This artist has the world’s most amazing canvas. Her lips.

Without creativity, the world would be an awfully boring place. Luckily, we’ve got people like makeup blogger Laura Jenkinson around to add a little color to things! With just a little paint and a pair of lips, Laura creates super cool mini-portraits of popular cartoon characters and people that are guaranteed to make you smile. Check out some of her work below, and visit her on instagram to see even more!

laurajenkinson 2

laurajenkinson 1

laurajenkinson 3

laurajenkinson 4

laurajenkinson 6

laurajenkinson 5

laurajenkinson 7

laurajenkinson 8

laurajenkinson 9

laurajenkinson 10

laurajenkinson 11

laurajenkinson 12

Are these cool, or what? Let us know in the comments which one you love the most!

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