Everyone should read this Polish man’s reply to Theresa’s May queue jumping accusation

Despite what Theresa May says, the facts don’t lie. EU immigration has been hugely beneificial to the UK.  Research from University College London shows, European migrants pay in more in taxes than they take out in state benefits. That contribution – valued at £2bn a year – is helped fuel Britain’s economic growth over the last decade. What’s more, in 2016, 60% of new migrants from western and southern Europe, who account for 900,000 of the 2 million who work here, were university graduates. For eastern Europeans, 25% are graduates – similar to the proportion in the UK-born workforce. Until the Brexit vote, Britain attracted the highest number of university-educated migrants of any country in the EU year after year to work in the financial, technology and media industries. One of those is Arek Widawski, a Polish Managing Director, who was invited to the UK by his London-based company six months ago. Shocked by Theresa’s May’s recent accusation that EU workers had jumped an imaginary queue, he posted a response in Facebook community The Very Brexit Problems Club. His heartfelt and powerful response to May’s disgusting misinformation is something every Leaver should read. Here it is in full

My name is Arek and I am Polish. I am not even sure if I am allowed to publish in this group so please delete my post if I am not.

I have so far spent 6 months in the UK because I was asked by a London-based company to become an interim MD for 9 months until my successor is appointed. I have been helping the UK company grow. The decision about my appointment was not made based on my nationality, but I believe on my skills. I did not realize I was jumping in front of any queue. And it was a Polish taxpayer who financed my education which the UK can now benefit from.

I have spent 10 years learning English and getting to know your culture and have always wanted to see your great inheritance in person. I have been very excited about my interim appointment as I have always perceived the UK as a dreamland (which I could only see in pictures in my textbooks at school) where everyone respects other people. And without a doubt it is a great country but somehow some people lost their trust in real values.

I did not imagine I would be called names only because I was supporting English football team in an English pub but not being English myself. I did not take anybody’s job, but responded to real needs of your economy. I do not feel that my fellow Polish workers who do housekeeping in the hotel I am staying at contribute less to the wealth of your country. They are humble and diligent workers who wanted their dreams come true, not to feel a burden to the society.

I am almost 40 now and do remember what poverty means. I do remember going to Germany, queueing in long lines and being asked questions where I was going to stay, for how long and why. I feel that the freedom of travel/movement is something taken for granted in Western Europe, but for me it is one of the biggest achievements of a mankind. After pointless wars over dominance we finally come together as Europeans. All equal with so much bigger power to negotiate the best trading deals as a bloc. Is this not something our grandparents always dreamt of?

I cannot believe when I see how a glorious nation of Britain is bleeding out over pointless disputes. Why can’t we just appreciate what we have all achieved – no wars in Europe for a full generation! Yes, the EU is not ideal. So isn’t anything in this world. But I feel that the values that the EU brings is something much more than bureaucracy.

Whatever happens I will always love you and admire. Please however do not make us feel like unwanted foreigners who come here to take advantage of you, but treat us like a family member. If not loved, at least not unwanted. There is always an uncle you do not love in each family, but you will always know that he is always there for you when you need him and you will never say he is not a member of your family.

Polish people came to the UK because they were invited and needed by your economy and free movement does not mean uncontrolled immigration. A person cannot stay in another member state for more than 3 months without finding a job or without demonstrating he/she has enough funds to do so. Otherwise can be asked to leave under current regulations. You do not need to leave the EU to receive this right. It is already there.

Thank you for all your support and kindness which I am experiencing every day whilst my stay. I am going back home just before Brexit is due as my mission is almost complete. I would love to visit my English colleagues again and have a pint together in an English pub. Am I going to be having to prove the purpose of my visit after March? Am I going to have to apply for a visa? Am I going to be made felt unwelcome by more bureaucracy?

Come over to Poland for a weekend or for holiday and explore Europe you may not know yet. I am sure you will enjoy and you will experience by yourself how much you all mean to us. Is it not about the money, but about so much more than that.




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  1. Poles, Italians, Ukrainians, West Indians all came over to the UK by invitation to help rebuild the country after the War. They didn’t jump a queue because many of those that might have been in the queue had died as a result of fighting for the free Europe that came at such a heavy price.

    • my parents were among them, Italian and Ukrainian, working at Courtaulds, “teaching” the Brits to make viscose!

  2. Dear Arek. I am ashamed to be British and this country is not worthy of your presence but please stay with us as hopefully we can reverse this Brexshit rubbish. PS you are no queue jumper.

  3. I am a romanian lorry/bus driver. I receive every day emails from UK companies to come and work. To drive lorries or english buses. Every day at least one invitation. Why if I am a romanian? Why to steal your job? Why to drive your bus? Only for bigger money? Nope thank you very much!

        • Why would we need bus drivers with over one million unemployed think what you are saying we need immigration but good immigration that is skilled workers not unskilled then we can get those one million back into work

          • We need a whole range of people from Professions, highly skilled and low skills. I wonder how many of those 1 million you refer to would have the skills and experience or wish to take up a driving job.

          • The problem is that many Brits will not do low paid jobs – farm work, fruit picking, sorting re-cycling etc – so we do need migrants for this work. Even those who come and are what you call unskilled often have a better grasp of English than those born here – few Brits even bother to learn another language.

          • British( not all but many) would rather milk their own government claiming benefits then go to work. The government have been too soft for you. 3rd generation of British ppl growing now who will never work because their parents taught them that the government should pay/provide for their existence. I am the doctor from South Africa and I am being paid good money to come to the UK to work. Your government pay for my travel expenses, hotels and good salary because you have got no doctors. Why not ? Because you don’t want to learn to become one. Most In hospital I work in are foreigners from all over the world. What does that tell you ? Your country would never be the 5th economy in the world if wasnth for the foreigners.

      • Dear superior John,

        A huge majority of Romanians came here for opportunity and honest work, Brits colonized other countries through pillage and plunder. This is how your inbred “upper” classes got rich. The birth privilege is a myth that only you Brits still believe in, Europe got over this bigoted way to look at people a long time ago.
        You have absolutely no reason to feel and act superior to other nations, dear John.
        But I hope that when Brexit will show you what it is like to lose your job and have to beg for a shoe polishing gig in a European country, that big arrogance of yours will show itself for what it is: pure, inflated stupidity.

  4. It is all about us all being togther in one european family. I am german, born in desvestated Berlin. British and other allied forces after the war helped us all, to get back on our feet. Helped us germans, former enemy. I lived as a young man in london, working as a foreigner, with a work permit. I lived in a family, the women English, the husband polish. I was the youg german. In a machine tool factory i worked, with collegues who were either english, scottish, or polish, from ukrain and india. We all git along very well together. There was never any bad feeling towards me as a german youg man. I still rembervthe friedly kind way we all worked together and were reallmpartbof the much larger london family of foereigners from all europe. Lets keep this good human, friedly cooperative spirit up.we all are best together. Pleae do jot despise foreigners, we are all brothers. We neec each othet.we here in the EU, on thr continent, we need you english, irish, scottish welsh people as great frieds, as we were for mor than 50 years. Together we can be strong. UK Do not split us apart, we will suffer and very terrible so will you,

  5. As our Polish friend pointed out if Mrs May had done the job properly when she and Mr Johnson were in the F,O, we would not have this problem now .As the E U law is if you dont have enough funds or a job after 3 months you are asked to leave.Or maybe they do not know the E U rules

    • And how come if you speak to the remnants of them or their children they will tell bitter words about England? They were good when pilots were needed but became a burden after peace treaty as they were problematic for Soviets. So they were forced out and many of them ended murdered by communists in Poland or sent to Russian gulags

  6. Arek I feel not ashamed but very sad for what we will be losing. The reason I am not totally ashamed is because we are such a multi-racial society with a mixture of good people, bad people and everything inbetween, the problem at the the moment is that too many of the bad have surfaced to be ‘leaders’ at the same time.
    In addition our media have been obnoxious and all this has combined to bring out the worst of our society.
    I love my country but I also love being a European and feel that we are losing so much that cannot be defined in monetary terms or any other way you can measure.
    This is one 71year old who rarely drinks who would be delighted to have a pint with you.

    • That’s a lovely response, John. I’m Irish but also feel very European. As I now live in UK I’ll feel very sad after Brexit.

  7. good man!!! just don’t tell Brits to go and visit Poland or you’ll end up with herds of drunk,
    loud annoying all male/all female groups coming on booze safari…exactly like we have in Budapest!!!

  8. I think that some UK citizens have forgotten the Polish forces that stood by our side in the Second World War, they were not only welcomed but decorated in many cases by the Uk government ….what on earth has happened that some people in the UK can treat comrades in arms in this manner ,
    I personally feel that it is disgraceful and disrespectful not only to Polish people but many other nationalities, it’s about time people learned to be European as the days of the Raj have long gone …. This is one reason why I now live in Spain.
    Rant over ……….

  9. Arek, I have so much respect for you and your country folk, along with any other nation that wants to get along with us in a friendly way in preference to the people of the UK that are preaching hatred and wanting to isolate us from the outside world.
    It also occurs to me that you said in your letter that your job is almost complete, can I please suggest that you could be just the person we need to become our next Prime Minister and you could sort out the mess we find ourselves in thanks to the current incumbents.
    I’m sure you can find a few of your colleagues to give you a hand, I’m convinced that you would make this country great once again.

    I can at least dream, unfortunately I fear things will only get much worse, sadly.

  10. Arek,
    I could not have put it better. Well said!
    Am British and having lived and worked in Germany for many years ( have many German friends and have always been made welcome) I have applied for German citizenship in order to avoid the (unintended?) consequences of the Brexit fiasco.
    I hope it will not be as bad for the UK as many people seem to think but sadly, they are probably right. All Europeans should stand together to face down national populism to preserve peace in Europe and don’t forget there is a wolf at the eastern gate.

  11. So we hire the more expensive indigenous employee. Who foots the bill for the employers greater cost?. You the consumer you Muppet. Rather than criticise you should praise these hard working contributors to our society and economy!

  12. Dear British friends, dear European immigrans to the UK, Theresa May’s remarks on ” queue jumpers” are not evidence of hatred or nationalism or exceptionalism, but simply of poor education, lack of intelligence and insensitivity. We Eastern Europeans have learned about ” fair play”, respect for disadvantaged fellow humans and character construction from our British teachers, visitors and coworkers. But poor Ms May does not sound British to us. She is so un-British, poor soul !

  13. In the meantime Poland made it abundantly clear they don’t want foreigners in their country, immigrant or refugee. Only Hungary has a government that is more right wing then the one in Poland.

  14. Well said Arek. Our country is very divided at the moment. Good people died on both sides to create what we have now. There’s no need for that, we can all get along together. One of my good Polish friends when I just 11 moved to Australia with his family. Their house was then bought by a West Indian family – all really good, generous people who taught me a lot.

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