These 4 letters about Brexit all went viral. It’s easy to see why

The titanic idiocy of Brexit has inevitably prompted an avalanche of commentary and correspondence critiquing its epic stupidity. However, some letters captured the mood, of an increasingly skeptical public, so well they went viral. To see why there were shared by tens of thousands and read by millions have look below.







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    • Pah, elitist expert. Emeritus professor of German indeed. He’d have us all speaking foreign languages. I didn’t fight and die for my country (or maybe it was the Empire) just to hand over control to johnnie foreigner.

  1. A ‘titanic idiocy’ is the best fitting two-words description of Brexit I have seen this far. The strange this is that other countries, like Ireland and Denmark, have a different view on referanda. They simply hold a new referendum one or two years later. 🙂

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