Things are going badly for the UK in the Brexit negotiations. These cartoons show just how badly.

Just over a year after the British marginally voted to self-destruct by implementing an advisory referendum with bewildering fantasticism, the negotiations have finally kicked off. Needless to say, the breathtakingly clueless Tory Brexit government is floundering already. Just how badly inept they are is beautifully demonstrated by these cartoonists. Titanic idiocy doesn’t get much funnier (or more ridiculous).





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  1. How can Davis make notes when his own government haven’t yet decided what kind of deal they want him to do? May want’s one thing. Gove and BoJo want another. Hammond’s saying, “Hang on chaps, let’s not be too hasty”. Total shambles. Either it won’t happen at all, or we’ll end up as a low tax offshore haven for billionaires, which I’m beginning to believe is their real objective.

  2. The incompetence and stupidity just increases by the day. One can only hope it’s part of a “cunning plan” to self-defeat Brexit. Else it’s a bloody stupid bunch of non-planners who will self-defeat Brexit. Win-win, anybody…?

  3. Why don’t we just take a few gunboats out of mothballs and teach Johnny Foreigner a lesson he won’t easily forget. A damn good thrashing should get him singing off the same songsheet. That ghastly Johnson chappie seems intent on trying to wear them down with mumbled metaphors and, let’s face it, making a complete balls up of it all. The way things are progressing, if I can use that word in these circumstances, we’ll never get our Empire back. Rant over!

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