#ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling: the very British response to the London terror attack


The New York Times wrote that Britain was ”still reeling” after London’s terror attack on Saturday. Britain disagrees.




In response to the hyperbolic headline, many explained that the British simply don’t ”reel”. After all, Britain is the home of keep calm and carry on. There are, of course, a few exceptions.

To help the rest of the world avoid such embarrassing overgeneralizations in the future, British Twitter has shared their opinions on what truly makes Britain reel, using the hashtag #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling.

So get ready to take notes! Let’s take a look at what actually makes Britain reel.

Improper queuing



Disrespect of tea etiquette



Breaking toilet paper protocol

Social struggles



Weather woes

Everything about public transportation

And perhaps most importantly…

Lack of snack civility

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  1. More is being revealed about the Tories than was ever apparent in the election. Their complete indifference to any rules or thoughts of decency are so visible now. I believe more and more people are being turned against them now. Their conduct and showing was bad enough during the election, but it’s much much worse now. The true colours are showing.

  2. Brilliantly funny collection this! 🙂 …I know – I DO know she didn’t fancy the ‘Leaders’ debate thingy – but d’ya reckon someone could persuade her to do HIGNFY? She’d be hilarious as ‘guest-host’ – Britain’s original comedy PM!

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