This fantastic response to Theresa May’s Brexit letter is going viral

We all know Theresa May is not a fan of a people’s vote. Yet that didn’t stop her, this Saturday, from writing a letter to the British people begging for them  to “come together as one people,” and “get behind this deal.”

Needless to say, her fanciful aim of uniting the nation around her disastrous Brexit deal has met a far from favourable response. But perhaps the best reply we have seen so far comes from veteran folk singer Mike Harding.

Mike Harding’s epic monologue has, at time of writing, been shared nearly 26, 864 times so far on Facebook…at least 24 000 times more than May’s effort. To see why it’s done so well, check it out —in full — below.

Dear Mrs May

I am in France having a break having come here on the train all the way from Settle. I just read your letter to me and the rest of Britain wanting us all to unite behind the damp squib you call a deal. Unite? I laughed so much the mouthful of frogs legs I was eating ended up dancing all over the bald head of the bloke on the opposite table.

Your party’s little civil war has divided this country irreparably. The last time this happened Cromwell discontinued the custom of kings wearing their heads on their shoulders.

I had a mother who was of Irish descent, an English father who lies in a Dutch graveyard in the village where his Lancaster bomber fell in flames. I had a Polish stepfather who drove a tank for us in WW2 and I have two half Polish sisters and a half Polish brother who is married to a girl from Donegal.

My two uncles of Irish descent fought for Britain in N Africa and in Burma.

So far you have called us Citizens Of Nowhere and Queue Jumpers. You have now taken away our children and grandchildren’s freedom to travel, settle, live and work in mainland Europe.

You have made this country a vicious and much diminished place. You as Home Sec sent a van round telling foreigners to go home. You said “ illegal” but that was bollocks as the legally here people of the Windrush generation soon discovered.

Your party has sold off our railways, water, electricity, gas, telecoms, Royal Mail etc until all we have left is the NHS and that is lined up for the US to have as soon as Hannon and Hunt can arrange it

You have lied to the people of this country. You voted Remain yet changed your tune when the chance to grab the job of PM came. You should have sacked those lying bastards Gove and Bojo but daren’t because you haven’t the actual power.

You have no answer to the British border on the island of Ireland nor do you know how the Gib border with Spain will work once we are out

Mrs May you have helped to divide this country to such an extent that families and friends are now no longer talking to each other, you have managed to negotiate a deal far worse than the one we had and all to keep together a party of millionaires, Eton Bullingdon boys, spivs and WI harridans. Your party conserves nothing. It has sold everything off in the name of the free market.

You could have kept our industries going with investment and development – Germany managed it. But no – The Free Market won so Sunderland, Barnsley, Hamilton etc could all go to the devil

So Mrs May my answer to your plea for unity is firstly that it is ridiculous.

48% of us will never forgive you for Brexit and secondly, of the 52% that voted for it many will not forgive you for not giving them what your lying comrades like Rees Mogg and Fox promised them.

There are no unicorns, there is no £350 million extra for the NHS. The economy will tank and there will be less taxes to help out the poor. We have 350,000 homeless (not rough sleepers – homeless) in one of the richest countries on Earth and you are about to increase that number with your damn fool Brexit.

The bald man has wiped the frogs legs of his head, I’ve bought him a glass of wine to say sorry; I’m typing this with one finger on my phone in France and I’m tired now and want to stop before my finger gets too tired to join the other one in a sailors salute to you and your squalid Brexit, your shabby xenophobia and Little Englander mentality.

Two fingers to you and your unity from this proud citizen of nowhere. I and roughly half the country will never forgive you or your party.



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  1. Perfection. I wish I was eloquent enough to have written it, but I’m not. It says much of what I would love to be able to say myself.

    • Said with perfection what we as a country UK are thinking, May I hope and with her Party will Reap what they have sown, and l have always believed in what goes around comes around, and seen it in action many times, we can only hope that this will happen for the pain and suffering they have caused, to those in need and families that they have seen homeless.

      • I still can’t believe this is actually happening, thanks to a campaign based on a bunch of lies constructed by liars who resigned when s**t got real and refused to take responsibility! We European countries are only strong together, look what kind of wealth and stability 73 years of freedom and Cooperation has brought us – we should be proud of that!!! Brexit is a tragedy both for the UK and the EU alike. (Thoughts from a fellow European from Germany)

        • No one on either side can persuade the other that their argument is correct, the fault lines run deep but the remain side nearly always characterise leavers as either stupid, ignorant or greedy. If you think that of half the country then you are simply doomed. Persuasion requires empathy and intelligence….neither side has demonstrated much of that, least of all this amusing but misguided letter.

          • Carolus You assume that there is a simple division of LEAVE & REMAIN. The decision to vote LEAVE was made for a variety of reasons, indeed there were two separate LEAVE Campaigns which offered a number of facets which could appeal, not least of which was £350 Million per week for the NHS.

            It is perfectly possible to understand that for some it was born out of frustration at being left out of the increasing wealth of the UK. When making an argument as to why LEAVE is wrong you must first understand which of the multiple messages given, appealed to each voter. If the reason is More Money for The NHS, this is perfectly possible to understand, empathise and provide evidence that will change a voter’s minds. If someone wishes to deregulate the UK Economy so that they may trade with less responsibilities for their actions, then there is little chance that an argument in favour of the EU will satisfy. In the same way, you will often hear that the EU is a dictatorship and we are hostage to its will, it is hard to provide an arguement that will suffice becasue there is a lack of understanding as to what constitutes dictatorship and unless there is a willingness to compare and contrast with real dictatorshipthis will not change. Sadly, much is said as Fact that is in fact Belief.

            In general, it perfectly possible to understand and even empathise with the reason for voting for LEAVE. That does not mean that an argument can be developed that will always change minds, because sometimes ‘A Man Hears What he Wants To Hear And Disregards The Rest’.

            We now have ample evidence that ther will be no Brexit Bonus immediately available upon exist, nor will Immigration Reduce whilst there are so many vacancies, nor will there be Frictionless Trade the EU. Any FTA or Treaty brings with it commitments and restrictions.

            Despite the evidence of the lack of Finacial Benefit and lack of Complete Freedom, the Polls still show a large number of people who have not changed their minds, this is because they ‘Wish For Things To Be Different’ or that the new situation would suit their personal agenda. Rather like Racism, the Wish Sentiment is not something that is easily shifted with evidence, even when the person presenting the arguement understands the root of the Belief System.

            For me the great sadness of the EU debate is that it distracts attention from dealing with the underlying problems of the UK which are in the main home grown.

          • It really isn’t anything to do with ‘sides’; it’s to do with a factual analysis of the future. This really shouldn’t be an emotive discussion. This is about economics and economic well-being, political influence and opportunity.

          • ‘Empathy’, as you rightly say, so where, Carolus, is yours, … to find this man’s cry ‘amusing’?
            As for your characterisation of ‘the remain side’, your perception must be selective and very superficial.

            The population has been subjected to manipulation by Eurosceptics in high places for decades through the withholding of facts and the dissemination of lies.

            Large swathes of the population have been neglected and deprived, be it by design or bad management. The will of individual people is principally to live safely, housed, food on the table, warm in winter, to be assured a decent income, to have reliable healthcare.
            History is full of people who were led by the nose by false promises, who were set against their neighbours, divided and ruled, and betrayed.
            Some people are led, are fooled, more easily than others. Multiple factors play a role.
            The easiest way to lead people is through their emotions, through the ‘neuromarketing’ of ideas.
            The antidote is reason, rational thinking, correct facts .
            If you wish I can recommend some reliable sources, a choice of such that require a little deeper or longer reading and ‘easier’ ones. Jon Danzig for example is an honest and thorough investigative journalist. I suggest his ‘endless’ series of ‘Reasons to Remain’.

          • There are some marvellous and insightful replies to your post here, with much food for thought if you plan to find out more for yourself.

            In short however, I don’t think every Leave voter is stupid, racist or xenophobic, that would be ridiculous. People voted for all sorts of reasons (however misguided in my opinion).

            Equally I DO believe that every stupid, racist or xenophobic person voted Leave. That’s been borne out in virtually every conversation I’ve had with stupid and racist people and the comments section of every article.

    • The fact is that we were perfectly alright thank you before joining the EU & we will be perfectly alright after leaving! The £39 billion could cover the NHS instead of going towards an EU that is wasteful, e.g why move the parliament from Strasbourg to Brussels every month, lock, stock and barrel! It suits them more than us to carry on free trade, ( we buy more from them than they do from us) but no, they have to be both vindictive & childish!

      • £39 billion to help stem some of the economic damage is a drop in the ocean compared to the £124.7 billion that the NHS costs each year!? And as for the £350m, it was a lie. When you account for our rebate and for EU budget spent in the UK it’s actually £156m a week. That’s less than 1% of gorernment spending, and money well spent given the ecenomic activity our membership supports.

        Project BREXIT is far more costly however. It’s currently costing the government £440m a week to administer and in lost revenue from slowed economic growth. That’s nearly 15% of the NHS budget wiped off the tresury accounts!

        As for import/export, you believe we are more significant that we truly are to the EU27. 44% of our exports go to EU27 countries, where as 8% of EU27 exports come to the UK. We have very little leverage on trade because we stand to loose the most if we crash out. Our importance is offen overstated because it is usually protrayed in terms of the buyer not the seller. We sell a far greater proportion to the EU27 than they do to us.

        There is no economic case for BREXIT, it’s delusion to think there is.

        Without data all you have is an opinion…


      • As someone who was working pre EU, can I tell you we were NOT OK then. We had the 3 week, constant power cuts, shortages, strikes, rampant inflation(remember threshold payments) and the country was such an economic basket case that we relied on handouts from the IMF. Can people please stop looking back with rose tinted glasses. The same thing applies to references to 2 world wars. My parents thankfully survived the 2nd world war but were in a constant state of anxiety about its outcome and each day they were away that friends, neighbours and family had succumbed to the onslaught. My father fought for freedom and was convinced that we must do anything to stop the chance of it ever happening again and as a result firmly believed in the EU. For his sake and the millions that died in wars please stop this madness now.

        • Yes! Tell that to the idiots who commented on here that “we were OK then and we will be OK now”. What delusional crap. My memories Tie in exactly with what you say! It was dreadful back then. We were rescued by the European cause.

        • Bravo Samantha! Very well said. I campaigned to join all those years ago. Times have changed but we are a stronger, safer, wealthier country because of our membership. Exit Brexit!

        • Very well said Samantha. I remember pre-EU days too. The “sick man of Eurooe” we were plagued by power cuts, strikes, the 3-day week, high inflation etc, The Eu has brought us stability, wealth as a country and a place at the top table in Europe.

        • Yes, difficult times, but caused by over powerful unions and the oil crisis and nothing to do with being in or out of the EU which actually we joined in Jan 1973, so were already part of it when we had the 3 day week.

          • We voted to stay in though by a massive 62% in 1975. I wonder why? …because we knew we were on to a good thing. The Redwoods, Rees -Moggs et al have not stopped trying to undermine it since then. So much for the democratic will of the people?

        • Exactly… we were a country on the brink of Bankruptcy… kids went to bed hungry and cold… EEC membership bailed us out… gave the country a chance to recover and as part of the club, help ensure economic pressures never again gave rise to political madness and war in Europe…

      • We where not allright before we joined the EU we were the sick man of Europe. Part of joing the EEC was because the IMG wanted us too as part of the deal of the bailouts they where giving us at the time.

        • And if you think the borders operated okay before we were in the EU you are truly deluded… I remember in the 1960s the many hours I spent queuing in customs, weather in Dover, Calais or Ostende, or at UK airports, or on the continent waiting about on the Belgian-German border, the German-Austrian border, the Dutch-German border, the French-German border – in cars, buses and trains. You never knew how long it would be. If you were lucky it might only be an hour or so, but it could often be 3, 4, or even 5 hours.

  2. This is a brilliant tirade. Well done that woman and me too, very rude signs and anger to you Mrs May and your shabby mean and nasty party.
    Unite, no bloody way. Never will I accept this. Working hard to think of an escape to the mainland with my family, a future elsewhere. Not just me either. Many decent hard working and intelligent folk doing same thing …

  3. Wow! This man is speaking for me and all of us who know for a fact that the best deal is the one we have already got. Everything else is second best at best and terrible at worst…. Theresa May said that “no deal is better than a bad deal” well this deal frankly is just terrible and we should just stay in the EU as it appears there is no better deal out there…and then we can all get on with the rest of our lives…..

    • Agreed – it is like Alice in Wonderland from start to finish.
      Of course we should grow up, and stay in the EU. The last 2 years have been a waste of time.

      • There is so many who like me and my family realise that breaksit is a con made up by a rich and greedy collection of selfish types. If they like their imagined American way so much why don’t they move there and leave the rest of us to continue to live the way we want.

  4. She’s trying to sell something that to be honest she couldn’t give away for free even with double green shield stamps. We don’t want it, it stinks, loss of key freedoms and shag all in return, go away and try harder, much harder.

  5. Beautiful words,true words. May’s only achievement is that she managed to command even more hate than her icon Margaret Thatcher.

    • I have to disagree. I hated Thatcher with a passion but find it hard to conjure up much more than sadness at the mess May has been lumbered with. I imagine she’s doing her best in an impossible situation. For Gove, Johnson and Cameron on the other hand I have nothing but contempt.

      • Anyone who uses phrases like queue jumpers and sends round ad lorries with immigrants go home has no sympathy from me.

      • I couldn’t go so far as to say I feel “sorry” for May, she did want the PM position, after all -if she was unable to fulfil the requirements of the job she should never have put herself forward. That said she is in an unenviable position in that she was never going to be able to provide an EU exit deal that would satisfy those who voted “out” and placate the sensibilities of those who wanted to continue to be part of the EU.

      • I have to agree with this comment. The villains are the arch Brexiteers who lied to the country two years ago. Mrs m is not like them I feel and is just desperately trying to scrabble with us all out of the Wonderland rabbit hole with the best of sad outcomes. A tragedy – but I think she is partly the victim. The Conservative party is a dead duck now but what is the alternative? A party of national unity?

  6. Beautiful, well constructed and correct in so many counts, God bless you sir, you have raised my own and doubtlessly hundreds of others.
    People’s Vote it has to happen and we must stay in the EU!

      • “Doesn’t”. If you have a point to make, write it in correct English, please.
        I too would like to stay in France which is a far more comfortable place to be, despite its own problems. But you, as (I suppose) a Quitter, voted to take that right and privilege away from me. I shall never forgive you.

    • so You’re happy that you will be unable to travel freely throughout Europe after March 2019?
      Now look at your family and tell them……what you’ve participated in………

      • By what definity will we British “be unable to travel freely throughout Europe after March 2019” – where exactly is that set in stone? Likewise, for “won’t be able to stay in France”.
        Gosh, if one thing is definite about this whole (crazy) waste of time for the last 2.5 years – it is that no-one knows what is happening at any level: be that in the streets, or in the so-called corridors of power (except in those, self-interest is the key motivation). So, I predict that nothing much will change…it shall be looked back on as a national epidemic of mild panic…and it wouldn’t surprise if it never actually happens! Here’s hoping :)).

      • By what definity will we British “be unable to travel freely throughout Europe after March 2019” – where exactly is that set in stone? Likewise, for “won’t be able to stay in France”.

        Gosh, if one thing is definite about this whole (crazy) waste of time for the last 2.5 years – it is that no-one knows what is happening at any level: be that in the streets, or in the so-called corridors of power (except in those, self-interest appears to be the key motivation). So, I predict that nothing much will change…it shall be looked back on as a national epidemic of mild panic…and it wouldn’t surprise me if it never actually happens! Here’s hoping :)).

  7. Yet again, a private citizen nails it! The bunch of over privileged cockwombles aren’t fit to pick up after the queens corgis! We all have to really make sure these jizz splatted non-entities are under NO ILLUSION that we shall remember exactly WHO is to blame for this abortion if a deal! If we go down, they’ll be first! And, for fucks sake HANDS OFF THE NHS! ???

  8. Sadly she will never see it as her handlers keep her away from the truth and depth of people’s feelings. Great letter though and definitely one to share.

  9. I voted leave, I have always thought we would be better off without so much of the EU red tape. Had the union remained a common market nothing more nothing less that would of been great. No Europe want more and more. The divided Tory party offered us a referendum to try and reunite their party. Cameron never thought for one but that the voting public would actually vote to leave the EU. But we did, we were offered a simple choice remain or leave, no half baked in between no man’s lands fudge from Westminster and Brussels. No just stay or leave, that was the question we were asked to make a decision on. leave means leave we must leave now no 39 billion no more backhanders. The only good to come out of this will be the will be the Tory party imploding….. Leave and leave now.

    • Yep! Leave with no deal and then what?
      Do you think that if it wouldn’t mean the implosion of British economy, it wouldn’t be the step the elites that rule UK would have taken? Duuh!

      • That’s what 52% of the voters want. Brexit didn’t exist during the referendum. Yes we’d be worse off financially but money isn’t everything. Especially in the areas that voted out.

      • Wow, John is at that dangerous 3-way crossroads where blind nationalism meets a poor grasp of global economy meets a failing educational system. Scary

    • “Let’s move out of this overpriced houseshare with a humidity problem and insufficient insulation”. Good idea, fixing those things would be a lot of work. Except it looks like moving out means becoming homeless instead. Great improvement!

    • Aside from the abysmal English in your writing, I have this to say:
      Of the 52% who voted to leave, I am sure that many did so just to spite David Cameron for the many years of austerity he imposed on those less fortunate in our society. The reality is that the EU is way down on the list of concerns that the average Briton has. The NHS, housing costs and the cost of living rank far higher. You are delusional if you really think most people who voted leave are that concerned. The sad thing is that the Conservative party has not learnt anything and are going ahead with a policy that not only will not satisfy the people but in fact will only make us all worse off.

    • I’m confused by your argument. Being in a trade and customs union reduces “red tape”. Please explain how leaving the EU would have the opposite effect?

    • Actually Boris and other all suggested we would form a new deal. I believe Norway plus, Canada and custom trade deals where all suggestions from leading britexiters in the run up.

      Very few suggested that leaving without a deal was bad idea because they well would have lost very quickly

      • I voted to Remain, but I’m now ashamed I did because the Remainers have turned out to be the very sort of people I most detest – arrogant, intolerant, self-righteous White Liberals!
        Remainers are the bad ones.
        Remainers claim the Leave voters are Racists and I ask Racist against who because I know as a Black African that very many Blacks and Asians voted to Leave because East Europeans coming in under EU have made it more difficult for Non-Whites to find employment.
        Remainers claim that Leaving EU will mean EU citizens already here losing their rights to reside here. Nonsense. This is not true. If the immigration law changes, it will definitely not apply retroactively.
        Remainers claim that leaving the EU will wreck the UK Economy. They have been actively trying to wreck our economy through scaremongering.
        Remainers feel entitled to lie as they wish while constantly pointing to non-existent lies by the Leave campaign.
        In my books, Remainers are bad people and I’m very glad they Lost and will never win!

  10. Awesome reply. Sums everything up brilliantly. We the British people have been royally shat upon. Brexit is the wet dream of the far right. The “will of da people” is a nonsense. Hatred, fear and loathing all whipped up into a frenzy by a far right media. We all know the real reason behind Brexshit! EU tax evasion legislation due in 2019 will impact upon the rich elite who control the Tory party. Tax evasion, money laundering, hidden billions in tax havens. This is the reason for Brexit.

    • You’re so right John. This basic refusal to understand the fundamentals of arithmetic has been driving me up the wall. Every time a Leaver posts something about the 52% I post a reply pointing it it was only about 27% of the population who voted to Leave, or about 37% of the electorate. However many Leavers live in a fact-free zone so they refuse to accept something as basic as that.

      • And the remoaners can’t accept that it was 52% of the electorate who could be bordered to vote. 100% of eligible people had the chançe to vote. Those who didn’t vote are not entitled to an opinion, if they feel so strongly, either way, they should have exercised their right to vote!

        • Ian, I would like to point out a few facts for you: 1) the referendum was advisory, and even Nigel Farage said that 52/48 was “unfinished business”, 2) the referendum was fraudulent and the result should be annulled. 3) 1.5 million voters were prevented from voting, 4) the Leave campaign committed finance fraud and was fined by the Electorate Commission for it, and evidence passed to the Met Police for criminal investigation, 5) since 2016, the lies, fraud and fantasies have all been exposed, so the public should have the right to change their mind, as indeed opinion polls attest to unequivocally, 6) democracy is a process, not a football result; we had another general election in 2017, just two years after the previous one, which returned a very different result because people had changed their minds, 7) anyone who says that we should “respect democracy” by preventing another vote probably doesn’t understand what is meant by “will of the people”. In my opinion, democracy is like a muscle; you need to use it or lose it.

      • Don’t blame the leavers for the apathy of non voters. Fact: 52% of those who could be bothered to vote said leave. How many of those non voters are now being so vocally vitriolic? The big error was not making it a mandatory vote or setting a higher minimum % to carry the vote

  11. Well done. This explains everything that is wrong with the deal on offer. I also fear for my grandchildren, my friends’ children and grandchildren who live and work in the EU and, most of all the future of my country of which I have been a proud citizen for 68 years. This deal diminishes us in every way possible.

  12. This sums it up. May is not fit to be PM and the tories are not fit to govern this country. They are only concerned with them selves. Well done Mike Harding.

  13. Nothing left to say, The man has spoken for possibly 88% of the country. Will it get to May’s ears ? Naw , of course not, Even if it did there is no way it would penetrate that thick BSTARDS Skull. Pedo’s and thieves will win the day on the 11th and the secret files will be locked away untill required at a later date.

      • Perhaps not, now.

        Whilst some people would steadfastly refuse to reconsider, given the information we now have, others could have changed their view. This could happen either way.

        Given that the country was asked to vote on an unknown- based on many untruths, the whole referendum was a farce, the result of which surprised those who had brought it as a protest as much as anyone.

  14. Me and my hubby moved from the uk over 20 years ago, and have lived in spain for 18 of them, and now France, but are still British. We had absolutely no say in the referendum because, like so many others, we had lived away from the uk for more than 15 years, so are now in limbo as we have no idea how things stand! Many of those who voted out, had no true idea, because we were given so many lies, just how impossible this was actually going to be! No free movement , so we won’t be able to send our children to an eu country to study, or have wonderful eu students come to the uk. How will it affect taking our pets back and forth, what about other animals free movement! Health care, its all really scary , and I’m sure there would have been a different outcome if all ex pats had been given the vote! What she is offering the uk will surely have to go to a people’s vote, and yet she is too blind to see how people are feeling now! Even when I see those still wanting to leave, I truly don’t think they understand all the full implications of what it will do to the uk. When people made that vote, most were concerned with immigration (but not from eu countries) and the NHS., but all we now have is lies, and a slow drip into loosing so much !

  15. I thought it was the ramblings of a tormented soul who has so many issues with Brexit he can’t see how our PM is trying to please the U.K. population as a whole. It’s divided at both extremities and both sides whether Leave or Remain have become intransigent and think they know better than the PM. Nobody will win and something has to give. At this rate our decision to LEAVE is going to be the worst in history. The aggressive criticism of this letter was the worst of its kind. NOW it has to be a time for conciliation.

  16. Hopefully it is not too late for common sense to prevail. 48% plus of the country must be devastated by events over the past two years. A second vote is said to be too complicated. Too many ifs and buts. Whose ****ing idea was the simpleton question in the first place?

  17. The best summary of this useless government, and tawdry episode in British politics I have ever read, and thanks for making me laugh in these topsy-turvy times.

  18. Sadly it will make not the slightest difference other than to make us feel even more frustrated with life in general. We are powerless. We are in the hands of self centred small minded politicians. Brussels is a pile of shite. On the other hand the countries of Europe are not a bad bunch and there is a good percentage of good folk in Blighty, not necessarily Brexit or Remain. Just a lot of people who were forced into voting a badly thought out idea and referendum. A disaster for all of us. I’d love to point you in the direction of one Brexit person on Facebook but I won’t.

  19. Absolutely brilliant. Mike has worded my sentiments exactly. I never thought there could be anyone as awful as Thatcher yet May has succeeded and in fact surpassed. This needs to be read by all.

  20. Excellent letter, expresses my feelings and thoughts
    totally. I wrote to her after the referendum result because I was so shocked that those horrors Cameron, Gove, Johnson
    and Farage had so betrayed their country. Of course she wont have seen it. She is not listening. Intelligent, reasonable and caring people for the most part want to remain. We need Europe, we are amongst other things European.
    Education, the NHS, the Police and Prisons, Social Services,
    people on low incomes and so much more have been neglected over the last 2 years because of this scandalous

  21. I’m with Mike Harding all the way. I follow Dr Mike Galsworthy who talks a lot of sense. How sad I feel for my children and grandchildren if Brexit comes to pass. We should stay in the EU and if there are some things we don’t like then we should argue from within. I’m 82; I went on The March; not all the old are to blame for this fiasco. Let’s hope we do get a “People’s vote” and the result is a resounding success for “Remain”.

  22. I couldn’t agree more with the letter in bold he says everything I feel, the violent feelings inside I struggle to control as a law abiding citizen of a country I am ashamed of.
    Since 2010 the conservative party have split the nation and families and friends.
    It is a disgusting state of affairs.

  23. The majority of NHS is already privatized, here in the Wigan Warrington and Salford areas, you are likely to get an appointment with Alliance Medical NHS, Bridgewater NHS, etc, and the appointment will be made through a call centre, that will decide if you need the appointment your GP has decided they need you go too, the call centre staff (most likely working for basic wages) will decide whether you will have the appointment by telephone, with some body that claims too be medically trained and qualified, if you are lucky too actually get through too a real face too face appointment, you are likely to have a consultant that is filling in gaps in the diary between their real job, dealing with their private patients. Many of them also directors in such as Bupa, Many also have the power of life a death, even if your problems is very minor, they will used their judgement to assess how fulfilling your life is, and if dependent on age as well, even constipation can put you on their death list, and the treatment will be mild sedation, no food or water. the saving from the disposal of 130,000 per year is surprising, but what is not surprising is the NHS hospitals applying for their share of the inducement payments. I’m one of the people that walked 474 miles in 1976 warning people this was going too happen, 21 days on trial, 17 court appearances complete exoneration in the high court. But put on the scrap heap by the economic league, meaning my wife and children were also punished for my actions, the actions of a filthy Trotsky, Communist, terrorist lover, and supporter, everything now proven, we were right, all the innocent people in prisoned without trial in the counties. The Shrewsbury pickets, Carl Bridgewater five, Birmingham 6, the Guildford 4, Judith Ward, and so many more completely exonerated. We were right the majority of the people were to busy watching the rubbish on BBC and ITV, and blaming everything on the foreigner’s. You reap what you sow, the UK is as right wing as its possible too be, anti-union, and all make believe middle class, of course they have a mortgage, so must be. Aren’t they?

    • Try Argentinia, Turkey, or Russia. You’d be locked up by now! Where would you rather live? This is your country with a government voted for by your fellow citizens. Be positive it won’t hurt and you’ll feel better.

  24. By the way I forgot too mention Mike we could be family, my mum was Harding we lived in Coolnamona , Doon County Limerick with my Gran for a short time during WW2, My wife from Carrick on Suir, had a brother Ricky Healy that worked with you from time too time at Rivington. Her Mum and Dad ran the Blarney Dancing on Queens Road Cheetham Hill. After being black listed, my wife our youngest of 6 and myself went to live at Bilboa Cappamore, County Limerick. Cannon Row sent a file too Limerick, suggesting they should keep a watch on me. Wow wee, I had no idea the ballroom dancers working from Cannon Row, were so afraid of me.

  25. Think she’ll read it? Think she’ll care? She and all the rest of the politicians, regardless of which side they say they are on, don’t give a fuck,

  26. Very interesting. Isn’t it so much easier to criticise something when there’s no pressure on you to put anything credible in its place? Seems to me there’s a lot of that going on just now. Tell you what, let’s just leave it be and let the deadline pass without another word being spoken. I’m sure it’ll all turn out fine. After all – this is Great Britain – what could possibly hurt us? Long live the empire where the sun never sets… We can all stand to attention and salute the Union Flag while the rest of humanity struggle on without us. After all – we never needed them before, why should we need them now? Hang on – what was that I just saw out of the corner of my eye?…. Well butter my parsnips, a flying pig! Oh well – that’s OK then – everything’s going to be fine……

  27. It was a 52/48 percentage of those who voted of those who were allowed to vote. The grand total was 17 million voted exit. This number includes the right wing nuts who are only out for their own make a profit from out lus those of weak minds who believe anything printed they can read. Those fooled and tricked into voting by Lies Lies and more Lies with a promise of Everything on a golden platter. Essentially the out vote could not have achieved any more votes than it did on that day. 17 million. UK population 65 million. 5+ million in EU not allowed to vote in the referendum. Another 20 to 30 million of British Citizens spread across globe, not allowed to vote. Could add in another 80 million of diasporia… who are denied, declined, rejected UK citizenship by the Hostile Environment she created within the home office.
    17 million was and never will be 62% of the Population! The majority who were “eligible” to vote…. mostly did not bother to vote as it was never considered to be an actual outcome. Additionally, the referendum was Not legally binding so this entire Social Nudging PR exercise is exclusively Political to try to give the ultra right wing nuts sufficient Red Meat…they would be placated. You failed. You gave them blood and now they want more. Yes the vultures hag has divided the NIMLEs (not in my little englanders) but England is on a part of the UK. The only thing she has succeeded in accomplishing is becoming the party leader and PM. Typical tory vulture… kill everything then pick through the carcases for every penny they can swallow.
    People do not like the EXIT aspect of article 50. They will be having kittens when they realise it takes 7 to 20+ years to negotiate trade deals.
    OH a factoid, by 2020 the EU will have the best possible trade deals with over 150 countries and or trading blocks. The remnants will be dictatorships and totalitarian so called countries.
    This was Never about trade. We the European British of UK, know it is only about the right wing nuts exploitation of this to sell the state silverware so they can personally own it and those at other end are because of media created xenophobia and the racist undercurrent thread throughout the English socio-economic way of life. It should have been self evident when other parts of the UK have attempted to Depart… only to be bribed the day before each vote and then let down the day after each vote.
    Remember 52% of those eligible and who bothered to vote are in no way 52% of the population. One day media/press… murdoch, zuckerberg, etc lot will be held accountable for perpetrating 17 million is 52% of UK Citizens.

  28. I was 79 when I sold up in the UK and moved to live in France in 2017. Anyone with half a brain cell could see exactly what was going to happen and it has. Apart from having to watch the country of my birth descend into a second Dark Age, I am very happy and settled in Europe.

  29. Agree with you 100% it’s so sad what has and is happening to our country, yes she’s done a really good job of tearing this country apart. I only hope she’s got the balls to have a referendum before we sink into the channel.
    Hope you enjoyed your frogs legs and wine!!

  30. As a Brit living in Denmark (I have been for the past nearly 14 years) I am glad not to have been too affected by this absolute mess. However, as an English woman with a Scots born son, a Danish husband and a Danish son, it has been very nerve wracking to think of what could happen…. I’ve only just had my mind put at ease and only because I could count on the Danish politicians to negotiate a deal for people in my position. I shall be renouncing my british citizenship asap.

  31. Brilliant letter which brings right on the point.

    Just hope those lying bastards will need hospital treTment one day and will be left in the corridor rotting there.

  32. Brilliantly put. 48% of th epeople who actually voted. Many citizens of this country were not allowed to vote because they held EU passports. My father has been here for 50 years and my husband for 25. Both have worked (still work) and have paid their taxes etc. But they couldn’t vote. Yet brota anotado who have never set a foot in UK were eligible to vote. So the numbers do not represent the reality of what people want. Not to mention those who were 16 at the time. A mess. And any one thinking that a someone in or out question was that simple in practice needs their head examined.

  33. As I live in Spain at the moment and voted to stay in the EU I worry about the future , Mike has said what we are thinking it’s a brilliant letter but will she see it probably not .

  34. Thank you mr Harding. For your ,well put letter ,Ian ashamed to be living in a country the rest of the world is laughing at ,this GOVERMENT has destroyed anything that was left of this country ,we now will have no freedom of movement ,we will be stuck on an island sinking into the sea ,our parents generation fought for what ?homlessnass Victorian working conditions and a culture of greed ,the time to wake up has passed we are in freefall to oblivion ,and it’s coming sooner than we think ,so thank you boris Johnson nigelfarage reece jogging and all the other little englanders ,you got what you wanted ,iknowit will choke you ,it’s what you deserve

  35. It was never going to go well regardless of how hard she tried. After all, David Cameron resigned straight after the vote was cast which gives the impression that even a Leave voter was unwilling to try and negotiate such a deal. Theresa May was a Remainer in the beginning so it springs to mind she neither understood nor wished to negotiate the terms and conditions of the agreement. And the EU knew it.

    Brexit may give us more control over our government, and our waters, but I am concerned that it does not serve the majority of the people. We are in an economic crisis with so many homeless, not enough jobs, and there will likely be a longterm struggle to produce the jobs for people, as so many businesses are foreign companies.

  36. Your letter says it all thank you!
    I feel so ashamed of being English that I’ve moved to Scotland who voted overwhelmingly for Remain. I have a property for sale which is not moving as the property market in the SE is flat. My next door neighbours have a business in the doldrums as no one is investing as the future is bleak. Some MP’s see us as a great global power and forget we are a small offshore Island off Europe. Have been impressed by Barnier and the EU negotiators their dignity and sadness as opposed to the fatuous grinning David Davies. At these troubled times we need to stand to-gether as Europe. I am deeply saddened especially at this time when we are remembering the horror of two World Wars. The serious faces and words of people like Dominic Grieve and other retainers gives me a glimmer of hope

  37. Interesting to read all this from Sydney to which I moved in 1971. Best decision I ever made, although the small UK State pension to which I’m entitled is frozen because the UK government dishonestly claims it cannot afford to pay us fairly and equally with UK pensioners retired in The USA, Israel, Turkey, the Philippines, the EEA, Barbados, Bermuda and Jamaica. Moreover the £600million required to cease the UK’s blatant discrimination could be easily funded by a small increase in NI contributions costing the average contributor’s weekly pay-packet the cost of 1 “fag” per week i.e. 40 pence!!! Hardly a massive impost.

  38. It’s a really incerdible tirade.. all was going well with him castigating everything about Britain and forgetting all that is because of the EU. Not Mrs May.. but the hilarity of it all is when you get to the paragraph near the end where he stated the Brittain is “one if the richest countries in the world”. If that’s the case then it’s fair play to Mrs May. Against all the EU directives and dictatorship she has the country flourishing.. if only IRELAND had a PM like her instead of him being a EU ass lick…a letter full if contradictory waffle.

  39. She has betrayed us all to save her face and I hate her for it…….I love this country and don’t like to think where it’s headed, I so agree with Mike Harding’s letter !!!

  40. Found the article and the responses so far revealed all my thoughts. We must remain. But I’m afraid the bulldozer will eventually crush us all.

  41. He has expressed what thousands of people think but feel powerless to do anything about. The hypocrisy among the so called patriotic Brexiteers beggars belief.

  42. I do wonder sometimes if those of us that answer these types of comments are politically knowledgeable!!
    I wonder if the writer could have gone to Brussels and sat down and said, no demanded all the things we have been promised. The EU are in a much stronger position than us to
    grant such trade and co-op deals that we think we ‘deserve!’
    But I do wonder which side of the fence to sit on. Mrs May is taking us out of the EU, I presume she is trying very hard to make it work in our favour. BJ and DR-M seem to think we can survive just as well with no deal. I’m sort of glad I’m a pensioner.
    We are grateful for all the things this scribes forefathers have done for us in the past. But what is this scribe doing for us today?
    Written an ill mannered letter but offered us no answers.
    Tell us how barbaric he is eating frogs legs. Let him stay in France where he would obviously be far happier.

  43. My grandfather was the grandson of an Irish tailor from Dublin who married a girl who was the desendent of Huguenot refugees. Researching my family tree tells me I am 100% European mongrel. And I am proud of the fact.
    We are all here due to migration. Immigration and migration are not a problem. Over-population is the issue.
    Brexit was never an answer.

  44. A very emotive letter Mike and I admit to sharing your sentiments and fear any ‘healing’ will be a long time coming. The question that needs addressing along with all the others is why did those 48% vote to leave. This situation has been a long time coming and is I believe revenge on a political elite who have neglected the country outside the gates of Westminster.

  45. Response to Shane Butler.

    One of the very few comments here that really hits the point.

    The rest are just a bunch of whingeing Brits, loosers in the main that have sat and let the country be taken over.

  46. This is all so tragic – a group of people forming and supporting a party which would like to see the rest of society destroy the hard work that has helped to construct a humane society envied by the rest of the world against the wishes of those who would make a profit for themselves from the honest efforts of all modest people – disgusting beyond honest peoples grasp, it would seem.

  47. And the remoaners can’t accept that it was 52% of the electorate who could be bordered to vote. 100% of eligible people had the chançe to vote. Those who didn’t vote are not entitled to an opinion, if they feel so strongly, either way, they should have exercised their right to vote!

  48. very eloquently put living in france has made us ex-pats feel very vulnerable and many of us were denied the vote though still pay taxes to england as well as france . It just needs english immigration office to throw out the odd french ex-pats working in england and we will all feel the cold wind of revenge.I and my family have always believed that we were europeans not little englanders. little englanders what a dreadful idea we are all mongrels if we dig deep enough the general poplace has been duped by the aspirations of the extremely wealthy so called ruling class.and manipulated integrity is dead. bring on the clowns

  49. I just can’t take Theresa May seriously anymore. Supposedly some of the most educated people in the country surely only acting out of arrogance and not ignorance. Have another vote and guaranteed remain result. Still the EU will never let us forget the complete incompetence of any British government we have ever known. Grow up the egotistical elite , allegedly.

  50. very well said how can this be a good deal for any of us she sold off most of the UK and now she is given away the rest of it and we are having to pay still for an open door for anyone to come in and take over we have nothing left that is the UK any more it’s all been given away so the fat cat’s can keep their money well she has done a great job at that hasn’t she well done mrs May for giving away the UK

  51. When and if we get a chance to vote at a general election soon we must make our feelings and voices heard. Gove , Rees-Mogg, The Johnsons, Teresa May , IDS and all their cronies should lose their parliamentary seats. It wont help voting in Labour. They are spineless bastards who couldnt be bothered to get involved and support the peoples vote

  52. I feel the entire political class is responsible for this shambles: Cameron for his weakness, unable to lead his party twice shrugs off responsibility by calling the referendum and slinking away when the damage was done; Corbyn for sitting on the fence when he could have done so much to steer a sensible course both before and after the referendum; the ghoulish Brexpak of Bojo, Gove et al, unable to put their country before their own interests and the unspeakable DUP who don’t realise how bl…y lucky they are – they voted remain and they are still whining. And then there is Mrs MegaloMaynia, stubborn, unreal and blinkered. Is there any hope for us at all?

    • Cameron had to call a referendum and give a choice to citizens – why blame him? 1/2 half of nation went in direction he didn’t support so natural thing is that he was not the man for the job if he didn’t believe in brexit. I observed it from the point of foreigner and ask: where is N. Farage? Where is Ukip? Coward who fought for change and don’t want to take responsibility. Other thing worth noticing is that your society is split not only by leave/remain but also by wealth. I have moved couple times during my stay in this country and I can see what kind of frustration grows in people living in’ forgotten’ parts of UK and how they tend to blame immigrants for this. It is natural process if you look into history of mankind. Lastly I hear things ‘we can do good on our own’ and ‘we were good before UE it will be even better now’. It is over 50 years from then to now! Look how many things has changed. Google in 1960’s and compare. We are living in a small world now with Internet, global communication and market. It is not like before and never will again. Please note UK is not a special country and I can’t understand why you expect special treatment. Sorry but there is several other nations in Europe and them all together have stronger position than single UK. You can’t recall demand special privilege for yourself only when you are in a party.

  53. Well said the Tories with this lying pm have ruined this country for good only to line there own pockets time for them all to f..k off

  54. The letter certainly speaks for me and leaves little else to add. As a disenfranchised Brit living in another EU country, am appalled at what has happened and the way the government has tackled this.

  55. To stop this madness Labour has to win the power to do it. Labour has leave voting constituents – to win power it must win these people over. To win these people over it must move them to their position . The political judgement is what will they accept. Labours position is credible and consistently articulated by Kier Starmer – it’s not rhetorical , it’s not headline grabbing and doesn’t change with every twist and turn of the Tory party. It may feel unengaged – but it’s grown up, it’s calm, it’s rational – and if we put Labour in power it will deliver the country from this mess. It’s the best – maybe only – option we have.

  56. Little England indeed! and it will be Little Pound Too, in a few months time. Already down about 15-20% against the Thai Baht since the vote. Yes devalue devalue again and again and tempt the punters for our exports. When I return to visit each year, will there be more sad faces, what a shambles, what a BrexSHIT!

  57. I cannot understand how anybody could have believed that the EU would just say “thanks for coming and please leave with all our good wishes”.
    When we first approached the problem we should have said “look, you guys, what if we stayed and the EU made some real changes to address the parts that many of us and other European citizens object to ?” That would at least have made the EU sit back and think about the effect it could have in their own back yards

  58. Wonder if Mrs May even knows she is lying and been caught out, May you or cabinet are no longer trusted you have given all Conservatives a bad name !!

  59. As a socialist WImember I agree with all you have written here …….
    .except about the WI. whose ‘ resolutions ‘ and campaigns over many years tend to be about social justice,the environment etc! Tony Blair was foolish to make a political speech to the WI I was there and willing him to stop!

  60. Mike Harding bless you!
    I have fought the travesty of brexit and the lies of the Tories for two years and if I’m honest I was tired, I was at the end.
    Your intervention is erudite and honest and it makes me realise the fight is worth the pain to stop May and to protect some people from themselves.
    Thank you man

  61. If politicians didn’t know what the consequences and minutiae of leaving the EU would mean I really don’t know how the “ordinary” person voting leave could. I’m certainly not denigrating leave voters but I’m damn sure they weren’t more knowledgeable than politicians, economists and so called experts at the time.

  62. Well said Mike. Having heard many of your sketches and stand-up (Including: Napoleon’s retreat from Wigan) I actually read your letter to the PM in your voice and with your accent. Everything you said is rings completely true with me. It’s great to hear a passionate and honest critique of May’s mushroom management politics (i.e. keep us in the dark and feed us a load of bullshit). Unfortunately she won’t even acknowledge the existence of anything that doesn’t go along with her destructive deal and will just ignore your eloquence and honesty. Good luck fella, and enjoy your final holiday as a European Union citizen.

  63. Well, it’s an entertaining rant from a good entertainer. However, the facts are that the Conservative party were elected on a manifesto including the promise of a referendum. They honoured that pledge by giving that referendum, saying at the time that whatever the result, they would act on it. The result was a majority voting to leave the EU. This, (as has been obvious since that referendum) was not the conservatives preferred result. Given all that, what precisely is Mike Harding’s constructive proposal for dealing with it? The fact is he hasn’t got one. It is very entertaining and easy to criticise, but there are no practical suggestions offered which could be acceptable to all parties, never mind to the majority who voted leave. Stick to being an entertainer Mr Harding, you are quite good at that.

  64. So, given that the conservatives won the election having pledged a referendum in their manifesto, and that they told us they would honour whatever result emerged, what would your plan be, the voting public having voted as they did? You write a very entertaining rant Mr Harding, because you are a good entertainer, but politicians have to produce real answers and try to produce a real result, not just applause.

  65. What a load of twaddle Mr Harding, if you think your letter is clever I don’t for one.
    Mrs May did not call a referendom, so get your facts clear….The previous PM did, thinking the majority would vote REMAIN, but he came unstuck. The majority voted LEAVE, if you hadn’t noticed. YES LEAVE, it wasn’t thrust upon us, WE voted for it.
    So she is trying to do what we asked her to do and she is doing her best to bring the country back together.
    Tough if you don’t like it , but the LEAVE VOTE won the day.
    Instead of griping get behind the lady and back her up. We voted and it was carried.

  66. The ‘We want our country back’ brigadec really sayn it all asc vthe freedom of the citizen in thevUK was being taken over by the EU and eventually it would mean no freedom but an EU PARLIAMENT TELLING EVERYONE TO PUT THEIR HAND IN THEIR POCKET FOR THIS THAT AND THE OTHER WITH AN EU ARMY GETTING US INTO EVERY CONFLICT ETC ETC ETC.

  67. The guilty men (and women) who have placed the United Kingdom in jeopardy.
    I have been reflecting on the words of a previously unknown MP, one of many that has recently been brought to my attention by the BBC, to further demonstrate how unlikely it is that the Prime Minister will get her ‘deal’ past parliament. The story goes that the agreement with the EU represents a trap for the UK and that they will use their position to ensure that we will remain within the Union for ever and a day, without the ability to affect the rules. If true, then Mrs. May must be making a mistake at least equal to that of Neville Chamberlain, who on his return from Munich in 1938 waved his worthless piece of paper and declared ‘peace in our time’. Indeed many would probably consider this to be worse than Chamberlain’s error, because he was giving away the sovereignty of Czechoslovakia (‘a faraway country’), whereas, apparently, Mrs. May is giving away the sovereignty of the United Kingdom.
    Yet, nobody has drawn this comparison and I wonder why this should be?
    I have concluded that the truth is that they have not done so because so many of our politicians are complicit in this situation, indeed their attention seeking and frequently irrelevant statements and actions have directly contributed to this result. So now, as in 1938, if this is a serious mistake, it is not only the Prime Minister who is responsible.
    Let us review a few of the key players and their contribution:
    Boris Johnson – probably the Brexiteer who has contributed most to our present situation by frequently misleading the public as to the facts. Whilst posturing and blustering as our Foreign Secretary his primary efforts towards our negotiations have been to insult our partners and to lecture them (and others) on their best interests. Not once has he bothered to truly understand their position and recognise the validity of many of their concerns. Nevertheless the Prime Minister had managed to keep him onside until, eventually, she proposed a realistic plan that would be acceptable to the group we have been part of for more than 40 years and meet the primary demands of the leavers, whilst maintaining most of the trading benefits we presently enjoy. Known as the Chequers agreement he, apparently, chose to accept the proposals at the time only to walk out a couple of days later following in the footsteps of David Davis. For those who had admired his air of boyish insouciance it was, perhaps, disappointing to discover that he genuinely is frivolous and careless.
    David Davis – the man who was actually responsible for heading our negotiating team for month after month! Is there any more damning indictment? His primary ‘tactic’, as publicly presented, was always to tell us that the EU won’t want a ‘no deal’ scenario and we should therefore be prepared for that scenario. As a result, the EU will recognise the strength of our position and come round to what we want! Well, any proper analysis of our situation would demonstrate that, although most of the other European states would suffer from a ‘no deal’ scenario, it would be the United Kingdom who would suffer most. Not much of a bluff – but one consistently given an airing with even the Prime Minister herself using the phrase that “no deal is better than a bad deal”! I’ve news for all you readers, there never was a really good deal available to us, only the least bad deal. If Davis could have got anything better then why didn’t he?
    Jacob Rees-Mogg – has the appearance and style of a genuine eccentric, whom few would normally take seriously – yet he has been allowed to pontificate to us on this important issue from his lofty perch, day in and day out. Of course, there is nothing in this situation to worry him personally because he can readily afford any unfortunate consequences that may arise from his continuous sniping. Apparently, he has achieved the right to lecture the Prime Minister and the public, because he is the leader of a shadowy organisation called the European Research Group. This is a publicly funded body that, as far as I know, has never done any research – it certainly hasn’t published any original papers. Nevertheless Mr Rees-Mogg knows what’s best for us! Who needs research? Certainly not the European Research Group!
    Vince Cable – here’s another person who has spent the past two years refusing to engage in reality. In this case Mr. Cable has continued to pursue the pre-referendum Liberal Democrat party line and to hope that he can get another referendum, so that this time we’ll all choose the ‘right’ solution and vote to stay in! Although it might be considered consistent to take that view, I feel strongly that he would have done the country a better service if he had accepted the result and sought to add a constructive voice to the cacophony that has drowned out sensible public discourse since the referendum. He might well have assisted us to maintain the close relationship Mrs May has sought with a little less argument.
    Tony Blair – another ‘honourable’ man who genuinely believes that we would be better off remaining within the EU. Believe it or not, I personally also believe that is true, but a majority of my fellow citizens felt differently and despite the resultant confusion, I can see no real evidence that they will have changed their mind now. People like Mr. Blair and Mr. Cable should consider their own contribution to the fact that millions of our fellow citizens have felt left out by all the changes introduced to the UK in recent years. As a result many people have felt less and less engaged within their own country and so they want a real change and they have felt that Brexit represents the best chance for them to get it. To say they were misled by the Brexiteers is beside the point – they feel that all politicians are liars, so what would you expect? Rightly or wrongly, in future at least we won’t be able to blame the EU.
    Nicola Sturgeon – here is another opportunist who completely lacks credibility, at least in my eyes. At every turn she has sought to turn the situation to the advantage of the SNP whilst cheerfully ignoring two key facts. Presently Scottish economic success is ineluctably bound up with the remainder of the United Kingdom (much more so than the UK with Europe), so there is no room for separate manoeuvre at this time. More than that, she seems to ignore the wishes of the Scottish fishing industry and many other groups of Scots. As I say, another opportunist acting out of minority interest.
    Eileen Philips – well, what can I say. This woman can’t even get an agreement with her opponents within Stormont! That might have made a contribution to improving harmony throughout the British Isles.
    The BBC – seems to me to be filled with guilty men and women. There has been no serious attempt to explain to the British people some of the facts of our engagement with Europe, our legal obligations and the difficulties Brexit represents for the rest of Europe as well as us. Rather the BBC has abrogated any sense of responsibility for genuine public broadcasting, replacing a description of the genuine difficulties Brexit represents with a continuous Tower of Babel. They have therefore illustrated how confusing the whole business is by presenting person after person with often inaccurate observations, which are left effectively unchallenged! The most recent example is the manner in which the stress tests undertaken by the Bank of England have been inaccurately reported, with no attempt to inform the public as to the truth of the tests. Far from an example of ‘project fear’ the results of the tests are GOOD NEWS! The Band of England has examined a worst case ‘scenario’ for the British financial system, whether inside or outside the EU, by examining how the banks and other institutions would cope with a combination of unlikely shocks all happening concurrently. It has concluded that the steps taken over the past 10 years have ensured that our banks have sufficient capital to withstand the effects of such a ‘worst case’ scenario without recourse to the public purse. Why the BBC should allow their interlocutors to classify this activity as a forecast and describe it as a further example of project fear is beyond me! I have news for the BBC – the Bank does this every year because it has been instructed to do so by parliament! Of course the outcome of this (and other misleading descriptions) is to strengthen the hand of the hard Brexit supporters, because many British people will not bow to bullying! I am surprised that, to date, there have only been limited references to the Dunkirk spirit!
    But what are the facts that these bombastic troglodytes, both leavers and remainers, have managed to obscure?
    It’s simple really, our membership of the European Union means that we have signed various treaties and agreements that we now wish to get out of – although we’d like to remain in some of them! Yes, it is true to argue that all those EU members we are leaving would continue to benefit from those aspects that we wish to continue with. But those where we wish to leave will also carry on and that, often, will represent a loss to those EU members who remain. Surprise, surprise, they are not entirely happy about that – hence they have been saying that we can’t just pick and choose. That seems fair enough to me.
    Nevertheless, Mrs May has manged to get a withdrawal agreement that serves to satisfy the primary wishes of the Brexiteers, not immediately, but in time. However, the naysayers point out that we might not actually regain our sovereignty, because of the back stop agreement and the manner in which we might be forced to stay within it. They say the 28 pages of the Political Declaration are aspirations and, like the Munich document mentioned above, the agreement is fundamentally meaningless!
    In so doing the critics are perpetuating a theme that has been the constant background noise to all the negotiations. They are saying the EU is not to be trusted – almost likening the organisation to the Nazi party!
    Enough is enough, this is the best deal we will get and we have the right to believe that the EU will honour all the points in the Political Declaration. Or do we really think they are complete charlatans? The fact that the EU has the right (indeed the duty) to protect the interests of the remaining members does not make them charlatans and there is every reason to believe that they will honour the political declaration, although we must expect some tough bargaining.
    Finally, I would remind everyone that this situation was never the EU’s choice. I would also remind those who would like a second referendum that the majority of those voting leave in 2016 did so irrespective of the economic consequences. As far as a lot of them are concerned their lives couldn’t get any worse and if the ‘liberal elite’ will suffer economically, then they really are not bothered!
    So my plea to all members of parliament is to please look beyond your party affiliation or, indeed, your leave or remain instincts and consider the true interest of all your constituents. Hopefully, you will agree that there remains plenty to fight for going forward and for now it is best to vote for the agreement and allow everyone to get on with our future! Ultimately, the EU cannot actually deprive us of our sovereignty without our agreement – even if they wished to do so. Also, ultimately, it is now impossible for us to stay within the EU – we would never be trusted. Think about it!
    Tony Dent
    Chertsey, England

  68. Brexit is really a symptomatic red herring. The real problem is the Tory policies, which help the rich at the expense of the poor and less well off. Austerity has been a con. It has hit those less well off but the well off have continued to make money hand over fist. For example the recent tax cuts have put given £130 pa to someone on £12,500 but have given £860 to someone on £50,000. This is typical of Tory policies.
    We don’t need Brexit. It is time to get rid of the Tories. Changing the electoral voting system so that they can never get back in would be a good idea too.

  69. I feel compelled to vote Tory, but only because labour is a far worse choice.
    May is a disgrace, how any Tory voter can support this frightful woman with her equally frightful policy applications and this suicidal Brexit approach, is a mystery – and STILL – corbyn isn’t the answer.

  70. I am disgusted by the lies continually told by the Tory party and in particular Theresa May. Our country has been severely damaged by this Tory party beyond recognition, I have always been a conservative voter, not for Theresa May I might add but, I shall not be voting conservative again in a hurry. Our country is now boarding on being ruled by communism. The worsted PM in living history.

  71. What strikes me more about this letter and all the Remain arguments is 1 thing and 1 thing only.

    The lack of confidence you have in the British People to work our way to make anything possible. Hiding behind propaganda and so-called-experts reports, you fail to understand that life doesn’t stop on the 29th March and so so much can be achieved if you have the right mindset to start with.

    The Campaigns for both choices was had…. BOTH sides lied through their teeth to won it. They simply can’t predict what they promised. Their are 60 million reasons why nothing could be promised.
    The Vote was had, the results are in. Leave won…. so we leave.
    Now it’d upto the politicians to either negotiate a favourable deal and Instruct the EU as follows:
    We have 60 Million people, workers with a never-say-die attitude. Most of thdse have voted to Leave the EU. You have a choice: Offer us a favourable deal to continue working with you despite us leaving or we walk away leaving you with nothing from us. We KNOW you need us, but how much do you need us us your affair.
    I await your reply!!
    At that point the other 26 Countries have to sort their side out…. Theresa May and the rest of her cabinet should have then gone out to China, America, Canada, Norway, Saudi, etc and started work on trade deals to be finalised on 30th March. Show the EU we don’t need them as much as they need us.
    Maybe then we wouldn’t have been in this mess.

    The whole vote came about because of the rise of the UKIP Vote. People were sick and tired of the EU meddling in everything we did and forcing new rules on us and controlling our Borders. People moved to a party that was calling for the vote. They aren’t right wing, far from it. They were just in tune with the British People and listened to their outcry’s.
    Also, while we are here, around 80% of people had decided what they would vote long before any campaigning or spreading of lies started.

    But the 1 point that gets me is that lack of confidence in the British People and British Business from the remain Camp. The Renowned British Business the EU have offered Sweetener grants to move into a different EU Country. This is happening and has been systematically happening for 10+ years. These people are full of self interest and that’s all they want. They don’t want their boat rocking. But to move forward, sometimes you have to break a major friendship to kick thatother half up the backside.

    The British People voted for Confidence in Britain that we can stand alone and prosper. Maybe the Remainers should also take up some of this confidence and start to re-understand their constituents better.

  72. What brexiteers seem to misunderstand, is that the EU will continue just fine without the United Kingdom. We’re going to be fine.

    And because we’re going to be just fine, we’re not going to give the brexiteers what so many of them want, namely a deal where they get -all- the advantages but -none- of the duties that comes with EU membership. We’re not going to let the United Kingdom cherrypick what parts of Europe it wants to be part of, because doing so means the death of the EU as a whole.

    If we allow the United Kingdom to do that, other countries will immediately say “what makes them so damn special? Why should they get all the benefits without doing their fair share of the work?”

    39 billion pounds paid into the EU is a drop in the ocean compared to the money the United Kingdom makes on an annual basis due to EU’s internal trade. A system of trade the United Kingdom will now be looking at from the outside.

    This is going to massively impact the economy of the United Kingdom. Most of your laws these days are bound up on European law, and will need to be redone, from the top down. Most of your trade comes from the thousands of trade agreements made by the EU, which you will no longer be a part of. You think trade deals are made in an afternoon? They take years of diplomacy to hash out in most cases.


    Not weeks or months.

    Universal Credit is already reducing millions of UK citizens to starvation-levels of income. Now their money is going to be worth even less, and goods are going to be more expensive to buy. You think you can manufacture them yourselves? Britain doesn’t -have- a manufacturing culture anymore, and thinking it will return is a pipe-dream. Even if more factories will be created, the vast majority of Britain’s needs will be handled via imports. Imports that will now require new trade-deals to be made.

    You think the United Kingdom will be better off negotiating those deals themselves? Congratulations, you’re dumber than wet cardboard. When one country tells another country “I want to trade with you”, both countries have to give something. The bigger country will give less than the smaller country. Always. It’s policy 1.01.

    You think China will give much of a damn about the needs of the United Kingdom? This isn’t the era of Victoria and the Empire, and the Opium Wars are ancient history. But if 27 countries stand shoulder to shoulder and say “We want a trade deal that goes for all of us”, it has a -huge- amount of impact, because that’s a -lot- of markets for a foreign nation to get access to.

    The United Kingdom is utterly, completely screwed. Life in your country was a miserable example of utter despair for millions before entering the United Kingdom. Even -outside- of Britain it’s pretty common knowledge that your economy was wrecked, your population couldn’t find employment and prospects were only getting -worse- by the year.

    Read history. Don’t be a an idiot, looking back to an idyllic past that never actually existed. Educate yourselves.

    Brexit is a damn disaster for so many people it beggars the imagination.

    And the rest of us are slapping our foreheads at the utter, complete imbecility of your elected politicians and their unbelievable, inexcusable incompetence in negotiations with the EU.

    Come March, we will still function. We will go on more or less as before, with the one exception that the United Kingdom won’t be there to help make decisions and carry them forward. We’re still going to trade as before, and we’ll still continue to help each other.

    Is the EU perfect?


    But -no one- … NO ONE … ever got influence on something, or changed it, by slamming the door shut and saying “Neener, we won’t play with you anymore”.

    The EU is imperfect. But it’s the best we have, and the only way to make it better is to -vote- it better.

    The United Kingdom has proved to be completely unreliable.

    I feel for the 48%. You’re the sensible, rational, intelligent people of your country.

    The 52%?

    Don’t come whining when you realize your houseprices are tanking, your income drops and your children can’t study abroad.

    You made the bed.

    Now lie in it.

      • Your quite typical of the brain dead you no nothing about democracy and you only want it on your terms, You cant accept a majority vote you don’t have the grace, your like a child you don’t have the Brain power to analyse what is actually going on in Europe with the lack of Democracy perhaps if you came out of your hole in the ground and started to listen a light may start to dawn in the bit you call a brain Great Britain will Survive very well on WTO terms if Europe wants to sell goods here okay do so on WTO terms
        and we don’t need to buy German and french cars and other products thank you.

        • Johnitesh, Dave Brennan it is you who nothing about democracy we have the worst voting system in the world devised by 19 th century Tories to ensure they remained in power forever(Tories=Liberals too) The European Parliament is an Elected body using proportional representation. The commisioners are chosen by our representatives in Parliament, nothing can become law or edict until all countries in the EU ratify them.
          You are brain dead you have given your future to a bunch of greedy imoral right wing @resholes.

  73. See mrs may taking lot of sh** from everyone . She isn’t that one who created that mess. People like B. Johnson , M. Gove trying to make career for themselves and bombarding any effort in Mrs May cabinet. Everyone see her as the “enemy” but those political terrorist pretend to be the good guys.
    Not an brexit or conservative supporter but I think anger is directed to wrong people.

  74. Thanks Mike an eloquent and honest letter.
    It’s only a shame that the architects of Brexit have a buggered off as its them that should be answering all the questions that are being asked.

  75. Nicely put Mike, in fact expresses exactly how I feel about the whole Brexit debacle, but does she care, I doubt it very much. She’s just Hell bent on destroying the whole GB Economy, I’ve excluded Northern Ireland, as I have a feeling that this whole procedure will Hasten a United Ireland, with the ‘Wee Six, and Ireland coming together for Economic Security within the EU.

  76. I have a good friend with Irish connections and he says Brexit will never happen – the DUP will prevent it as their MPs will be personally seriously adversely affected financially, politically and in many other ways. May needs them to get it through, so I can only implore them to use every facility available to them to block this. My friend also predicts that if Brexit does happen, there will be a united Ireland within 10 years. Neither the UK nor the DUP want this.

  77. All of these self-serving comments are about ‘us’ and ‘now’. Why are we bothered about this crap when the natural world is going to Hell in a handbasket?

  78. Very well said. I completely agree. I am one of the ‘queue jumpers’. I whish somebody actually had a courage to do what is right and gave people vote instead of ruining the future for young generation.

  79. Reading the comments on here is saddening. Our countries demise is not going to be because of Brexit. It is not staying or leaving the EU that will break us, it is the divide in parliament and the divide across our nation.

    David Cameron, and his unfaultering Narcissism brought this about with his unwavering belief that the people believed in the EU. When the vote did not go the way David Cameron planned, he should not have been allowed to resign, he created this mess and he should have been made to see it through.

    In honesty, the people did and do not believe in the Government or the EU. I come from the North of England, we do not get fair treatment from Government or the EU. Our country watches riots in mainland Europe, Greece with its €400 Billion debt and numerous bailouts paid for by the other EU countries and a multitude of other issues within the EU, which are nothing to do with immigration. Anyone who can try to look at this situation objectively can understand why people were increasingly losing faith in the EU, which prompted the referendum in the first place.
    Both the EU and the the UK Government are creating economic uncertainty, so whether we leave or remain we are not guaranteed to be economically stable.
    This whole campaign on both sides has been about scaremongering and lies. The politicians put us in this mess so can we stop fighting amongst ourselves. My nana, who is going to be 90 in April, told me recently, ‘It is the people in our country that make it great, the British have always come together in great adversity and I believe we can and will do it again no matter what happens.’

    Anyone who chooses the comment on this, please refrain from being in anyway disrespectful to my Nana, you have a right to voice your opinion but any you do not have a right to disrespect someone, regardless of how strongly you feel about something.

  80. This little England mentality saved Europe from a fate that will overtake it in due course, my uncles all from England and Ireland died in the first and second world wars, i was trained as a covert sniper by choice, my father taught me about explosives and he was one of the best, my uncle was torpedoed three times on arctic convoys, my father fought in Burma i have a Burmese half brother my uncle is polish my brothers wife is Yugoslavian, my cousins are macedonian,part of my family is Trinidadian at the christening of my step daughters first child the vicar was astounded at the people of all races packed the church and the good thing about it was they were all family and relatives proud to be little Englanders (german expression) we voted out because of the political corruption of European politicians, they are destroying industry and agriculture in this country, they are funding companies to leave the UK and go to Europe, its obvious that people like you don’t understand or care about Democracy you only pay lip service to the word Democracy means the majority vote wins and if you were half a man you would support this but no your not your like a petulant child that doesn’t get its own way and throws a tantrum only this lack of respect and support for the majority vote will cost you dear with democracy thrown out of parliament it can never be returned and you pay the cost so fuck of and stay in France with your Euro mates dickhead. don’t come back here you are not wanted.

  81. This article is very one sided and also shortsighted.
    She shouldn’t have to carry the blame for the rot which was started by someone else.
    Not clever in my humble opinion

  82. Now to move to EU, UK citizens will have to do visas and resighn for some deals, as buying property. No rules are for it for now.

    The real estate in Spain for sale is cheap as like in Cyprus, Greece, Malta, and is a profitable investing.

    Without setting rules no from UK will buy it, and loose opportunity.

  83. I presume that the patients in NHS medical clinics are taken care of with secretly created nourishment. As far as anyone is concerned, the NHS doesn’t claim or run cultivates that supply nourishment to patients.

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