Plenty of others joined in on the fun, and now there’s even an entire subreddit dedicated to the tiny presidential artwork. Scroll down and check out a few of our favorite Tiny Trumps below!

1. Tiny Trump’s meeting with Obama, after being elected



2. Putin meets his biggest tiny fan





3. Tiny Trump throwing a tantrum



4. Trump needs help with his tie



5. Signing off a small measure




6. Pence is so proud that Tiny Trump is behaving himself for once. He might even take him for ice cream as a reward.



7. Tiny Trump meeting Trudeau



8. Stay in the lines, Mr. President



9. Look, he’s a big boy





10. Nice drawing Trump!



11. Tiny Trump on Anderson Cooper


Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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